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Huawei P20 (Dual Sim- Black/Blue) $674, Huawei Mate 10 Pro (Dual Sim-Brown) $698.4 & More Delivered [eBay Plus] @ eBay Allphones


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$674 [Au Stock] - Huawei P20 (Dual Sim 4G/4G) - Black / Blue
$698.4 [Au Stock] - Huawei Mate 10 Pro Dual Sim - Brown

Adding one more Item :

$526.39 [Au Stock] - Huawei Nova 3i (Pre Order Bonus FreeBuds, ETA 23/08) - Black

AU Stock, Local Manufacturers Warranty, GST Invoice (TRS Eligible)

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  • +3

    Plus the postage… dont forget the postage $16!! $715.20 for mate pro

    Also….The difference in price between the Mate 10 and mate 10 pro is narrowing fast….hardly woth getting non-pro now…other than the hpj

    • Free delivery with eBay Plus. Have updated the post..

    • I prefer the screen aspect ratio of the regular one

  • +1

    Tomorrow there will be 20% code for Futu_online, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Au-Stock-Huawei-Mate-10-Pro-128G…

    So if the 10% off from Futu can be stacked with the 20% off code, it will come down to approximately $650 (Free C&C or Free shipping for eBayPlus)

    • +1

      the 10% off expires tonight.

    • +2

      Based on personal experience a few weeks ago, Futu online might not ship your item but issue a refund, if it is a decent bargain.

      • Which item did they refund?

        • Dell U2417H monitor

      • +1

        that is correct, I have had this happen to me a few times, last time was when I tried using a voucher on an LG 27" 4K PC monitor.

  • +8

    Good price but I am boycotting Huawei since they stopped unlocking bootloaders.



    They have been added to the following list of OEMs that now don't unlock:
    * LG (they unlock in Europe only - WHY LG ?)
    * Nokia (Great phones, would buy 7 Plus tomorrow if they'd allow it)
    * Huawei/Honor :(

    OEMs that irreversibly cripple the phone:
    * Samsung - once the KNOX switch is tripped, Samsung Pay will NEVER work!

    • Since when did Nokia join that list?

    • +2

      Which OEMs would you recommend? Is there an aggregated list of ones that do and don't? Might assist with users purchase options :) TIA!

      • +1

        Check on XDA if you want to see the modding community, most likely popular phones like one plus will attract lots of attention

    • Yep i just switched from a Sony to an LG and its much limited in setting. This also effects the use of custom roms.

    • Is there really an advantage of a custom rom over Android One on the Nokia?

      • Support after manufacture stop giving OTA updates and usually faster security updates depending on dev and rom but I presume it not case for android one.

  • +1

    Hrmmm Huawei P20 or Samsung Note 9? Need to recontract anyway but with the P20 I could get a cheap prepaid deal from Kogan or the like.

    • +1

      Depends on price, Note 9 will definitely be a better phone, its just whether you are willing to pay the price.

      • "better" if you like the curve screen.

        And basically double the price - unless it can print money it's not worth it.

        • +2

          Well we don't know this guys income, so if he wants the best, note 9. Otherwise a different phone. Not sure if i'd advise for P20 though.

        • +1


          Thanks for the opinion. I currently have a Oneplus 5 which is still very fast and has plenty of storage. Main reason for upgrade is for the camera improvement plus I need a new contract anyway so an option is to bundle with a phone. Leaning towards the Note 9 at this stage given the P20 has been out a little while. Loved my P9 and it’s camera quality and also loved my Note 4 previously. Harvey Norman have a great deal on the Optus contract for the Note 9 so tempted by that.

        • -1


          Note 9 is basically the perfect phone as of now. Not sure what next year will bring but expect big changes with the S10.
          Massive 4000mAh battery
          Latest and greatest exynos 9810, apparently has worse battery life compared to Sd845 but i expect Samsung have rectified it but otherwise the massive battery will compensate, i'd expect at least 6 and half hours of SOD.
          6.4 inch screen that's pretty much the best available on the market. (Very large, go in store and check it out before committing)
          S-Pen with Low Energy Bluetooth (Basically a programable button)
          Dual Camera (ones in the S9+) with AI enhancements now.
          Stereo Speakers + Dolby Atmos
          Headphone Jack
          Bluetooth 5.0
          128gb/6gb or 512gb/8gb
          Samsung Pay (utilises Magnetic secure transmission which allows you to pay at terminals that don't utilise NFC and are designed for regular cards, google pay and apple pay are worse off because they only support NFC)
          Samsung pass (save passwords, uses iris scanner, fingerprint scanner)
          Secure folder
          Samsung Dex without the need to purchase anything besides possibly USB C to HDMI adapter *they might include, not sure. Connect to monitor for desktop like experience.

          Also Samsung Experience in my opinion is the best skinned version of android, better than stock which in my opinion is quite boring. Just don't expect rapid updates but nonetheless you've got most of features in Android P already.

          I current own the S9 and i love it, only wished for a bigger battery as it only has 3000mAh but still lasts me for long enough.

          If you can bring yourself to paying the price, its the best phone i reckon. They also seem to be giving the 512gb/8gb version for the same price as the 128gb/6gb if you preorder.

        • @julz:
          Just had a look at the Optus/harvey norman deal. It's quite tempting if you're looking to upgrade

        • @steven231:
          Thanks for the input. Pretty sure I'll pull the trigger and go for the Note 9. Always expect to pay a premium for Samsung or Apple anyway. I definitely like the idea of the magnetic credit card thing as this will further allow me to slim down my wallet. I used to have an Xperia Z Ultra which was 6.44" with thicker bezels so size won't be an issue. Loved that phone except for the shitty camera. I've got a Gear VR 2017 at home collecting dust anyway so maybe it'll get some more use again.

    • Huawei P20/Pro has one of the best camera of all phones currently on the market. https://www.dxomark.com/category/mobile-reviews/

      • It's just the Pro though not the vanilla P20

      • P20 pro has no image stabilisation on video shoot. Also lack of detail in photos. Its not worth the price

  • I thought the P20 is supposed to be the more expensive version?

  • +2

    So confusing man, just realised this is different to the P20 Pro…

  • This is the P20 not P20 PRO. P20 Pro is the one with the very good camera supposedly, but beware of very subpar recording capabilities.

    Not sure about the regular P20 but the P20 Pro is really bad at recording at anything above 1080p.

    Honestly would rather go with Huawei Mate 10 Pro for the bigger battery as they use the same cpu.

    • The P20 Pro can film in 4k 30fps but no stabilization. Recording in 1080 has great stabilization :)

      S9+ and Note 9 can stabilize footage at 4k 30fps.

      • Correct. just quite disappointed because its supposedly has the best camera.

        • It does beat out the s9+ camera in quite a few situations from the videos I've watched. The s9+ is just the better phone overall I THINK

  • -1

    No airplay2 on these phones;(

  • Read wrong thought it's P20 pro

  • I bought the P20 in last deal, best phone for $670 can get.

  • Which one to pick. ?
    Mate 10 pro or the P20 ?
    Since their price are almost the same.

    Just read the comparison….Both has no SD card slot.
    I guess I will have to wait for the s9+ to drop in price

  • what does 'australian stock' actually mean. Stock that is for the australian market like you would get at JB/Good Guys, or does it mean overseas stock that is in an australian warehouse

    • Hi tchi6,

      All our phones are Australian Stock, which means targeted for the Australian market and the the same product available from retailers like JB.

  • what is the storage of Huawei mate 10 pro? 128GB? thanks

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