This was posted 3 years 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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75" Sony X90F 4K Ultra HDR Android Smart TV $3999 Delivered @ Sony


Ripper price drop on this by Sony. Ends Saturday unless sold out prior. Enjoy :)


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    Cheapest posted price was $4999 here a few days ago, and 75x9000e(2017 model) was selling around this price point 3 months ago. Combined with cash rewards for $280 saving, this is an awesome price.

    Some great reviews on this TV as well.

    Great deal :)

  • Direct led is local dimming?

    • Yeah, it has local dimming.

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    Time to stick the old TV in the Airbnb and bring this baby into the lounge I think.

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    I just posted this in the forum if anyone wanted the 65" for an OK price -

    Didn't feel appropriate to put this as a new deal but I am posting in case anyone wants to try and grab this TV for a decent price, even after Good Guys 10% off.

    I picked up the Sony KD65X9000F for $2,850 at Good Guys. They let me place a deposit of $285 so I will pay the rest with 7% off gift cards through Sun Super.

    That means the total I paid for the TV will be $2,671. Think it may have been cheaper at VideoPro or BingLee on eBay at some stage but they never ship to WA so this was the best price I could get.

    Just letting anyone who may be interested to try it out.

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      I respect the hustle.

      • +8

        And so then the hustle respects you.

    • Awesome deal, could you please upload a receipt please? Iwant to try get one for that price too t TGG

    • fivespice: How do you get the 10% off?

      • They had 10% off at TGG the other day, but they said their staff price on this TV was $2,800 so they sold to me for $2,850. After that I used 7% off gift cards.

  • This one or 75X9400E?

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      9400E if you can find stock.

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    I own the Sony 65" X90F, best money I ever spent, bought it for the World Cup. Upgraded from a top of range 46" 1080p Sony bought in 2011. Really happy with the picture and TV, want to re-watch numerous movies, the picture is just that much better. Couldn't wait for this Awesome price for the 75" otherwise I would have bought it.

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      Not really a good comparison - anything is better than a 2011 46" these days.

    • I had a Sony HX(800?) from back then, which came with a PS3 bonus. Got a Panasonic 65VT60 a while later and it was like having a cinema in the lounge room. The old sony was still a good telly but the bigger screen of 65, or 75, adds that OMG factor.

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    I believe this is the Rtings review?

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    Rtings rate this as the best mid-range TV available.

    Here's their review.

  • Looks good thanks OP

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    I bought the 75x9000e with EB offer for same price in around Nov 17

    Great picture quality (4k streaming is great)
    Android TV is snappy (provided you enable developer option and limit background applications)
    Decent sound
    Value for money (for a big brand)

    Slow (if developer option is not enabled)
    Doesn't do a very good job 4k up-scaling from HDMI 1.0 source DVDs (Because the screen is so big, pictures dont appear good)

    Might have to buy a 4k UHD player (e.g. Xbox One X) to get best value if using old DVD's

    • +1

      Or you could throw away your DVDs. DVDs were not designed to be watched on a 75 inch screen. Replace then with Blu-ray and if they don't exist on Blu-ray then watch them on your old 40 incher. They might actually look decent then.

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    Hmmmm 65" OLED or this?

    • -2

      Unless you like burn in, this.

      • +1

        Where's the burn in?

        • normally in the corner but could be anywhere really.

        • +1

          Wherever there's a static image, like news logos and especially gaming with health bars.

          Not covered under warranty either.

      • Agree that warranty on OLED isn't great. Just saying "OLED will have burn in" is unnecessary fearmongering.

        Maybe read the following OP and decide for yourself

      • +1

        Have a 3 1/2 year old OLED. Mainly use for gaming. Still no burn-in..

    • Depends on room size too.

  • Thanks tightarse!

  • Not sure if GG, HN will price match this

    • -1

      Even if they do there is like 300 bucks cashback here.

  • So what's the deal with HDR, last time I read this doesn't support all 3 types out now?

    • I'm not sure anything does.

      You have

      Dolby Vision

      You get HDR10+ on Samsungs at the moment, and probably other brands in the future.

      This has HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

      HDR10+ content is only on Amazon Prime Video at the moment.

    • HDR is the basic HDR All HDR sets have this.

      Dolby Vision is the premium HDR, not all sets have this.

      HDR10+ is Samsung’s opposition to Dolby Vision (ala Bluray vs HDDVD).

      Time will tell if DV or 10+ will be the clear victor, but no sets support both.

      • any true HDR100 ?

        HDR10 sounds like fake HDR

    • +1

      Read specs

  • +1

    Just bought one. Thanks

    • +14

      I am amazed people have a lazy $4k lying around to buy a tv posted on ozbargain. Good luck with your purchase.

      • +1


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        Living with your parents help.

        • +1

          Having a job and not being a bludger helps too. (not having a go at Clear). Most people who work full time could afford a $4,000 TV.

        • +1

          @jelko: For once you say something I agree with!! Living with parents while working full time is how I built up the coin for a house.

        • @jelko: most people don't have the common sense not to waste four thousand dollars on something they do not need?

      • +3

        If I can persuade my wife on the size, I'll be getting this.

        I have a long planned upgrade for a home theatre room to last the next 7-10 years.

        It's not casual cash lying around, but I've been checking prices on TVs looking for a good deal.

        So not a lazy $4k, but a budgeted item.

        • It ain't a theatre unless it's 100+ inches.

          Get a projector, it gives you that Cinema feel that a TV hanging on the wall just won't.

        • @XeKToReX:

          While I accept the arguments for projectors, a 75" screen fits the room.

          Given the layout of the room, a projector would at most give me 85".

          I'll get a decent AR receiver and speakers.

          There will always be better, this is far superior to the 42" we currently have.

        • Get a projector for similar price

        • Im looking at at deal for a 75” on a screen that’s 120”

        • @asa79: I've got a projector and a 90" screen. I'll gladly replace it with a 75" HDR tv when they're affordable.

          Reasons? Noise and heat.

        • @t3chshopper:
          Noise. Damn, It might be the only reason I would ever want to reconsider switching to TV.

        • @Dex38313:

          If this is inside a room (and not in lounge), consider buying some Black Triple Velvet from Spotlight and Hang it ceiling and sides. I pasted the fabric on a 240cm * 120 cm * 5cm Polystyrene Sheet and slapped on ceiling with Drywall Anchors. Man, I can't stop watching movies now.

        • +1

          @t3chshopper: Good projectors arent noisy, the fans are pretty quiet now days

        • @asa79: Yeah, mine's pretty darn quiet. But room size and screen placement mean that it's sitting directly overheard. Silent movie scenes make the projector easy to hear.

      • +1

        Lol. I don't have that money right now. But, I have 4K in my credit card. Too tempted. Hopefully people buy this out soon before I pull the trigger. I have 55' Samsung Full HD & a 100` Benq W1090 which both works perfectly fine. No way missus is going to accept this.

        • +4

          mate pull the trigger!! it's worth every 4k in your credit card.. your missus gonna love you for this.

        • No way missus is going to accept this.

          I doubt many missuses could accept 75"…

        • +1

          lol, me either. Not going to tempt fate with this purchase.

        • @RocketSwitch: wise choice

      • People havr 4k lying around is because of ozbargain… So much money saved… Buying this tv saved people 1.5k!

      • I'm not sure any money is lazy, it's called savings lol

      • Some people don't have kids.

  • Thanks. Was eyeing off one at the GG 10% off sale, but at still $5k i thought it was expensive.
    At $3999 though… can't go wrong for a FALD 75"!

    PS: New Sony TV's coming in/around October.

  • +2

    I currently have a Panasonic TH-P65VT30 that I got in 2011. Fantastic plasma, cant really fault it, but I want 75" and 4k. Is this Sony a worthwhile upgrade?

    • Go for it.

    • +1

      I can't speak for your current one, but this is the rtings review

    • +7

      As much as I love telling people to buy stuff, I wouldn't in this case unless you watch a lot of 4K and 75" is important.
      Quality isn't a big upgrade if any.. some would argue the best plasma of that time is only bettered by OLED

      • I do want to upgrade to a 4K blu ray player, and PS4 pro, HDR and gaming etc. The wall where the 65" is looking a bit too big…

        The 900F is the top range apart from the OLED range isn't it?

        • +3

          Yep, there used to be 9300/9400 but this year the next step is OLED.
          I'd say the main downgrades from your plasma are viewing angle, blacks, and motion blur. Plasma (or at least good ones like yours) still win on all those

          Upside: size, 4K, HDR, brightness, and I'm sure I'm missing a couple

          Edit: to be clear, I bought the 75" just now and I think it's a killer deal, but it's not as clear cut if I had a great 65 plasma

        • +1

          Thanks for your input, you've made me reconsider holding onto the Panasonic for a bit longer. Might go and have a look in store again and see if it blows me away. The sale appears to be on until Sunday the 26th 11:59pm, so I'll mull it over.

          Thanks again.

      • +1

        This. The only worthy replacement for my 50" Panasonic ST60 will be an OLED screen. 4k is irrelevant at the moment, as NBN is not coming to my neck of the woods any time soon, and even if it was available now, the vast majority of the content available today is not in 4k.

        • Plenty of 4k Blu Rays out there if you're into movies! Regular cheap deals too. But I guess if you're streaming TV more than you watch movies, 4k might be irrelevant for you.

        • @ryan1jz: Movies are definitely a priority for me over other content, but I don’t consider 4K blu-ray disks a good investment, as I hardly ever watch a movie more than once.

    • No. I suggest you wait for the 2018 75" Panny to drop to around $3,500.

      • Their top range is $6,499, I don't see that one dropping to $3,500 any time soon, whereas the Sony in this deal is the top of their LED range. Championed by their OLED and the Z9F which will be considerably more expensive.

        Decisions decisions…

        • +1

          Thank you. However, I was referring to the Panasonic TH75FX780A (from their Premium 4K LED range), which I noticed is now reduced to $3,692 delivered from Appliance Central's eBay store.

        • I'm checking the Panasonic website, and using the compare function, and the only difference seems to be is that the EX model is 3D, seems odd that 3D alone would add $1,100 to the rrp!

  • +1

    Cheers TA, great deal.. glad I forgot to jump on the GG delay from yesterday

  • +11

    I couldn't wait to go try GG JB HN, so I jumped on this about 15 mins ago. Midway thru messaging the wife whether I should consider buying it, she got a popup on my ipad she was using saying a paypal order of $3999 went thru.

    Its going to be a real shock going from 55" to 75". Gotta get a shield next.

    • Ah, the ol' buy now, ask questions later technique.

      • +4

        It's easier to ask forgiveness than get permission!

      • Technically it was ask the question, and buy while waiting for the response.

    • an Nvidia Shield, or a shield for your wife?

      • An NVidia Shield, but then it looks like it could take a beating.

    • Love my Shield, BUT it has certain issues regarding colour spacing and upscaling. (Actually, just googled, looks like the colour spacing issue might be fixed in Oreo).

      Recently got an x930e and an Apple TV 4K to pair with it and to be honest I think this is a better option (also doesn’t hurt that it is the only box to support both Dolby Vision and Atmos.)

  • Thank you. Bought one. Now I have to tell my wife why we needed it….

  • +1

    Purchased. Was debating 65" OLED or this 75" but this seem to have made the decision for me… Should be ~$3750 after cashback

  • +2

    I get excited whenever I see a deal posted by tightarse.

  • +1

    Bing lee 3 day deal $3999

    • Gerry will match and jb will match tgg said may be no
      And Costco don’t sell it yes just rang docklands

    • 7% cashback on this

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