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Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor: 48.9" QLED Ultra-Wide $1498 (Was $1998), 26.9" QLED $598 (Was $998) @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Not wide enough

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      thats whats s…. never mind.

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        …he said

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          If I had no choice, I'd want it as narrow and as short as possible thanks.

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          @FabMan: Found a tight arse

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          @Putnum: Well, we are on OzBargains…

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    The 49" would be so awesome for driving games …

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      Nothing compares to getting a VR headset with driving games. 3D helps so much with proper depth perception of speed and how fast you are approaching a corner.

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        Couldn't agree more. I play racing games almost exclusively on my Oculus Rift - combine that headset with my G27 racing wheel and I'm in racing nirvana.

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    We need to go wider

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    Harvey Norman still leaves a odd taste in my mouth after the "online tax"

    but these deal do look good

    • If only the responsible entities, the Liberal and Labour parties, left a bad taste in your mouth.

      Until they do you're going to keep losing more and more money to wealthier people than you as Liberals raise taxes on you and lower taxes on businesses own by Gerry Harvey and other people who pay the people you vote for to rule over you and make you poorer as has been happening for the last 40 years in Australia. A vote for Labour will be a vote for a party that changes nothing Liberals do but pretends that they're on your side despite changing nothing.

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        so you gonna buy one?

    • Yeah I pretty much refuse to buy from them now.

  • The Samsung 26.9" or this?

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      The Samsung is Freesync, the LG is g-sync.

      They're both pretty good for the price, I'd suggest the Samsung if you have an AMD card and the LG if you have a Nvidia card to utilize the Freesync and G-Sync features respectively.

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        I’ve got a flat 34” ultra wide which I love. But the edges do seem at times to be too far. If I had the budget I’d definitely go with a curved ultra wide. Brings in the edges.

  • 1ms, 144hz.. this is a great 1080p gaming monitor

    • 2560 x 1440

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        I was talking about the larger one. But yeah, the 27" is great for $600

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    Great deal on the 49” monitor. I have one and it seems too big at first but it quickly becomes the norm and great for productivity too. Games which support it eg Forza, SWBF, CSGO (funnily enough even before the new UI it worked better than on my X34!), etc. I wish it (and my X34) had auto on/off and auto switching though - took these features for granted on other monitors and now I have to manually turn them on/off and switch between inputs. Also note there’s no speakers despite the monitor accepting audio input over HDMI - this is just to connect to a 3.5mm headphones port!

    On a side note, Samsung AU also has the monitor for $1499 for certain corporate customers including delivery (essentially their version of Apple EPP). I bought mine from HN though before I knew of this :(

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    Clicked through and they said "Hello OzBargainer" when the chat window immediately popped up. Spooky.

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      There's one every time ;)

    • cookie monster..

    • They couldn't say that if you blocked referrers in your browser.

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    Has it been reduced as Kogan now has for preorder essentially the same monitor but their brand for $1000 RRP?
    Kogan 49" Curved 32:9 Super Ultrawide 144HZ HDR Monitor (3840 x 1080) samsung panel

    • interesting! I might get this one instead

    • Wow that's a great price. Thanks for the heads up.

    • +$210 for 5 years warranty and you are set for a while.

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        Or $210 saved and you use the ACL ?

      • how do you get to 210 diff?

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          Australian consumer law is free

        • @strayan:

          i know , i'm wondering how he get to 210

          kogan 999 + shipping

          this 1500

          kogan shipping 300 ???? or kogan + GST ????

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          $210 is what Kogan charge for a 5 year warranty

        • @spaceflight:

          Gotcha! Thanks!

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        Pay for warranty? Are you nuts?

    • that's a great deal too

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      Holy crap, what a price.

      I wonder how it would go, seems identical!

    • Can they also do 2 x 1080p signals like the Samsung? I hate playing my games in window mode and prefer to have it 1080p 16:9.

      • I believe so. The link indicates that it will accept two signals, I'm just not sure if it is 1080p or not.

        "The 32:9 aspect ratio is excellent multitasking, as you can display two 16:9 signals side-by-side without distorting or degrading the original images. No bezel separating your two signals makes for a seamless experience working across multiple programs at once."

        • Sorry, I was referring to the Kogan monitor if they can dual signals

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      Good find thanks. The Samsung shows 1 ms whereas Kogan shows 4ms in main write up and 8 ms specification listing. Will do follow up with Kogan which is correct. Presumably the 4ms. If so would it be noticeably slower than Samsung? Also means different panel I guess. Not up with all the latest I’m afraid.

    • Am I a blind idiot or is that one lacking QLED?

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    No Freesync/Gsync for that amount of money is crazy.

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      All 3 monitors (inc the linked Kogan in comments) appears to have FreeSync.

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        Fair enough, It didn't mention it on the HN website

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          Yes it does.

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    Starting to regret not stacking up on HN gift cards from that last Amex deal.

  • Anyone used these for development?

    • Nope, but trying to swing getting one of these on the company credit card for sys ops…

    • Just use dual screens, the price for the 48 inch is so high because it's seamless in the middle for gaming, but the screen real-estate is basically just that of two 24 inch monitors.

      If you want more width for your IDE you could try two 21:9 monitors. The accountant at work swears by his. Two 34 inch monitors would be too big though. I'd stick to 2 x 29" 2560x1080 ultra wides.

      • +1

        screen real-estate is basically just that of two 24 inch monitors.

        Not exactly:

        48 inch diagonal @ 32:9
        = 117.4cm wide × 33.0cm high
        = 3,874.2cm² total area

        24 inch diagonal @ 16:9 × 2 screens
        = 53.1cm wide × 23.9cm high × 2 screens
        = 1,539.9cm² × 2 screens
        = 3,079.8cm² total area

        So the ultrawide has about 25% more screen real estate.

        If you wanna try yourself:

        • Nice! I did wonder about this, actually.
          So two 27 inch 16:9s would be how to beat the 48 at 4018.56cm²

  • +1

    Extremely tempted to give up my 144hz Gysnc IPS monitor for this…

    if only it wasn't Freesync.

    • If you have an AMD APU then NVIDIA cards are compatible with freesync.

  • This monitor > my priorities

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      If this monitor is greater than your priorities, shouldn't it be then, your priority?

      Doo doo dee doo, doo doo dee doo…

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    Thanks OP. I was looking at this monitor for a while. It's $200+ cheaper than MSY and free shipping with shipster. Received today. (27" CHG)

  • Kogan have their own version of this for $999 with free shipping on pre-order for anyone interested

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