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12.5% off 2018 MacBook Pro @ iFrog (17-20% via OW/DJ Price Match) eg. 512GB 13" ($2684/$2550/$2416) & 15" ($3587/$3408/$3229)


UPDATE: An even better alternative is to price match at David Jones and use 10% David Jones eGift Card via Entertainment Book. Credit to 99altezza

This has been mentioned in forums a few times but never officially posted. But today after I successfully bought one after price matching in David Jones (to make use of their interest free offer), I am convinced this deal is obtainable to all. The price on its own is already a bargain as JB Hifi generally only offer 10% off and for a limited period. This seems like a standard pricing on their website.

Combine it with pricematch at OfficeWorks or David Jones using 10% eGift Card to sweeten the deal even more.

Example of prices of the standard latest models that are currently in stock:

Apple MBP 13" 2.3GHZ I5/8GB/256GB Space Grey or Silver $2415.57 ($2294.79 Pricematch @ OW) ($2174 Pricematch @ DJ w/ 10% off eGift Card)
Apple MBP 13" 2.3GHZ I5/8GB/512GB Space Grey or Silver $2684.81 ($2550.57 Pricematch @ OW) ($2416 Pricematch @ DJ w/ 10% off eGift Card)
Apple MBP 15" 2.2GHZ I7/16GB/256GB Silver$3062.41 ($2909.29 Pricematch @ OW) ($2756 Pricematch @ DJ w/ 10% off eGift Card)
Apple MBP 15" 2.6GHZ I7/16GB/512GB/SPACEGR Space Grey or Silver$3587.77 ($3408.38 Pricematch @ OW) ($3229 Pricematch @ DJ w/ 10% off eGift Card)

Custom to Order and Other Models have great prices too but are not in stock on website. Also some colours are not in stock which may be a problem when price matching for a different colour if the staff argue about it.

Also for information, iFrog.com.au is an official authorised Apple reseller who also trades as Queensland Computers. Refer to Apple Authorised Reseller List. Price match at OW/DJ for potential further savings (they can call the shop to confirm) or otherwise buy direct at the iFrog.com.au to support this local business for providing these over-expensive laptop at such a great price!

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      Thanks for letting us know.

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        NP. Better warn people about the hoard of monkeys coming in to tell you that you can't game on a mac!

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          People who game have nothing else better to do with their lives anyway.

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    Erm, but price matching is not a bargain?

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      Still the cheapest I can see for authorized Aussie stock before that.

  • Did this last week, by far the best deal seen anywhere. Only note is office works added the $30 shipping from iFrog to my purchase which I didn't really want to argue that since I was still saving close to $700 on the mac…

  • Some modules e.g. 13IN are not new generation macbook pro (8th gen)?

    • The new models are 8th gen. But they still consider the 7th gen model as 'current model' so be careful not to look at the wrong one. Whereas on the 15in, they have discontinued the 7th gen model.

  • everything is showing out of stock for me

    • I've added link to the item. Still showing In Stock. Their website is not the best to navigate around in.

      • Sorry this website is atrocious! Would you be able to link a 16gb version of the new 13 inch if its available on their website?

        • I think its this but not too sure either. However, most likely it would not be In Stock because 16GB version of 13" is a Custom model.

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    Depending on how you value your Qantas FF points, another option could be to use points + pay with this deal.

    eg - the MacBook Pro 15 inch 512GB is 200,000 points + $2342.29 qantas store

    Just a thought, if you don't plan to use points for travel perhaps?

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      Why would you do that? You could sell those points for $2000 minimum!

      • Just putting it out there, some people are uneasy with the process of selling points.

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    Price matching at David Jones would be best option for people who can get 10% off David Jones gift cards.

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      Good idea. I'll update description

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        Amazing research and write up,
        Please link to David jones 10% for further upvotes

        • Get an entertainment book.

        • Added link

  • How hard is it to get officeworks/david jones to price match ifrog?

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      Depends on the staff member/manager you meet.

      It’s up to them.

      • This. If you get a bad one, come back another day when someone else is working. Or go to different store. But in reality they are bound to their policy, because iFrog is not a grey import reseller. I've dealt with two David Jones guys yesterday and today (I had to return and get my Storecard) both had no problem price matching.

        • The first office works I went to try to price match refused to do it because the guy told me that iFrog does not state on their website that they offer a manufacturers warranty. The only way he said for me to prove that they do was to go to the iFrog store and get a brochure or get them to put it on their website. At that time I didn't know that being an Apple Authorized Reseller meant that they did and that it means that it was technically on their website as it was stated on the apple website and the ifrog website that they are an Apple authorised reseller and after asking Apple about it……He also kept comparing iFrog to sites that sell grey imports like ebay and Kogan….I think some places are really sneaky and will try to use this excuse so be ready for this one.

        • @Starlight Moons: this exact same thing happened to me just now. I was adamant that it is the exact same thing. The store clerk tried to find the difference between manufacturers warranty and Australian warranty online but there wasn't anything. Bring an authorized Apple reseller is essentially the same warranty. I was lucky enough this guy just said 'look I'll just do it for ya'. So I bought one! Woohoo! Thanks for this thread and post guys! Now I need to find a hub that can connect my 2 apple thunderbolt displays :(((((( what the hell am I going to do with 4 USB c ports fml

        • @swifty7: Of course they did, they want you to buy from them for full price and try and make the other site seem dodgy.

        • @swifty7: Congrats on getting one !! Sounds like you had someone who was willing to help you. The store clerk I talked to told me that there was a difference between the warranty that the manufacturers provide and the ones that the store provides so I just took him at his word. :/ Thinking back on it now, perhaps I shouldn't have. But he did say that he was afraid of getting in trouble with his manager if he price matched and that he wasn't going to do it. Considering that the store is in the middle of the CBD and the amount of foot traffic they get every day, I'm guessing that I wasn't the first person to ask and that they were prepared.

        • +1

          @Starlight Moons: :( I would try another store tomorrow, maybe outside of the CBD, more in the suburbs. I got mine from chadstone. Hope you can get one too!!

          Would anyone be able to give me some advice on what dock i could get or need so i can connect my 2 apple thunderbolt displays? Been researching like crazy.

        • @swifty7:

          Did you get the brown outer packaging box as well?

        • +1

          @swifty7: Glad this help. A +ve vote would be appreciated :P

        • @John: Absolutely, thanks John. I'm tempted to try find an entertainment book login and go to DJ's to get an even better price. But not sure if paying $80 and signing up and going to DJ's and ordering and cancelling my officeworks is worth the extra effort.

        • @swifty7: Thank you !! I tried a store near me the day after and they price matched. I just happened to be in the CBD at the time and wanted to see if they would…I was more upset at the guy giving me incorrect information as a way to not price match and offering solutions that were near impossible to do.

          I think an important lesson is that if they bring up the warranty issue, indicate that they are an Apple authorised reseller as stated on their website and on the Apple website. If you call Apple or ask them to call Apple, Apple will tell you that authorised resellers have the Apple limited warranty which should be manufacturer's warranty, aka the warranty office works offer on their own website.

        • @swifty7: Did you try the OWC Thunderbolt dock?

        • @Verappan: I didn't realise it's so expensive omg.. I'll need a similar dock with 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, one for charging and another one for the screens,plus! A thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor which is another 69!! Unbelievable..

        • @Verappan: do you think it would be worth getting something like this instead so it could charge the mac also and then leave me with a thunderbolt port so I can use a converter for my 2 daisy chained thunderbolt displays?


          So my 2 screens are daisy chained, then buy an thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor, plug in one port, and then my Mac charger in the power port of the dock so I'm just plugging in one cable into the Mac from the dock?

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    Touch bar = No deal.

    • Please do explain

  • Is this a timed deal or standard pricing on the iFrog website?

    • +1

      Seems like standard pricing. They've been doing these kind of pricing for awhile

  • There isn't a David Jones where I live in. Do you know if it's possible to price match online?

    • Yea you would have to email them.

      It’s on their website.

  • If i've already bought this from OW for $3,400, is it worth:
    - cancelling my OW order
    - buying entertainment book $70
    - going DJ's and price matching and using the entertainment discount
    - to save an additional $120 (keeping in mind i'll have to buy the entertainment book)


  • Has anyone had luck with David Jones in store with price matching?

    I know I spoke to OW store previously and they advised all their stock would come with the outer brown packaging box but does anyone know about David Jones?

    My thoughts is I am able to get DJ e-gift cards at 8% off.

    I’m looking to get the Apple MBP 15" 2.6GHZ I7/16GB/512GB/SPACEGR which is $3587.77 at iFrog.

    DJ 10% off e-gift card: $3587.77 - 10% = $3229
    DJ 8% off e-gift card: $3587.77 - 8% = $3300.75
    The difference of the 2% is $71.75.

    I’m thinking of purcjasing the Entertainment Book subscription at $70 which I would of spent anyways then at least I would I have the subscription for 1 year.

    Does anyone know if Entertainment Book have any limit of how much one may buy?

    • I got price match at David Jones Perth City of the exact same model (got the last unit in stock) and it came with the original Apple box. Its odd that OW comes with brown packaging box, why do they? Apple would not knowingly thrash their branding (which they are big about) without good reasons. The only time my apple product came in brown box was when I bought a refurbished model or when they replace a faulty unit.. I'm guessing demo model would possibly come in generic box too.

      DJ eGift Cards via Entertainment Book is limited to $5000 per membership.

      • Thanks for the reply John.

        The reason why OW has the brown paybox is that’s how they arrive to store before someone opens them.

        This is also done at JB Hi-Fi as well.

        Both JB and DJ get their stock directly from Apple.

        Any chance you would know the denomination that Entertainment Book does with DJ gift cards and how long would it take to receive?

        Ideally looking for unless we can specify exact amount we want:
        7 x $500
        1 x $100

        Total Value: $3600
        Total Cost: $3240

        • So the Apple box would be inside the brown box then?

          DJ eGift Card info from the eBook website:
          Denomination in $100, $250, $500 (Buy up to $1000 eGift Cards within 24 hours)
          Please note: Due to the high value of this offer, and for your protection, please allow up to 2 business days for credit card verification and delivery of your David Jones eGift Cards.

          * This offer is valid for 10% OFF David Jones eGift Cards.
          * David Jones eGift Cards are treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
          * David Jones eGift Cards are non-refundable.
          * David Jones eGift Cards expire 24 months after issue.
          * David Jones eGift Cards may only be used for purchases at David Jones and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash or used to pay * any David Jones branded credit card account or other credit card accounts.
          * No change is given and any balance that remains on the card can be used in whole or part against future purchases at David Jones.
          * Any balance that remains on the eGift Card after expiry will not be available for use.
          * Offer valid for repeat use.
          * David Jones eGift Cards are not to be used for business or corporate use.
          * You can purchase up to $1,000 in David Jones eGift Cards per transaction.
          * May not be re-sold or bartered for cash.
          * May purchase up to $5,000 per Entertainment™ Membership.
          * Valid through to 1 June 2019.

        • @John:

          Thanks for the offer information.

          Yes the Apple MacBook Pro Box would be inside the Brown outter packaging box.

          Just like if you purchased from Apple and had it shipped only (not in store).

          Now I have to decide if Entertainment Book is worth it as it would take me 4 days at $1000 per day, as well as 2 business days for credit card verification.

          I can get 8% off at Suncorp which doesn’t have a limit and usually is instantly received.

        • +1

          @John: Wow thanks for this. I didn't realise there was such a potential wait time. Will definitely stick to my OW discount then.

        • +1

          @Rakddon: If I were you, I wouldn't risk the wait (things could change whenever). I'd go to DJ, confirm a price match and then ask them to hold it for me at that price. Then get the gift cards and return to buy it - if instantly received as you said, should be enough time to return while item is still on hold for you.

  • So I have just called all 3 DJ stores that sell computers here in Sydney:

    David Jones Sydney (Market St)
    David Jones Chatswood
    David Jones Bondi Junction

    And all 3 will not price match iFrog.com.au as they said iFrog are not an Australian retailer and operate from a warehouse.

    So if your another Sydney sider like myself there is no point going the DJ route.

    PS. You can use as many gift cards as you want in a transaction.

    • +2

      Go in store, refer them to this or have them call Queensland Computers to verify. They have a storefront in Queensland with opening hours all listed there. They must figured this and trying to find any reasons to reject price matching it.

  • I just thought of another angle to get it almost as cheap as the DJ price from OW.

    Get OW to price match & beat iFrog at $3587.77 ($3408.38 after price beat)
    Purchase OW gift cards at 5% off
    $3408.38 (OW) - 5% (gift card) = $3,237.96

    • For those who can't get discounted OW cards - How about JB Hifi as another option, taking a similar approach?

      During one of the previous Apple sales at JB, someone here managed to price match the Officeworks price beat guarantee.
      If your local JB store is willing to do this, you could be in luck!

      You can purchase JB Hifi gift cards (5% off through Entertainment Book and others), then get JB to match the OW price-beat of $3408. Pay with your -5% cards for the extra bit off the top :)

  • Don't forget the 2.75% surcharge on card and Paypal. I was about to checkout until I saw that :/

    • What surcharge?

      • If you pay by Paypal or Visa/Mastercard there is a 2.75% surcharge. That equates to around $84.

        • +1

          Surcharge from where?

  • Can anyone upload a successful price matched receipt from officeworks?

    • I just picked mine up from Officeworks and am using it now as i type.

      • I can’t find any stock in Melbourne , did you order it on the phone or store stock?

        • I walked in and ordered. It was delivered to the store next day! Amazingly quick!

  • +1

    This is what I received from David Jones:

    Dear Victor,

    Thank you for contacting David Jones in regards to our Price Matching Policy.

    At David Jones, we do wish to remain competitive and will be happy to Price Match the final price of an item, provided the below criteria has been met:
    • the product must be identical in brand, model, colour and fabric where applicable;
    • the product is currently stocked at both David Jones Online and the competitor;
    • the competitor price is current at the time of your order;
    •the competitor has the same payment terms;

    The David Jones Price Promise does not extend to any product which:
    • is from a stand-alone online retailer, or pure play website;
    • is from a rack, warehouse or clearance outlet/centre;
    • is from an international retailer;
    • requires a promotional discount code at checkout.

    Please be advised that as per our Price Match Policy, David Jones Online is required to take the competitor's delivery charge into consideration. As detailed within our policy, any approved Price Match must be 'like for like', which means we are matching exactly what would be paid if purchased from the competitor for home delivery.

    We are also unable to accept payment via PayPal, Afterpay, Membership Rewards Points or Gift Cards, payment must be made with a Credit/Debit Card or David Jones American Express or Storecard. Furthermore, online price matches are only applicable for home delivery and not Click & Collect. If you would like a Price Match for Click & Collect, this must to be approved directly by the store that you wish to collect the item from.

    May I kindly advise that we are regrettably unable to provide a price match for the item in this circumstance as the competitor of which you are attempting to price match is an online only retailer.

    I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your interest in David Jones.

    Kind regards,

    Online Customer Service Assistant | David Jones Online
    David Jones Pty Limited
    E: [email protected]
    W: www.davidjones.com.au

  • +1

    John and others,

    A huge Thank You for posting this deal and additional inputs around OW and DJ. Insane timing considering I was looking to buy a macbook pro (new or refurbished)! I saw this post, ran out of the door to the nearest OW in Melbourne CBD and scored it. The Russell St. store price beat iFrog but added the delivery charge which I am ok with. Picking it up tonite or tomorrow morning. No fuss deal and was out of the store in 20 minutes thanks to store rep 'Dom'.

    Was too excited to look at other angles to score more discount (greed I know).

    • Good on you! The pricematch from OW is already such a good deal.. a discount of more than 10% off new Apple products is unheard of, let alone a 17% discount.

      • Thanks John. I shed tears of blood over discounts offered in US by B&H, Adorama etc., but this is sweeeet! Lol, that dog-with-bone video is a good one.

  • For those who are able to get David Jones to price match iFrog, RACQ discount is another option for getting discounted gift card. For people not with RACQ insurance, it is $26/year to get the membership which is much cheaper than Entertainment book which is $70.


    • Seems RACQ only allow $2000 worth of gift cards per month.
      Wish I noticed that yesterday haha

  • Just to add my experience as I tried to get chatbots to match this.

    OW & DJ no CBs, so I tried Gerry HN…
    Chatbot said that:
    "Sorry iFrog is not an online leading retailer and we cannot price match them".

    So, that's HN for you.

    I'm trying to push back as it is NOT an exclusion in the price match policy.

    Not sure if it's worth it, but beats trying to argue with someone over the counter.

    • I personally think you have to do it in person. I don't think online price match will ever work, not having to see you in person makes it easier for them to dodge it (I think).. gives them enough time to find excuses and less pressure to price match.

  • Thanks OP, Officeworks matched no issues.

  • Can anyone who purchased from OW tell me if they received the brown packaging box as well?

    • There seems a bit of confusion regarding the packaging so let me share my experience here. OW does indeed receive stock in a generic Brown logistics carton but the machine comes in original Apple box with shrink wrap. So fear not, go ahead and get it. Apple does not mess around with packaging.

      • My question was does OW give you the brown outter packaging box as well.

        All retailers receives stock in the brown packaging box from Apple but some remove the box to save space in storage.

        • Yes, OW offered me the brown box but I opted to have them open it and take a look, just in case. I ditched the brown box and took home the white box. Hope that helps.

        • @Verappan:
          Thanks very much for confirming.

  • Just curious, did anyone price match made-to-order models through OW/DJ?

    • Havent heard of one. I think they most likely refuse price match as the policy are generally to price match a non clearance and stocked product

  • +1

    I finally managed to get some gift cards at 7.5% off and have just purchased the “Apple MBP 15" 2.6GHZ I7/16GB/512GB/SPACEGR”.

    OW had to charge me the $27.95 delivery fee iFrog charges which was fine (couldn’t get out of it).

    OW Price Beat Total Cost: $3,434.93
    = $3,177.31

    Pick up tomorrow supposedly.

    • +1

      Epic pricing!

      • Yup!

        22.48% off RRP

    • Hi Rakddon, is the 7.5% off Giftcard available for others, i.e. my poor self?


      • Unfortunately not, I got them from a member on here.

  • All my Officeworks are out of stock. Has anyone tried price matching good guys?

    • They can order it in.

      • Ah. Ok cool. Thanks, I’ll try this arvo 🤞

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399699#comment-6307715
    This just popped up as well.
    So they should have to price match now.
    Kogan is even cheaper.

    • Be careful looking at the wrong model. Don't be this guy https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/398274

      • Yep, Kogan has it as "Coming Soon"

      • Haha yeah. Someone on the other post pointed tha out to me.
        But good news anyway. Hopefully they don’t be difficult when patching ifrog.

  • Just picked up my MacBook Pro. 😁

    • where did you buy it from ? :O

      • Pitt St

  • From reading the thread above, looks like price matching in OW is more likely to be accepted in OW compared to DJ?
    I'm going to buy gc @discount…so am worry that if they do not price match then i've no use of the large amount of gc (although eventually it will be spent on something)

    I'm looking to buy 2018 13" 256gb

    • +1

      I just got off the phone with office works.
      I ordered the 13” 512gb for $2549.80.
      Hopefully pick up tomorrow.

      It did take 2 calls though, the first operator could not find the correct model on the ifrog website.

      • let us know how you go :)

    • +1

      Don't worry, they will price match for sure.

      • have you also price matched for MBP at OW?

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