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Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD 256GB $89.60 Delivered @ Shopping Square eBay

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  • How bad would this be for a permanent storage option in an old laptop? Stupid question I know but it's an old 2012 MacBook Air and as far as I know you can't just plop any SSD in there and the ones you can plop are expensive as golden dogshit so I have to ask this question.

    • This is an SD card not an ssd?

      • I know. I'm asking if the SD card CAN be used as permanent storage like an SSD. Just for documents etc.

        • You can use it as a storage device, however read/write speeds will be a lot slower compared to an ssd. I would advise going for the ssd if possible

        • You can, but most people wouldn't. There are adapters designed for mSD cards to fit flush into MacBook devices.
          If you needed to, make sure you keep the data backed up (as you should any way), as any kind of flash storage can fail without warning. Ideally keep the documents synced to a cloud storage provider or a NAS or something.

    • Perfect for media, documents and the like (though, keep important documents backed up to the cloud/elsewhere as SD's are more prone to failure).

      Wouldn't recommend as a game/program drive since the 2012 MacBook Air's SD slot runs at USB 2.0 speeds (much slower than the card can handle).

    • These 256 Plus (not +) cards are the BEST you can buy for this application. They are still slower than an SSD, but have sustained read and write speeds above 80MB/s.

    • I tried running Windows 10 from it using USB 3.0 card reader. Not much faster than USB HDD. Sometimes feel slower. Not worth the time and money especially when you can pick up 240GB SSD for about $50.

      • 240GB for $50? Show me.

        • Kingston A400 have been selling for around $50 during the eBay sales. Similar prices to the WD green SSD but faster.


          Just search Kingston A400 in the ozbargain search window and you will see that they are regularly on special for around $50 for 240GB version.

    • I upgraded my 2012 air with Transcend Jetdrive 520. Not cheap but worth it. SD card slot on 2012 air is very slow.

  • +1

    It will work fine! Just won't be ultra fast read/write but I don't think that matters with documents….

  • Getting cheaper :)

  • Good for my switch that I'm going to hack?

    • yea, I'm in the same boat.

    • +1

      Yes, these are good for Switch. Bought one for mine!

    • hack?

      • I bought the mario maker one from prior TGG deal, it has a hardware vulnerability Nintendo can never patch, but the new switches have been fixed.
        I'll make a separate Nintendo ID for it and once the heck is more mature I'll hack it (like jailbreaking a phone) so I can play 'backups' of games without needing the cartridge.

    • Yep. Will work just fine.

      Assuming you're going to be running coughbackupscough with your Switch, you might want to grab a couple of them or hold off a little longer until the 400GB and 512GB cards come down in price. The ROMs aren't getting any smaller.

  • +1

    Fxxxk, just bought three of them and they continuing to drop them down! What’s going on

    • +1

      I know right! Bought 1 like 2 weeks ago and now it's heaps cheaper

    • Suggestion was there was oversupply in the NAND market, meaning price cuts through into next year. Obviously take with a pinch of salt, but if you don't need it now it's probably worth waiting.

  • Thanks. Bought one for the Switch.

  • Why is the Evo (non plus) version more expensive?

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