expired Dell Monitors on Discount Direct from Dell 15% - 30% off


Was looking for a new monitor the past week and found this - didn't end up getting one from Dell, but in case anyone on the market is out for a Dell one, this may be a good bargain.

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    Which one did you get?
    I have a budget of 200 and am looking for a monitor. Prefer it to be IPS/VA at least with a 75hz refresh rate. Freesync is a bonus as I have rx card but not necessary. Got excited when I saw this post until I saw the prices on Dell's site.


      I ended up not getting one from Dell as I couldn't get one with a refresh rate of above 60Hz. Your budget is too low to get one that is higher res than FHD (1920 x 1080). I wanted - at least QHD with 75Hz IPS.

      Below is what I bought (no Freesync or G Sync unfortunately):

      https://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx... ($679)

      Cheapest I found this monitor for:


      In your case, a decent FHD IPS FHD should be possible for that price range - Officeworks or Kogan ranges the cheapest. If I may suggest one, it would be this:

      Even though Officeworks states it as 60Hz refresh rate, it is actually rated to go up to 75Hz (look up spec sheet online). I've seen this displayed in person in Officeworks and it is indeed really good.

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        After doing some looking I managed to spot an AOC 23.8'' IPS 75Hz FreeSync monitor for $169 at PLE using a voucher code, I reckon that's a good deal?. I saw an AOC 31.5 QHD FreeSync 75Hz monitor for under 300 but after googling it I heard it had terrible ghosting issues so I decided to bail on that. Any other brand is terribly more expensive for the equivalent specs, there has to be something wrong with AOC because you can get a 144hz monitor for under 300 when with any other brands they START at around 350.
        Dell and HP are terribly expensive and I imagine they are more geared towards offices than consumer households. I'm concerned about the quality of AOC monitors.


          Get what you pay for. You may have got this on a "special"but I bet PLE knows and got it for much less to make a still make a profit. They wouldn't be able to with the Dells. Not many people who spend that $100 extra on a 24" Dell would be worrying about long term reliability.

          But then again many people today are happy if they can get 3 to 4 years off a monitor and then replace it.


          @fuzor: It's PLE so I didn't pay for my order yet since half of the time they can't even get you the item you ordered. I still have a long time to find another option since their orders take a full week of business days anyway. I don't want to keep this monitor long term, I probably only would keep it for 2 years at max as by then higher res monitors would have gotten cheaper (hopefully). Looking for a monitor is a lot, lot harder than I thought. There's just so many options and variables to consider.
          I know what you're saying though, there are Dell monitors at my high school that are as old as some of the year 7 students.


          Yeah, reviews for Viewsonic, AOC and some cheaper brands tend to be patchy. Given how a good monitor should last you about 5 years, I decided to spend a little more buying a decent one. I also read about overclocking to increase frequency, and I suspect (though I don't know for sure) that this may be done in some cases and that may wear out the pixels faster. Lastly, I think HP was the only one offering zero bright dots, which was good as most here don't seem to have this policy. A long time ago this used to be a thing but I'm surprised that its gone away.

          What I'd say is that if you're happy with FHD, the HP ones from officework are the best brand name ones I found and Philips ones tend to occasionally go cheaper when on discount.


    Have the Alienware monitors been on sale before? if so do they generally do them in a cycle? If not anyone have any idea if they would have an upcoming sale for them, Christmas?


      I snagged a AW3418DW (34", 120Hz, UWQHD 3440x1440) a few weeks ago. Apparently they had payment processing issue but I used a hell of a lot of codes to get the price down from $2099 to $1650. Got 5 Years Premium Pro-Support. Sick deal. Apparently it was par $1500 last Xmas, so probably be another similar deal. I don't think Dell dump discounts on their Alienware range very often so be on the lookout. Black Friday/Click Frenzy might be a good opportunity.


        What codes did you end up using? I am looking for this monitor too. The chat staff give you a discount but the extra warranty would be good too


        That's dope, I don't know if I can wait that long. It's ridiculously over priced but they just look damn good monitors + Dell are just good monitor makers lel.


    P2418d is sweet


    I ordered a Dell monitor from here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/387939

    Still hasn't come in more than 1 month later.

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