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Chicken 'n' Cheese Burger $1 or $1.50 (for Some) @ McDonald's via MyMaccas App


New offer on the app. Chicken 'n' Cheese burger for $1.50.

Not sure if targeted

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  • +1

    $1 in my app!

    • Lucky you.

    • What! Mine is $1.50! :(

      • +10

        What, your app works.

        Lucky you.

        • Spoiler: I've been working on a alternative client for the mcdonalds offers
          It works, and their app is actually so bad it hurts to look at even from a programming perspective

          Only got far enough that it spat out offer codes today, which is why the photo looks pretty bad

          And mine was $1.50 too :(

        • @Iwakura: I'd love this when you are done! The app is painful to use and sometimes I just want a free burger, hahaha.

      • It doesn’t show on my app :(

  • My offer is for $1

  • +1

    Is it a chicken patty or is it Brest fillit like kfc

    • patty

      • +8

        It's not a brest filit?

      • -1

        So not real chicken then

      • -1

        Is it the same as the McChicken patty/whatever?

  • Mine is $1.50, I wonder why. Melbourne VIC btw

    • I am in Melbourne too.

      • Bla

    • +6

      because MyMaccas has access to your MyGov.

      • +2

        should have access to MyHealth. Docs need to know how much maccas youve eaten to know when to schedule coronary bypass op

  • I'm in Adelaide, SA, and it's $1.50 for me.

    • $1 here in Adelaide.

      • -1

        Me toooo

  • are you only allowed one burger or can u order more?

    • It's a one off.

  • Brisbane, $1.50 here

  • It's $3.50 on the Loose Change menu so it sounds like a deal if $1.

    Update: Mine's $1.50. X

  • Do they still have the $3 Mc Classic burgers?

    • Yep. Until tomorrow.

      • $3 burger is not available on my ap today.

  • +8

    I’m a simple man. I see chicken n cheese burger for $1 or $1.50 for some, I upvote

    • -8

      I’m a simple man. I contribute to the community and am invariably downvoted.

  • +3

    -slaps myself- why am I drawn to this rubbish. Maccaz must mix something on its meals to get us to crave this rubbish food from a young age, then carries on to adulthood :/ .
    Well, something to do with liking mcdonalds as children anyways. I know everything there is crap, yet still crave it when reminded such as this deal.

    • I think you’re missing self control.

      • Can 'crave' something, and still control ones self .
        I actually ended up settling on a quarter pounder. Partly because Im sure dont eat enough red meat in my diet (mostly chicken dishes) and also passed on the big mac which I was craving, due to the extra bread and carbs. Initially drove there today thinking of the chicken&cheese burger though. Bit frustrated that didn't come up as $1 on any of my accounts tbh.
        Any1 with several accounts, the chicken&cheese seems to come up on the more-used account

        • +1

          The $5 McOz meal is better value than just getting a Quarter Pounder. And you can turn it into a pseudo-Quarter Pounder by removing the beetroot and tomato and adding pickles for no extra cost. Use the App and you can have this deal at any time.

    • yeah its called MSG aka flavour enhancer 621, which makes you crave more….

  • $1 for me too :)

  • This is like the best food to have after a night of drinking. Getting your deso or uber to pick up a few of these.

  • is it repeatable or a one time offer like the 3$ burger previously?

    • One time like all of these Maccas offers

  • Mine is $1.50 :/

  • Yep. Paying 50% more like most others at $1.50 ;)

    In Vic.

    Patties are terrible. Often dry and hard. Needs more mayo or something!

    But at $1.50…

    • Often dry and hard. Needs more mayo or something!

      Hmmm ok.

  • +2

    I don't have it at all.

    • nor do I (VIC)

      • Nor do I (VIC)

        • Nor do I (NSW)

        • @lbft: Nor do I (Vic)

        • @sween64:
          Nor do I (Mars)

        • did y'all look under 'my rewards' its not in the menu. Still not there, then force stop the app, clear cache & restart your phone & app…

        • @iluvpizza: Yes I looked under my rewards.

        • @sween64: make a new account and see if it pops up

    • in SA btw

  • +1

    I don't have it at all.

  • $1 here in Bris

  • -1

    I got $1.5 and don't worry I am not going to neg the deal.

    • +2

      I had one about 45 minutes ago and have not spewed. Feeling great.

      • I'm very happy for you :).

        But unlike Macca's, KFC's burgers are actually 100% chicken breast.
        The "chicken" in the Chicken and Cheese burger from Macca's is only called chicken because of the ground up parts that make the patty are from chicken…. with a lot of filler/bread as well.

        And the thought of putting that in my mouth makes me feel ill.
        I'll happily chow down on a KFC burger though. Because its actual real breast chicken. Not ground up to a pulp and shaped like a patty, real chicken.

        Big difference.

        • I'm very happy for you and your KFC burger :)

  • $3.50 at my local! :(

    • Have you looked in the rewards section of the Maccas app?

  • In Syd, don't have it.

  • +1

    Don't have it. Got $1 hashbrowns instead.

  • $1.50 for me in Perth

  • $1.50 in WA.

    Though, normal cheeseburgers are much better.. ;)

  • 1.50 and munch munch gone :p QLD

  • I am seeing it at $3.50 in Sydney

  • Neither in my app, but instead I have a $1 hashbrown.

  • $3.50 Central Coast, NSW :(

  • $1.50 Sydney, NSW :(

  • -1

    I will now lodge a complaint to McDonald and if they make it hard, I'll go to Fair Trading.
    Money is money; 50c is 50c.

    • +2

      … and
      5c is 5c.
      10c is 10c.
      20c is 20c.

      and so on.

    • +1

      Fair trading bwahaha

      Be a man


      • I am doing the right thing.

  • +1

    I can have one everyday, the price is rly good

  • Back in my day these were only $2. Same with chicken n mayo, best value for a poor school kid.

  • Back in my day Ronald McDonald did fire commercials on TV stating “Get down low and Go Go Go” :)

  • Is it just me, or I can't find it in the app?

    • no same here i had to search chicken and it was $3.50

    • If it’s not in the rewards then you don’t have it

  • $1.5 at Sydney

  • The app has so many bugs, but yet they try and be fancy and give people different offer.

    Everyone should have the same offer at the same price! ($1) :@

  • i quite liked it. paired with the $1 large fries for lunch :)

  • Just had the burger for $1.50, was not worth it. Tasted like a big chicken nugget with bread and cheese. The $5 KFC nugget deal is better.

  • Monopoly app is out. Too busy to post.

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