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Allocacoc PowerCube 1.5m with 5 Power Outlets - Green (5300/AUEXPCGRN) $15 Delivered @ Kogan


With a 1.5 metre extension cord and 5 power outlets neatly packed into a cube, the PowerCube is the ideal power solution for your home or office.

Enjoy enough outlets for all your appliances
Mount your PowerCube on the underside of your desk or on the wall
Eliminate clutter and manage power cords
Perfect for the home or in the office, the Allocacoc PowerCube with 5 Outlets is the ultimate power solution. The PowerCube can be mounted on the wall or on the underside of your desk, so you no longer have to crawl along the floor to plug in your devices.

Taking up 70% less space than the traditional 4 outlet power board, the PowerCube is the perfect, compact solution for managing your power cords.


5 power outlets
1.5 metre extension cord
Mounting dock included

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  • +8

    …and 5 power outlets neatly packed into a cube…

    It'll be anything but neat once it has a couple of things plugged in.

    Eliminate clutter and manage power cords

    Should read "Scatter power cords in five directions"

    The PowerCube can be mounted on the wall or on the underside of your desk..

    How can you mount this and yet still have access to all five sides of the cube with an outlet?

    …so you no longer have to crawl along the floor to plug in your devices.

    If it's under a desk, then you kinda need to get down on to the floor to reach it anyway, right?

    • +5

      You have very strong thoughts about power boards.

      I think the idea is that it goes on top of the desk and you drill a hole which the power cable goes through. I like mine.

      • +1

        You have very strong thoughts about power boards.

        You're right, I do, but this isn't a power board, it's a cube.

        The way you describe makes the most sense - strange it's not mentioned in the spiel.

    • it's supposed sit on top of cable duct hole of your office desk

      • Not according to the sales blurb!

    • I had one and it was really good for travel as it took up less space in luggage and had USB ports. It also stuck to the side of my nightstand nicely so I didn't have to plug my phone in on the floor etc. They're pretty good in certain situations. (Note THIS model doesn't have USB ports)

  • +1

    Thanks for posting OP but I see no mention of surge protection.

    • +2

      I've purchase the PowerCube from the previous deal and the packaging does mention Surge Protector

      • Thanks. I couldn't see that on the product page. Does a little red light signify surge protection while in use?

        • +1

          No idea…as you can see it still in the package.

          OzBargain Logic: Buy now, think later haha.

        • @RichardL: Fair enough, but without such a light I don't know how one can tell whether surge protection has ceased.

        • there is no (annoying) red light showing

        • +1

          @PJC: You can check with a kitchen knife..

        • +1

          @PJC: Here's a screen grab from a youtube review of the USB version of the cube that I found.

          It shows the rear panel of the cube - does't appear to have a light but the power-surge reset switch is inside that recess. I think you know the surge protector has kicked it because everything stops working.

        • +1

          @dm01: Thanks but it's my understanding the reset fuse gets the cube/board working again after there has been an overload. Normally, surge protection ceases after the varistor has sacrificed itself to block a surge. You then still have a working power boar4d but no protection for the next surge. On the three occasions I experienced a surge I binned mine and replaced with a new surge protected power board .

  • +5

    Also available for the same price in:

  • +5

    These make really handy travel adapters. Although I find the version with one less outlet and 2x USB to be more flexible. I carried one of this model around the world for years without issue, before switching to the version with the USB ports which has been just as reliable.

    • How does it go with bulky wall warts?

      • If you mean the travel adapters, I use the USB version of the PowerCube with a Skross travel adapter (that also has 2 USB ports), without any issues. It gives me 4x USB charging ports, and 4 outlets.. which is generally enough for everything I'm travelling with to be charged at once.

  • no USB is not good enough

  • Yeah I have the USB port one too - if I'm travelling without too many devices I just use this. If I am needing additional USB ports then I also carry my Tronsmart 5 port USB charger to plug into the cube.

    • Does the USB without quickcharge bother you?

      • +1

        No - most of the time leaving it charged overnight anyway so time taken to charge is a moot point.

        If I think I need quick charging on the trip (which only works with my phone) I'll use my Samsung official charger and plug it into the cube

        But even then, if I have a hire car I have a quick charge 4 port USB charger for the car, and always carry a portable battery with me too.

  • +1

    $25 delivered for USB version

    Bunnings is selling a copy cat as well (1 less outlet) for $20

  • how do u get $15 delivered
    it shows 7.95 delivery fee

    • The free shipping offer appears to have expired.

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