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[VIC] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 133.9c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Port Melbourne


Just thought I would check fuel prices using my 7-ELEVEN app, and the Port Melbourne store returned me a price of 133.9 cents per litre for SUPREME +98 - currently trending at about 158.9 at other stores. So if you are in the area, and use 98 RON fuel make sure you lock in for redemption wherever you like! =:o)

I am pretty sure this is a price error - fuel is the same price as regular unleaded, so make sure you get it while it lasts!!

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  • Does the android trick still work? Got a sharp aquos to use this but 7 11 app detected location

  • Yep works for me. Thanks for that! need extra kw's for my yaris

  • Awesome find and super cheap, locked in baby!

  • Thanks for posting!

  • so if my car's tank has ULP, can i add this on top?

    also if its empty, are there any benefits of using higher octane?

    • Yes. If your car uses 91 RON then you can upgrade to 95 or 98, without any problems whatsoever.

      There are benefits, you will likely get higher milage between 0-10% higher based on many factors.

      Also the 98 RON is marketed as having higher quality additives that are designed to cleam your fuel system. (Note, additives are highly regulated in Australia anyway and there isn’t anything low quality about any fuel sold in this country).

    • so if my car's tank has ULP, can i add this on top?


      also if its empty, are there any benefits of using higher octane?

      It depends on your car. At best it may increase performance/economy slightly (if the engine adjusts the timings accordingly). At worst it will be exactly the same as 91 RON.

      edit: already answered by guidedlight

    • depends on car, my 20 yrs old bmw will sense how the fuel burns and adjust timing and the air fuel ratio to optimise if i run it on 98 octane …..many newer cars will do this also.

  • I'm in Toorak not port Melbourne, how do I get around location on ios?

  • awesome. i don't even need to teleport to lock one in

  • Supreme making its move into fuel. These hypebeasts will seriously buy anything that has superficial supply constraints.

  • Don’t you have the BP offer on Amex? I just filled up ULP 98 for 112.49c/100L.

  • I locked in a similar error(?) price a couple of weeks ago at Northmead NSW for a 20c/litre discount at 7 eleven.

    I don't think it's deliberate but ever since I will randomly do a price check in different areas. I haven't seen it again and this is the only other time I've heard of it happening. Next time I'll post to OzB!

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    Ok thanks. I'll drive from Sydney now.

  • Thanks OP - I'm taking a jet flight from Sydney to Port Melbourne now!

  • I've never used this 7-11 app before but I'm trying to "lock in" the price and it's asking me how many litres I want to buy and I need to add a credit card?

    I thought it was just a matter of locking it in and then paying for however much you pump?

    • Unfortunately not. You have to lock in a certain amount of litres. I normally just lock in my fuel tank's capacity (45L).

      If you locked in 30L and filled up 40L, you'd pay the price on the bowser for the extra 10L.

    • you have to put money in the app for it to allow you to lock.
      itll only allow you to lock as much as money you have, but you don't have to pay with the app

    • You have to add credit to your 7-eleven account before you can lock in a price. The amount of credit determines the amount of locked in price fuel you can buy.
      You can either use your 7-eleven credit or any other payment method when you actually purchase the fuel.

      • Thanks guys, yeah not quite as straight forward as I thought.

        I guess that's how they lock in the "sale" if they've already got your money once you "lock-in" the price.

        • no - that's not necessary. Even if you lock in, you dont have to buy.

        • @superm86:

          Yeah I know, but they still have $80-120 (depending on your tank size) of your money hostage… So even better for them lol they've got your money and they gave you nothing!

        • It is a textbook fuel "hedge" so you need to put your hard-earned up to secure your position.
          The advantage is you're not bound to buy if the market moves against you.
          Disadvantage is, obviously, they sit on your money.
          You can use your loaded credit to pay for the fuel, or just leave the credit in there and pay another way.

        • @exxonsign:

          First time user as well.

          What happens in the situation where I've locked in $70 today and only manage to use $50 before the expiry on the 3rd?

          I see they've frozen the money on my cc, but I guess it's only ever a hold?

        • @csider: The money taken out of your credit card is not a hold. It works in a similar way to topping up a public transport card (myki/opal). The $70 will go on the 7-eleven card balance, if you use $50 on fuel, there will be $20 left on it to spend at 7-eleven in the future.

        • @csider: Like Melb. Guy says above, it sits as a balance on your 7-11 app or "card". To be clear, there are two different ways you can pay for the fuel after you have filled up.
          The way it works is that when you lock a price (up to the money value of your deposit balance), the app will display a barcode. Once you get to the pump, you just fill up as normal. When you go inside to pay, you need to have the cashier scan the barcode appearing in the app on your phone. This will apply the discount and adjust the price of the fuel that they have just rung up. The "price lock" part of the transaction is now done.
          Then, you need to pay for the fuel, and you can either pay as you normally would - by cash/card - or you can pay with the deposited balance of your 7-11 app, which entails telling them to charge your app balance.
          If you charge the app balance, it is just like paying with a gift card. Your app balance will reduce by the amount charged.
          As I understand it, you can put in any amount of fuel, but the discount will only apply for quantities up to the amount you price locked. Once you use the barcode (for any amount of fuel, even $1), it goes away.

        • @csider:

          What happens in the situation where I've locked in $70 today and only manage to use $50 before the expiry on the 3rd?

          The fuel lock expires once you use it. If you lock in $70 and find you only need $20 to fill the tank you don't get to keep the $50 remaining locked in, it just expires. I've chucked $90 in my account since that's the max I need to fill the tank on a bad day so the whole amount is covered by whatever I can lock-in. Previously only had $50 on my 7-11 locks so when I had to fill $80 worth of fuel $30 of it wasn't at the discount rate :(

        • @Agret:

          I was more concerned in the situation where i locked in $70 and i only use $40 for fuel but they end up "stealing" my $30. B

          But by all accounts, money is never taken out of your cc when you lock in, simply put on hold.

      • Couple other things. It's single use only and has to be used within 7 days of locking in.

    • You need to have equivalent $s loaded onto the 7/11 app card to lock in that many Litres.

  • Any gps tricks for iphone?

  • Great, thanks!
    Was able to scan from where I'm working in the CBD :)

  • I just got an email from woolworths/caltex for up to 18 cents off per litre and the bpme offer for 25% off, plus this one. Need to get out the calculator to work out which one is best.

    Anyone know how to work out when I need to use my credit by? Not sure how long it has been since I loaded it.

    • 7/11 App shows you expiry date of voucher.

      • not the voucher, I know that lasts for one week, I am asking about the credit I put on my account since I always pay instore with my amex and not with the app.

    • the BP me one wins hand out, even with U98 at the top of the cycle now (1.73c/L) it still works out to be roughly 1.30 if you manage to just fill up $40. The only issue is rinse and repeat which is a PIT with such buggy app (and multiple amex of course)

  • Anyone know who supplies fuel to 7-11?

  • just locked in 44 litres, then realised that the lock-in voucher is only available for one use? was hoping to fill up my car and motorbike. i guess i'll have to get the missus to follow me to our nearest 7 eleven petrol station in the car. what a pain, though!

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      Make two accounts… it's actually more efficient since you can always cycle thru locks. Or when this opportunity (really cheap U98/5) arrives you double lock the price.
      Hence you never FOMO a lock thinking there'll be a cheaper price drop.

    • Bring a jerry can