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10,000 Flybuys Bonus Points ($50) with 4 Weeks of $50+ Spend (Instore or Online) @ Coles (via Flybuys)


Sweet email deal from coles -

Hi Altomic, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose your reward (points or $50 discount- samesame) by Sun 26 Aug 2018
  2. Spend $50 or more in one shop, in store or online at Coles, each week for 4 weeks
  3. Make your week 1 purchase between Fri 17 Aug to Sun 26 Aug 2018 – please note you have 10 days to shop in week 1
  4. Scan your flybuys card each time you shop

After your qualifying shop in week 4 your chosen reward will be loaded onto your account!

Note: You’ve got 10 days to shop in week 1!
Eligible Coles Online orders must be delivered in the weekly dates to qualify.

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  • +4

    Can not keep up with all these spend requirements…
    spend $155 at Woolies for 2 weeks, spend $100 at Coles for 4 weeks, spend $50 at Big W (lol) in the next week.

    It's too good to pass up though!

  • -2

    I prefer the points. Not quite same-same…

    Each week I buy a $50 Coles E-gift card online at a 5% discount (plus a 1% transaction charge) then cash the points in for Flybuys dollars then I use the Flybuys dollars on beer and cider at Liquorland. So to me it's free beer. yayyyy….

    • +3

      Aren't gift card purchases excluded from offers such as the one in this post and earning Flybuys points?

      • I believe they are referring to paying for their Coles purchases using discounted Coles e-Gift Cards obtained elsewhere, which means you can still earn flybuys on your purchases (doesn't matter what payment method you use).

  • +4

    Thanks OP. The email was in my junk folder. However i got spend $70 each week for 4 weeks and get 10,000 bonus points. Still a lot better than the $110 or $130 weekly minimum spend amounts i used to get.

  • +13

    Mine is $160/week for 4weeks to get 10,000 points, that’s too much. Passed!

  • +3

    Targeted. I got $60/week.

    • +1

      Same here, i believe they target for individual spent habit

    • +1

      i got $90 a week :/

  • Targeted. My offer is spend $80 or more in one shop OR over multiple shops each week for 4 weeks.

    I think this the first time Flybuys has done a "over multiple shops" offer which is refreshing to see, as the one shop offers are virtually useless to me.

    • my one says,
      Spend $80 or more in one shop, in store or online at Coles, each week for 4 weeks

  • +3

    The bastards gave me this offer-
    "When you spend $90 or more each week for 4 weeks!"

    • +1

      i got $90 too, lucky who got $50/weeks

      • it's all based on your regular spend - I bought some booze with my coles online order recently that meant I put in a $300 order - so mine is $170 each week. I'm going to pass, I usually spend nowhere near that much.

        Although with some cheapish beers in there it could be doable. Just need to hope there's a few other decent sales the other 3 weeks. $680 to get $100 back isn't that great though.

        • +1

          Even though you got 300 points, I wonder if it was worth scanning your card on that shop considering it has put these offers out of reach?

        • @dazweeja:
          Bought online, so my flybys are tied to my account. Not actually sure if I can deactivate it.

  • Would buying a Coles gift card in store be considered as $50 or more in one shop?

    • +3

      No all gift card purchases are excluded.

      • +1

        ah right, thanks.

  • $100 for me just 2 weeks ago completed the 4x$90

    • me too, my one was 4x$70, this time it is 4x$80
      still didn't claim first time $50, that means I have to spend $130 in first week

      • +2

        lol, on top of this, i got another offer… whats going on…

        ****, collect 2,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $80 at Coles!
        Offer valid in store and for Coles online orders delivered between Sat 18 Aug and Tue 21 Aug 2018.

        • I've gotten two of these this week! I'm not sure I will be able to use the second one tho as I live by myself haha

  • Getting ridiculous, could we just all get our fifty and be on our way?

  • +11

    Mine used to be $50 a week for 4 weeks. The last one went up to $60pw. Now the latest offer is $70pw. I'll pass on this one and stop using my card until it gets back down to $50pw

  • +1

    Wow. Mine is spend $140 for for weeks and get 20,000 points.

  • First time I haven't been targeted with these 4 week spends. Oh well, I have had enough for now and am content

    • Same! I'm usually always targeted (4 X $50 shops for 10,000 points), and meet the criteria (usually spend $1 or $2 over $50), but this time around, nothing. I'm wondering if it's because after last time's 4 weeks, I did an extra $60 shop the following week as I got could combine a 1000 point + 500 point offer for that, and I needed some things that I couldn't get at Aldi, so shopped at Coles. So maybe they're testing if I'll take a lower offer (e.g. I got a 1000 point offer for $50 shop for this week)? Or maybe it's just random? Either way, I'll gut my Coles spend until the decent offers return (by which mean >= 25% of spend back as points), and shop at Aldi instead.

      • Yeah I think it is linked as last round I did two bigger spends with those random bonus points per spend. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/389596. I also used booster points too. But I didn't do an extra spend, except to get a gift card. They now give me single week bonus points too - this week and last week. I'll just wait and see what comes next.

  • +2

    $130 a week x 4 weeks here. Time to get a second card for the wife and not use it, in order to get targeted for these deals!

    • +1

      I always get $50 for 4 weeks for 10,000 points

    • and don't so the same mistake as I did, I linked both cards with the same account, might have to see if I can unlink them :)

  • +1

    Mine is spend $50 x 4 weeks for 10,000 points

  • they slowly increase the min spend each month. I had spend 50 a week to get 50. then then next month was spend 70 a week to get 50. now I'm on 90 a week to get 50… so guess I wait again until I get spend 50 to get 50 again (its my 2nd loop of it so it does happen)

    • Just get a new card.

      • or another few…

  • its $150 for me which is fine - i normally do around $170 per week in shopping

  • I got 220p/w for 10000 points.

    • You win; I got $180/week but I could do it in multiple transactions (not that I'm going to even take advantage of the offer)

  • +2

    Had 3 of these $50x4wks in a row now, the value isn't creeping up as it usually should. I'm not complaining that their algorithm isn't functioning for me.

    • Neo is that you? :D

  • I got $180, will ignore this one and hopefully next time around it will be less.

  • +1

    They're testing the waters. We're all the way up to $200 per week! Too much.

  • I've been getting these "$70/week for 4 weeks" offers back to back for what feels like the past few months

  • So, which to choose… $50 discount or 10000 points (which equates to a $50 discount anyway)?

    I would think the points as there is a one way conversion there. Can the points be used elsewhere for better value?

    • +5

      $50 discount u need to shop at least $50.05 and points you can use it at other store other yhan Coles only.

      • Yup I got caught with that gag, chose the flybuys and chose to redeem them at Coles then you can spend them $10 at a time.

        • +3

          Same. Used to choose $50 discount but I had to commit to another $50.05 spend within a month. I got smarter and choose the points now. Redeem the points to flybuy dollars and spend anytime, anyhow I wanted it.

      • Thanks for heading up, never know need to spending over 50 to get the discount. Are the flybuy points forever green?

        • +1

          Flybuys points remain valid so long as you either collect or redeem points within 12 months

    • I was transferring them to velocity when 15% extra, don't think the value is better but when needed for a flight might do. at the moment I am leaving them and see what I ll do with them. Didn't shop at Coles for a while but I guess I will for the next 4 weeks :)

  • $240 a week for for weeks :((

    • Yep I'm at $200. It's gone down from $230.
      Got a Woolies deal for 11,000 points over 4 weeks for spending $120 a week on as many shops as I like. Might switch my shopping over and go for that instead.
      Luckily we've got all the minis or the kids will be annoyed.
      (Edit: just read that offer is not available at Woolworths online - so back to Coles I go!)

  • +1

    I been getting $50/4weeks offer 4 times already this year. Maybe the trick is to spend around 50 each time. I used on opal recharges each time

    • +1

      yes I only spend $50 or $51 each time and purchase anymore using another flybys card and I have also had these offers several times this year.

  • Mine was $50/wk as well. Don't buy much at Coles but might have to. At least the 9yo will be happy with a few of those bloody mini things.

    Can you buy Bunnings cards at Coles. I spend waaay too much money at Bunnings.

    • +1

      You can, but it won’t qualify you for these sorts of offers …

      • Are you sure? It doesn't say anything in the offer about not your $50 spend excluding gift cards. I'll have to recheck.

        • +3

          Did you read the fine print at the bottom of your e-mail? I did:

          Offer is available once per flybuys account. $180 transaction excludes purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, tobacco and tobacco related products.

        • +1


          I just found that and was about to post it. Thanks, glad you pointed this out else I'd have probably just bought gift cards.

  • +3

    Coles seem to be sending out the 10,000 points offer almost every month now. Good thing that!

    • Same here
      Got 2 x $50 spends in a row and now it’s $60 a week
      I’ll pass it this time so that their system reduces back to $50 next time

  • Pass for me. Spend $80 each week. I usually spend anywhere from $30 to $50 a shop. So, asking for $80 just isn't going to happen.

  • Has anyone not got this offer at all? I haven't had an offer from Coles (apart from 1000 points liquor land) for about 6 weeks since I created a 2nd account in my partners name. Used to get a lot of offers and can't help but think the two are linked.

    • I have 5 separate accounts and got this offer on 4 of them.

  • I got spend 120 in one shop or over 4 weeks, still pretty high but i guess $30 over 4 weeks is easy to do

  • +1

    We get these almost every 5 weeks. We just finish one and get offered another, sitting in some kind of sweet spot atm. We generally do complete them. Over 12 months we have accumulated over $500 in points almost on these offers alone.

    Just finished a $140 one, the next has just come in at $160. I think we got to $180 once and passed and after a few months, not sure if we shopped at Woolworths a bit during that period or didn't scan our card, the dropped back down.

    Pretty happy to receive them IMO given we spend $160-$200 each week.

    • +1

      Why not start anotger flybuys account so you're back to the spend 50 per week offers

  • As of 2018 I don't seem to get these offers at all any more?
    I was smashing them out last year but they have just stopped.

    • +1

      Sign up to another flybuys account and alternate between the cards.
      Make sure Your email subscription is up to date on flybuys

      • I get plenty of flybuys offers. Just not the "get 10,000 points for $$ spend" any more.

        • +1

          Sounds like a subscription issue.

          Unsubscribe from all emails. Log out of your account. Log into your account. Resubscribe to the emails you want to receive.

        • @pointscrazy:
          It usually shows in the app. Nothing there either.

  • Can you spend on Mobile phone recharge credits? Since you can't do opal topup at coles or buying gift cards it's difficult to spend 90 bux each week for 4 weeks. That is $360 on coles without gift card purchase.

    • +1

      It does make it difficult. I would assume mobile phone recharges are excluded, because they are similar to gift cards. My only advice is to either offer to buy someone else's groceries for them and get them to pay you back, or to buy non-perishable items you can store for later (i.e. Toilet Paper, Laundry Detergent etc)

    • +1

      Gift cards and mobile recharges are excluded from the spend, I learnt this the hard way and missed out on 10k (=$50) points once.

    • +1

      You can do opal Top Up at coles wynyard station only.

      You get flybuys points from doing opal topups :)

      • I'll check it out during lunch time!! But do they count towards this type of promotion??

        • +2

          Yes, I can confirm opal recharge at wynyard station Coles qualifies for the promo.

        • @neo335: Awesome I'll go and get this done next week.

      • Not just Coles Wynyard, but a handful of them across Sydney. I think Broadway also does Opal top-ups (plus two in my area in South-west Sydney)

  • +4

    PRO TIP: only spend JUST over the amount needed to get the points. If you spend more, your next offer will require a higher spend. I am consistently getting $80 x 4 weeks offer for 10k pts for the last few months, which is OK for me if I do a full weekly shop. I used to get $120 and $150 offers which I could not keep up, so I just stopped shopping at Coles for a while and used the Woolies offers (which have been poor lately). Coles learnt their lesson and hence the $80 offers lately. It's a bit of a game, you just have to know how to play it.

  • +1

    Another tip: have multiple flybuys cards.

    • Do you use same address name email ?

      • +2

        Use a different email for each account.

      • +2

        Same address, different email.

        Only 1 of your flybuys link to your velocity (if you are after that).. others just redeem for points.

        I find redeeming points for coles dollars the best use of your flybuys points.

  • Our targeted email requires spend of $260 per week. We have only been spending approx $240-$250 so this forces us to spend more if we want the bonus points.

  • +3

    My is spend $140 each for 4 weeks. To me this just reads as, I should stop shopping at Coles for a few weeks so I will get a better offer.

  • Due to work schedule and, we're not home much hence no grocery shopping. What's the best way to spend $50? Petrol via those partnership petrol stations counted?

    • Petrol via those partnership petrol stations counted?


      • almonds and cashews :) it's expensive but last for a while. or laundry product if 50%, buy something you would normally buy and you can stock up

  • Is this $50/wk in a single store or $50/wk in a single store in a single transaction?

    • These offers are usually always about a single transaction, but can be in any Coles store (e.g. one offer I did 3 weeks in Sydney and 1 week in Brisbane, and got the points no problem). So at least $50, in a single shop, in any Coles, and you scan your flybuys card, repeated in 4 separate weeks. Can usually tell when you've done it as it says "Congratulations, you have completed your week 1 shop" at the bottom of the docket.

  • Anyone know if Coles World Square Sydney has OPAL top up?

  • $50 a week for me, I guess Coles hijacks the price up if you usually buy a lotta groceries?

  • +1

    Man I swear to God I never notice these promos unless I see it from ozb because my flybuys email looks like spam and I don't bother reading them.

    Like all it'd says in the title is

    'Name', collect a massive 10,000 BONUS POINTS!

    and I'd think it's for a phone, airplane, or some new optus plan or something.

  • +1

    I know purchasing gift cards don't count but what about purchasing using a gift card?

    • +5

      It counts

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