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Quilton 3 Ply Softness Toilet Tissue 36 Pack $14 @ Coles


This deal is back again. Starts from this Wednesday.

39¢ per roll.
$0.22 per 100 sheets

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    Isn't it the everyday price in bigw?

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    This goes well with THIS. (Don't forget to read the reviews.)

    • How and why?
      Actually.. I don't even want to know lol

    • Buy for the office…

    • This reminded me, what happened to the sour cola bottles? you can't find them anywhere anymore!

  • Full size or minis?

  • This is toilet paper for kings

  • This vs Kleenex Cottonelle?

    • +3

      Kleenex is one ply crap. With Quilton you only have to use 1-2 sheets whereas minimum 3 for Kleenex if you don't want it to tear.

      • +2

        1-2 sheets per wipe? I think I’m using my TP wrong as I definitely use up a lot more than that.

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  • For $14 you can get 2 sorbent 20 packs (40 rolls) at Woolworths.

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    22c per 100 sheets is not a deal. I'd start calling it a deal when it dips to 19c per 100 sheets.

      • There will be no more toilet paper gates, I'm afraid.

      • Epic deal!

    • Exactly. It was $10 for this 36 pack at Woollies not too long ago.

  • Awww, SHIT….!

  • +1

    Holey Sheet!

    • That's the Kleenex ;)

  • the founder of Quilton just passed away

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