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15% off Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Cards ($30, $50, $100) @ Coles/Woolworths/Officeworks


Both Coles and Woolworths are offering 15% off itunes gift cards.

$30 = $25.50 after 15% off
$50 = $42.50
$100 = $85

15% off $30, $50 & $100 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
Excludes $20 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards.

Limit 10 App Store and iTunes Gift Cards per transaction. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 22/8/18 to 28/8/18.

Starting 23/8, Officeworks is also having 15% off itunes cards. Also applies to $30, $50 and $100 cards.

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  • Yasss

  • Don’t forget to stack with 5% off Wish eGift cards for an even better discount. Think it works out at 19.25% off in total! Woolies only obviously.

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      The system in a few states no longer allows gift cards purchase using wish egift.

      • My 2 local Woolies in WA do. I just purchased discounted Uber gift cards last week and iTunes previously. Definitely worth trying…

        • Which ones? Bull Creek does not allow

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          Try again today/tomorrow, chances are it won't be allowed.

        • Used Victoria Park last week for Uber. Purchased a protein bar along with it, not sure if that throws it off or not.

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      Be careful, see here for latest updates.

      • Damn! Thanks mate

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        Just so everyone knows, yesterday I was able to successfully purchase discounted iTunes gift cards from Woolies Metro (333 George St, Sydney) using an e-gift card previously purchased at a discount.

  • I have two $50 itune cards that I want to sell. Happy to sell them for $80. Where can I sell them?

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      In the Classifieds

    • i would take one for $40 - if you are happy to sell them separately

  • Why always 10% or 15% or 20% - why not Coles 15% and Woolies goes crazy competitive and offers 16%? Is this controlled by Apple??

    • because if they went any higher their staff can add on extra discount. Woolies would be 15% off and with their staff 5% off or if its 20% which is rarely it would be 25% off for them.

      I'm pretty sure across the board its all 5%. So kmart,coles, woolies and big w or even target

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    Out of curiosity why are these itunes gift cards so highly coveted? What do people use them for?

    • My kids need to use ipads at their school and have to purchase education apps. I use these cards to get a 15% discount. I'm happy.

    • Netflix subscription..

    • Netflix subscription at 15% off

      I'm guessing this is why they no longer have 50% off like they used to do years ago

    • Music and iBooks in my case and any good stuff on the iTunes store like the entire series of The Office for $40

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      Reference Melbourne Guy……..

      You can use iTunes cards to buy any of the following:
      * Apps for your Mac, iOS device or Apple TV from the Apple App Store (including any in-app purchases)
      * Books from the iBooks app
      * Music, Movies and TV Shows from the iTunes Store
      * Apple Music streaming
      * iCloud Storage plans
      * App Subscriptions, such as Netflix (iOS device or Apple TV required), Stan (Apple TV required), Newspapers, Magazines etc.

      • such as Netflix
        OMG how did i not know this? Tyvm

    • Oh cool thanks everyone for your responses. I also did not know you could use them for Netflix

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    Same special across the duopoly. Well that's awkward

  • Just FYI - Costco has $50 iTunes cards for $40 until September 2. That equates to 20% off.

    Obviously need a Costco membership, yadda yadda.

  • I know people said earlier that Woolies have cracked down on the discounted eWish cards buying iTunes vouchers, but does any one know if Coles are the same? Can get Coles eGift cards for 5% discount so was going to give that a shot if it worked.

  • Officeworks is now also offering 15% off itunes cards. Makes us Android users feel like a minority!

  • https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2018/08/21/netfl...

    Good news itunes discount gonna increase hopefully soon!

  • Just purchased a $100 iTunes Card and a packet of mints at Woolworths Belmont Forum WA using Wish eGift card without any issues! Happy Days!

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