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Exetel NBN Unlimited $59 for 50/20 (New Customers) 12 Month Plan, Free Modem and Activation


Found this on the front page of the exetel site.

Similar to the Aussie Broadband, but longer (12 months).

I was an existing customer for 4 years but they refused to give me the offer, until I told them to cancel my plan and once they did I said I want to sign up as a new customer, they placed me on hold and the manager approved because I've been with them so long apparently.

Useful for those with Aussie broadband, maybe ask them to match this deal if you're an existing customer there and threaten to leave for Exetel of they don't agree.

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  • This is a contract :Total min $739.88.
    The ABB deal isn't.

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      Yeah a 12 month contract is fairly palatable in the scheme of things, but being locked to Exetel for a year as a new customer is highly undesirable.

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    I was an existing customer for 4 years

    you mustn't use much bandwidth. i thought they booted people off if they used too much of their quota

    • I guess I couldn't use too much because my initial plan was an NBN10 with a limit (200gb or something).

    • i thought they booted people off if they used too much of their quota

      I've downloaded 580gb in the last 9 days. No booting!


      I don’t think they do that anymore. Further, I have used a lot in some months on an unlimited plan (though my average would be more reasonable).
      But as a new customer I wouldn’t contract, I would leave it open to escape after a month or two if things don’t go to plan.

    • Can confirm, they booted me off a few years ago on just adsl2+ after I'd done multiple referrals and been with them about 5 years myself over multiple premises. They waited till my contract was up and got the boot the next month.

  • I just changed from dodo to Aussie broadband on the $59 a month plan. The switch was done in under an hour and I couldn't be happier with the speed which is 4x faster than dodo.

    • I've been with dodo since last November on 50/20 and during the night time peak consistently get 45+/20 on my speed tests.

      It's quite amazing to see the price dropping so far with NBN reducing the higher speed plans

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    I helped someone connect to Exetel NBN last week. The instructions they sent were next to non-existent and there was no way someone without reasonable knowledge could have set it up. Tech support was OK- at least there wasn't much of a wait.

    • Was it byo modem?

      They offer no support if it is, it's all pretty straight forward..

      It was my understanding that the modems they give you are already configured (plug and play).

      • That's true.

        I BYO'd my modem and it was a tough install. (FTTN).

        Then again, they gave me the info, but TPLink seems to group functions at random.

    • We upgraded from their adsl2 to NBN with exetel about 2 yrs ago and back then their instructions were sadly lacking.. odd that they have not improved them?
      Apart from that I cannot fault them… no slowing down has been noticed but we might be on a better line than some?
      Every isp has its unhappy customers. Very happy with Exetel with their NBN and for many years prior on adsl.
      I can't blame any isp that boots a customer that is constantly trying to download the whole internet .. :-(

  • Exetel's network slows to a crawl between 5pm and 11pm, just avoid these clowns. Used to be decent but now they may be among the worst isp's out there.

  • Hasn't it been $59.95 for a long time now? Their $10 Unlimited phone package is excellent though.

  • Free modem: ZTE ZXHN H268A with $20 postage.

    Have you used the modem? Any issues?
    Not impressed with online reviews from users.

    How does it compare to NetComm NF18ACV?

    • I have been watching Exetel website for the past 2 months expecting my NBN to be switch on soon. They have been out for giving out the Netcom modem which is the same version ABB give out. I wonder why they suddenly switched over to the ZTE modem.

  • Exetel and Unlimited.

    Never again.

  • we currently exetel. sure it's not the best but happy with $60/m that sort all we need 500gb n unlimited phone use 13', mobile, nationwide calls. surf speed is o…k…

  • I've been with Exetel for over 10 years (Perth/WA), and not had an issue at all. I switched over to Exetel/NBN after originally seeing the $59 deal a few months back "for new customers"… Same discussion as OP with them - go to cancel… Ok, you can have the deal.

    I have the ZTE H268A modem, no issues with me. Apparently it allows Exetel service technicians to remote in and check settings if you have tech support issues. Modem came, plugged it in, and off it went - internet straight away.

    After first getting the modem, at around 8pm at night, Speedtest.net got around 35-40Mbps Down and ~15Mbps up. The best i've gotten was around 48Mbps down with ~20Mbps up at various other times. This was direct LAN-wire from laptop to router.

    Wifi was obviously less with 16Mbps Up/Down on an HTC one m8 mobile (I'm still waiting for a good outright phone deal- any recommendations?), but about 40Mbps up/18Mbps down on an HP z-book Wifi connection - tests done within a minute of each other.

    The speeds have been fairly consistent since then. I've heard about bad experiences with Exetel, but for me there's been no problems.

    I'm not a fan-person, just stating my experience.

  • Also guys, if you go through the online signup, then close the browse just before accepting it all. Wait 3-5 days and they'll give you $20 credit it you continue with the application form. This essentially pays for your modem postage!

    I've had the NF18acv modem, and its been very reliable. I had issues with their prior NF17acv locking up once every month, and the DLINK 2800 Talkbox also has Wifi connectivity issues. I'm unsure of the ZTE modem.

    Otherwise I've been happy with Exetel here in WA on the 50/20 connection.

    • should have known earlier!

    • do you want to get referrer credit?

    • I realise this is a bit late to be asking here but do you have any idea if they will offer you this more than once?
      We screwed up and set up getting the $20 credit back offer then learnt TPG won't release our service for another month.

      Since, from what I can see Exetel makes you start immediatly after signup and won't let you specify a starting date, we have a choice between losing the $20 or being stuck with another month or two paying for 2 providers. Not a hard choice but we'd really prefer to get the $20 if possible. It all counts! :(

  • Used to be very happy with Exetel in the ADSL2 days, but they now want to charge +20/month because I'm regional.

    At $59.99 it's a good deal, but at $79.99 they're a non-starter.

  • Does anyone know if I order this online for an FTTP connection, do they automatically cut your existing NBN provider off like ADSL days? or is it added as another port number on the NBN box?

  • I wouldn't trust exetel. They have kicked people off their plans before and forced them on to new ones that are much worse.

  • I am a Telecube refugee, signed up to exetel 50/20 59.99 per month nbn. They offered the switch over with in 24-48 hours but it has been more than 72 hours now and not connected yet. Called customer care three times already and every time they come up with same story that they will connect my service ASAP. Regretting it. Should have gone with ABB

  • Does ABB price match?

    I know skymesh does through reading comments on Ozbargain but I'd like to know of ABB does.

  • Hello - Does any one has referral code?

  • Referral codes do nothing at the moment with Exetel. Just disregard the field.

  • Signed up to exetel from Aussie broadband starting to regret it now.
    Their support is beyond hopeless.