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2x Australian Made Leather Belts $28.50 or 3x Belts + Wallet for $38 Free Shipping @ Close The Deal



With Fathers Day around the corner, we have decided to offer a great deal on our Australian made leather belt once again.
The last time we had these on offer our website had a melt down, so we've made some changes in the hope this doesn't happen again :)

We are having this sale a little early as last time we spent weeks producing more belts and we don't want anyone missing out on a great Father Day gift.
We have around 50 units in each size and colour. Popular sizes 32 - 38 we have produced plenty of extras.

For orders of 3 or more belts, we will be giving a free leather slimline card wallet (chosen at random, not Aus made).
This is strictly limited to the first 143 orders and will be on a first come first served basis.
I will update this post once the wallets are gone.

From the previous deal:

I have two great offers on Australian made leather belts (imported buckles & rivets).

Straps are cut, clicker pressed and burnished in Springvale with resizing, skiving and buckle assembly finished in our warehouse in Dingley Village. We use leather sourced from a few of Australia's remaining tanneries and now New Zealand too. (sign up to out newsletter- we have some awesome news coming up!)

We have changed the design from the belts offered in the past.
We no longer use a separate retainer for the buckle. Instead the belt is a single long strap of leather that loops around the buckle.
This has made producing them much easier and has allowed us to keep costs down.

I have two different full grain leather finishes available:

Semi analine [SKU: 205] Limited Stock
This is the same leather from car seats, except it has not been skived down so it remains at a full 3.5mm thickness.

Oil pull-up [SKU: 121 & 122]
These are vegetable oil infused leather belts. NO AZO + NO CHROMIUM for those who may be sensitive to common tanning chemicals
These are known as hunter leather belts, they are supposed to show signs of wear and scratches.

Belts are 39mm wide and have removable buckles. Measurements are taken to the middle hole.

I've made taking advantage of these offers as easy as possible. All you need to do is add the products you want to the cart and the cart will automatically apply discounts depending on the quantity.
Do not use the "express checkout" option, this skips the section where the discount is applied.

Free shipping Australia wide
International shipping is calculated at checkout.

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Close The Deal
Close The Deal

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  • Are they actually genuine 100% leather or bonded leather?

  • I don't feel comfortable purchasing from a non-secure website.

  • Is the free slim wallet added to the order on checkout too - or just added into the parcel when shipped?

    • slimline card wallet will be added to the parcel when we are packing orders

      • Review incoming then! Lets see if you can put your leather where my waist is…

      • How long does it take for the confirmation and tracking email to come through?
        Ordered 2 hours ago - I have my paypal receipt but don't have one from closethedeal.

      • Got my belts today. I am quite happy with them.
        A couple of notes.
        -When I picked my parcel up from AusPost, the parcel was torn. Huge hole on the side. I would advise using bubble wrap or a stronger parcel bag in the future. I was surprised the free wallet didn't fall out!
        -The belt sizes seem a bit off. I ordered 34s (and they are marked as such) but they fit as 32s. Maybe advertise sizes to be smaller or shift your sizes by one? So you sell your 34s as 32s etc.

        Overall super happy with them. Would 100% buy again. A few others have had some issues with the right belts being sent and the cut. I hope you can get these sorted out soon. Look forward for more bargains from you!

  • Put three in the cart from your link and it says price is $57.
    Edit:- OK you then have to view your cart and pay.

  • +3 votes

    Do you have any dressier belts with a more narrow width and buckle?

    • +3 votes

      Not yet. Im working on it.
      Dressier belts need dressier buckles and im not able to find cost effective ones here in Aus. Im planning a trip overseas to source a range of buckles in 32mm, 35mm and 39mm widths.
      The plan is to then sell straps and buckles separately and we will assemble here before dispatch.

      Sign up to our newsletter we have news about this and other belts coming soon.

  • Done.

    2 for me and 1 for my new knife strop.

  • I bought some belts in the last sale. Leather is nice and seems high quality (in my limited experience with rating leather belts). I took the buckle off immediately and replaced it with a buckle from a cracked sandwiched/cardboard/glued/bonded leather 'David jones' style belt. The provided buckle didn't suit the corporate look, but it would be fine with jeans/tradie use.

    I've been wearing the ClosetheDeal belt as my work-pants belt for every workday for the last 4 months. Easily worth the money I paid.
    It isn't as 'polished' shinny black as other fashion belts, but you can tell that from the photos on their website.

    • This is probably a dumb question, but how did you remove the buckle?

      I have a few old, wreaked "David Jones" style belts, and they seem really easy to swap the leather out of, because they just have a spring-loaded clasp, but these belts don't seem to.

      • form their website "3. Removable buckle: Leather Craft Australia' belt buckles are attached using belt screws. This allows you to remove the buckle and replace it with one of you favourites."

  • I've spent so much money on sh*tty belts, I've been meaning to buy a proper one.
    Bought three- one 30 and two 32. I'm trying to gain weight. It's difficult. So these three should do me for a while! I have so many broken, poor quality belts… Thanks OP!

    • If it's weight you're looking for then your wait in over, because I can't wait to get rid of some of my weight!

      Wait.. What?

  • Payment options for people who don't use paypal?

  • OP, while I like the leather, just wondering if you have any buckles that look "professional" for the office look?

    Thinking of buying some belts but the deal breaker for me is the buckle, I need a shiny buckle to go with my office pants

    • You can just buy buckles on eBay or anywhere.
      From cheapies which look ok but are weak, to one which will last a lifetime.
      Also recycle from broken fake leather belts.

  • Thanks OP, just placed an order.

  • The buckles don't really suit the style of clothes I wear.

    Off topic but I want more newfrog belt deals. Bought 4 for very cheap a few years ago viz ozbargain and they've lasted a really long time. The buckle on one of them can be a bit of a pain to release to undo the belt which has got the better of me frustration-wise once or twice, but overall the value has been great. Several times daily Ozbargainer - I'm fairly sure there hasn't been a deal for belts from newfrog in a long long time. Should probably be pm'ing a rep instead of adding this comment but maybe someone will suggest a similar value/style alternative

    • They are intended to be swappable, it unscrews.

      • Then I gotta buy new buckles!

        Only one of the newfrog ones has got heavy/visible wear and tear so I only have the one buckle to use at the moment.

  • Ordered 3. Thanks OP

  • How do we get replacement belt screws? I've lost two on my belts (luckily not from the same belt). Had the belts 1-2yrs and can vouch for their quality. Recommended.

    • Somewhere like Bunnings should sell the right screw.

      While you are there I added thread lock to my belts to stop that happening.

    • they are called chicago screws. You can buy a pack of them for a few dollars on ebay

  • Thanks ordered

  • is it possible to get the brown one with the silver buckle please op?

  • This page isn’t working
    www.closethedeal.com.au didn’t send any data.

  • Looks like deal is popular. Need more sizes for the full grain belts.
    Keep up good work OP

  • Your site is in a world of pain.

  • I don't need any belts because I've got plenty of good quality ones already (which cost me a lot more!) but I'll give this deal a big +1 purely because you're supporting Aussie made. Well done!

  • Hmm just made an order - looks like I got an invoice from paypal but no confirmation email from the website.

    Anyone else had the same problem?

  • ordered 3 . thanks

  • Bought couple from them a while ago and they have been great. bought again! Keep up the good work OP

  • Added 2 to the cart but there is no discount? What am I doing wrong? :)

    • go to review cart. that should be with discounted price

      • My bad, thanks :)

        Just can't get to the payment section now, it's very slow. Perhaps lots of users accessing it at once. I'll get there :)

        Edit: Ordered. Great deal!!!

  • Thanks, purchased. Last two belts from Kmart fell apart after a few weeks. Assume as purchased 3 that eligible for free wallet.

  • So if I get the belt and it's too big for me, can I take off the buckle cut the belt down and reattach the buckle?

    • Yes. I ordered belt a bit long due to availability last time (check sizing on site), but just unscrewed buckle, cut off surplus leather, punched new hole for buckle bolt - next to perfect.👍

      • +1 vote

        Exactly. Thats how we resize belts if we run out of any smaller size.
        With the exception that we use a die and clicker press to get the holes lined up.

        • I used offcut to line up leather holepunch for accurate placement. Couldn't have been easier. Took about 1 minute.

          So unscrew buckle, cut off surplus leather, lay offcut over belt end - use the hole for new hole position. I just punched through hole in offcut.

          Much neater than punching new hole at end of string of holes on too long belt.

  • Very happy with 3 leather belts bought in previous deal👍

    Puts a smile on my face every time I put these belts on - quality, good looks, & bargain price.

  • Purchased thanks

  • +1 vote

    Bought 3 of these last time, great belts, no issues with them at all :)
    Wearing favourite one daily and no signs of wear and tear or any fraying - happy to say these are a good deal for anyone unsure.

    • Thanks for the great feedback :)

      Any feedback on the sizing guide?

      • +2 votes

        The sizing guide was spot on - I followed the guide here from the last deal:

        They all fit on the middle hole, so I have a few inches to gain or lose and they will still fit.

        I was the guy you sent the wrong size to - but you also sent me a return satchel sticker the same day and then resent me the correct size within a few days. You made an honest mistake but fixed it immediately and without any fuss :)

      • Hi closethedeal, just bought two and then realised I got the wrong size (size 30) as I my pants size is 30. Any chance that I can exchange them to size 32 or 34?

  • Is it worth applying leather conditioner/polish on these from time to time?

    • +1 vote

      SKU's 121 and 122 are bridle leather so any wax based conditioner will do. I dont think you will need it for a few years. SKU 205 can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid oil based leather cleaners, it wont damage the leather but will most likely change the colour.

  • Bought 3. Thanks OP, and for the other OzB'ers who've commented on the quality.

  • Bought 3. Thanks OP, and for the other members who have commented on the quality.

  • I have these from a previous deal- still in good nick and wear them daily. great deal, so I've bought some more. thanks!!

  • Do they come in a gift box?

  • Hi OP, any more brown colour stock available?

  • I bought 2 of these belts from previous deal. Excellent quality for the price. Strongly recommended.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Was the "Australian Made 39mm Hunter Leather Oil-Pullup Belt" you bought for previous deal?

  • Looks like the Semi analine [SKU: 205] are sold out…

  • Leather belts now sold out too

  • Any 3cm belt widths for formal/office wear in the pipeline?

    • Yes, 32mm and 35mm width belts are in the pipeline. I've been waiting to get my hands on nice buckles as these dress belts require a more refined look than the casual 39mm width.
      Sign up to our newsletter for updates.

  • Love that they're made in Australia. I don't need any belts but when I do I'll remember you.

  • Are the full grain belts thicker than the pull up belts, as the photos on the website would suggest?

  • Is this deal still on?

  • If you order 3 do you still get the wallet? Can't wait to try out the belt

    • No sorry all free wallets are gone. They were all assigned in the first couple of hours of posting the deal.

  • What is the difference between model LC121 and 205?