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Google Home $115.20 (C&C) @ The Good Guys


The GET10 coupon for Good Guys has previously been shared, but this is a great price for the Google Home not requiring eBay plus or any special memberships. Good Guys has a site wide coupon GET10 (10% off) which is meant to start at 5pm but seems to work on their website now bringing the $128 google home to $115.2. Extra $5 for delivery.

Original 10% off The Good Guys Ticketed Prices deal post

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The Good Guys

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    Thanks. Bought.

    Was about to buy one of these in the next couple of days.

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    Nice use of the $20 mothers day store credit - thank, snagged one!

    • out of interest, did you end up getting that voucher twice? i got one sent to me the day i made my purchase, and then another $20 mothers day store credit for the same item last month. Used both sucessfully.

      • Bank error in your favour, collect $200

        Nope I didn't have such luck…

      • Is it different from the gold store credits?!

  • This or mini?

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      They do the same thing but this one has better sound quality.

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      If you are about that music life and you already have a solid bluetooth speaker, get the Mini and pair it to the BT speaker. If you have a solid set of speakers, get Chromecast Audio and pair it to your mini. If you have neither and you just want decent sound, get the Home.

    • I just upgraded from a mini to a home. The improved microphones are a godsend.
      The sound is superior too, straight away noticed the lower frequencies were present.

    • I have both and found that there isn't a huge difference in sound quality or volume. The home isn't so much loud as it is heavy in the midrange to lows but you lose something in the music. It's not bad, particuly for the size and it looks great but it needed to be better for me to recommend over the mini.

      In hindsight I would have preferred to pick up 2 more mini's over the home to have more around the house.

      I wonder if Google will allow you to pair a couple of minis for a stereo setup.

    • I'm late to the party on this one, but my 2c.

      I have home and not mini. Other than speaker and mic quality, the feature that made me not choose the mini was the buttons on the home (mini has none). If you have a phone call come through you can just tap the top of the home to pause music playing rather than have to tell the mini to pause. Or circle finger to up or down volume.

  • Hmm, thinking about relegating the mini into the bedroom and getting this for the living room.

    What's the cheapest that this has ever been? Reckon $115 a good enough deal to pull the trigger?


    • +2

      the cheapest would be $100 from australian geographic. that didn't last long. if you're not sure buy using a price protection card and claim the drop when it happens.

      • Yeah, I did miss the trigger on that Aus Geo one and OW were being d*cks and wouldn't price match…

        Don't have one of those cards, but its a good idea. I think I may just pull the trigger here. Still a pretty good deal I think.

        • i had the same experience with OW. i think it just ran out of stock when i finally got through to an operator. initially they thought aust geographic wasn't an australian company, which methinks is ironic. $115 is good for local stock.

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          @DrABCDEFG: Hahaha, thats a special staff member there :P

          I just got some BS story about how they don't match clearance prices (which it wasn't…..)

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          @lozza6: Luckily I was able to get it for $95 after pricematch!

  • Google home has been on special so many times I really don’t think I need to buy another.

    Thanks, though.

  • Oh, was about to buy and then I just saw the Googes Home Max is finally on sale here. Is that recent or have I been out of it?

    It looks so nice!!!! but umm $550….. what a difference………… hmmm :\

  • What is everyone here using their Google [Thing] for?

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      Lights and music with the odd timer and reminder.

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        I just picked up a Google Home second hand at $65 for that reason, I have Xiaomi Globes and LIFX globes and changing apps in the same room is a PITA, now waiting for another deal on TP-Link HS100 Switch to go with it.

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        Do you say "Aziz, LIGHT!" or "Illuminate"?
        Music? As in controlling what is played or playing the music?

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      google play music. kitchen timer. changing colours of lights. reading me the news. there's even a trivia game lol.
      i hope they bring out free voice calling so it can replace the home phone.

      • Oh? I didn't think of it until you mentioned it. Not being able to make a voice call seems like an obvious feature anyone would want to have.

        When you say colors, you mean color temperature?

        • in the US and UK google offers free voice calling over internet. here you can't even make calls with a connected phone. you can say "hey google, make x light yellow, or green, or 30% brightness". that can be really handy. you can make a shortcut such as "hey google, night night" which turns the light off and makes the music stop in 10 mins.

    • Honestly. Just got 4 the other month and my biggest use is "add to shopping list". Have one in kitchen and one next to pantry. Very handy. Just had a whole heap of hues arrive today also.

    • Lights, Power Switches, TV, cooking and general reminders, random background music on GPM & Random trivia.

  • I thought this was some new funky Google Home automation thingy I hadn’t heard about until I realised the product image is simply a Home shot from above. Already have one, great, no need to spend any more money!

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