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Kogan Mobile Data Upgrades on Plan (16GB Now 17GB, 23GB Now 32GB)


Woke up this morning and it appears as my 16gb plan has been upgraded to 17gb. 23GB plan has been upgraded to 32GB. Other plans (3gb and 7gb) appear to not have received an upgrade.

For new customers
Kogan Mobile Buy 1 Get 1 Free 365 Day Prepaid Plans - 17GB Data $399.90 ($16.66/User/Month) | 32GB Data $529.90

For existing customers
Up to 40% off Unlimited Prepaid 90/365 Day SIM Plans @ Kogan Mobile

Note: Existing customers on the 23GB plan will have to wait a while to get the upgrade. Thanks Blue2609

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        • @dust: shrug. I literally copied and pasted from the voucher email from the B1G1F deal.

        • @dust:

          Oh so if you buy a buy one get one free you can apply it to an already existing account? (I thought it said the buy one get one free was only for new users?)

          Should be fine. Do note that if you apply the voucher before your previous prepaid plan is over that it will overwrite it and you will lose all remaining days left. If the voucher is for a plan that is of higher data allowance (ie an upgrade from your current plan) you can get a pro-rata refund by means of kogan credit of the remaining days.

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          I just rang up kogan mobile, the two vouchers from BOGOF that you receive will not activate on existing kogan service as a recharge. it is only valid if the phone number is not listed under kogan accounts. so its either a churn in from another provider or a new number.

    • Recharges don’t stack like Lebara, so it would overwrite the expiry date.

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    Pity the Small plans are not updated as often.

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    (profanity) all others jerks greedy mobile companies!

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    People in Melbourne are lucky that they can get 4g from within their houses.

    In Sydney, where there are much hillier regions, you'd be lucky to have any reception at all on any carrier.

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    Really really great deal, can't believe I now have an extra gigabyte to play with. Will really assist in making the 40 minute bus ride home to Baulkham Hills less dreary! Excellent marketing strategy by Kogan, I wouldnt be surprised if we saw their share price skyrocket. Thanks Adrenaline127! Very cool!😋😋😋

  • Can we receive SMS on a Kogan mobile overseas?

    • no, Kogan mobile doesn't support roaming.

  • Anyone in Sydney want to split a 23gb voucher?


  • I'm currently on the Large plan now (17gb), and still got 3 months to go before the yearly expires. If I want to upgrade now and buy the yearly to the XLarge 32gb, does that mean I give up on the 3 months that I have left?

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      If you recharge with another code, yes you give up the remaining time you have left.

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      if you contact support, they will refund you the unused portion when you upgrade. many ozb users inc me have done this

  • The other prepaid plans (eg. small, medium) did receive some very small upgrades in GBs earlier this year though. Many new customers, like us, took advantage of the fantastic "new accounts" 365 day deals that were offered last Christmas. I personally bought into with the 2 for 1 offer (medium) and shared with another OzBargainer! We are all waiting to see what will be offered when it comes to renewing our prepaid plans. As we transferred from Vodafone (We have 3 accounts: Small, Medium & Large) have found no issues with the service at all … unlike Telstra, Belong, Optus seem to have been having. We will possibly renew with Kogan Mobile.

  • just in time. I'm about to activate my 23 GB deal

    • Which is now gonna be 32GB! Woohoo

  • The buy one get one free deal vouchers have an expiry of 04/10/2018 in case anyone was also searching for it!

  • Until when must we activate the SIM if I get the BOGOF deal?

    • Refer to the BOGOF post

    • From the website: "After purchasing a buy one get one free offer, customers will be sent two 365 day Kogan Mobile vouchers via email for their chosen plan. Vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEST on 04/10/2018. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Only one voucher can be used per activation"

  • Me and my mate purchased the buy one get one free 12 month 23GB last week. Have not activated yet (still waiting for SIM).

    Will we also get 32GB now?

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    Just got a text saying my 23gb is now 32gb. Giddy up.

  • I need to renew my 365 day plan in 1 month. I see they are 40% off at the moment, if I renew now will it just add a extra year or start a new year now costing me a month?

    Also anyone know where I might be able to buy a voucher? I can't see any on ebay. Do the gift cards from woolworths work with Kogan Mobile?

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      I think you can buy the plan now and you have xx days to activate it.

  • Any good deals for a small plan with under 2GB per month?

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      Belong $10/month

  • So you have to get txt to know it's gone from 23 GB to 32GB????
    I got an email and just deleted without reading…..
    Edit: Just reviewed email and got upgraded!!!!

    Anyone know how to set data limit to days not a date on pixel 2 XL? Currently using 3rd party app!

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    mine still says 23GB . Do you have to wait til next 30 day cycle for it to apply?

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      Mines the same but usually it changes straight away.
      Give it a day or so.

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      My cycle restarted today but it’s still showing 23GB. Maybe they haven’t turned it on yet.

  • Are any of Kogan's voucher codes stackable straight up? Or do you need to wait until your renewal date to add them?

    • Recharge vouchers don’t stack.

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    Wow just received the extra 9gb on this month's cycle with 2 days remaining! I had just used 100% of data last night! Now showing 72% used. Thought it would start on the next cycle, awesome service from Kogan!

  • Just got a text message saying I've used 50% of my data (last night it was ~70%). Logged in to check my account, and boom, 9GB has been added! Thanks Kogan!!! :D

  • Can confirm my 23GB was upgraded to 32GB without lifting a finger. Well done Kogan ! Just ended my argument with myself about wired NBN. As I'm running 2 sims, 64Gb is enough for my needs.

  • 32GB Mobile data for $44/mth.
    With buy 1 get one free thats only $22/mth….OMG!
    Wont be long before they are offering UNLIMITED mobile data at this price

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    Got ours!

    <3 KOGAN

  • Large still Two t shirt sizes down from telstra's similar nomenclature. 9 months gets a paltry 6% boost. So that was a wasted opportunity.

  • Can anyone clarify how this works? Are we talking 32GB split between 2 seperate accounts or is it 64GB all up and the data pool can be shared (this would make it a great deal for me)?

    Is it separately billed between the 2 accounts or does the one fee cover both?

    Can the data be pooled if that's your preference?


    • +3

      You get two separate 32GB plans. They are not shared and cannot be pooled. It's BOGOF prepaid at the point of sale so there's no point talking about them being separately billed (nothing's stopping you from recharging, paying for extras, etc. using the same payment method on both accounts after you sign up though). You have two separate mobile numbers that are managed independently (Kogan doesn't have any kind of "My account" service that aggregates several numbers under a single login - at least none that I know of).

      • Thanks.

        Still that's 64GB for $44 a month, not sure I can go past that.

        Anyone know when this deal expires?

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    Down speed 251mbps Upload speed 52 mbps.
    Kogan is da mvp

  • I suddenly couldn't get any reception this morning on Kogan in Canberra, anyone have the same issue? I have 4g but no calls

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      Have you tried to turn it off and on again?

  • Does anyone know the process of upgrading Kogan plans? I was previously on the 16GB (now 17GB) plan and that was great, I used to use around 10GB/month so I figured I could drop back to the 7GB plan and change my habits to fit. Turns out I need the 17GB plan :)

    I paid $164 for 7GB 12 months, is there a cheap upgrade path, ie paying the difference of the 17GB plan at a time that deal is running? I think it was another $50 odd.

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    Bang, checked my usage today and I've got 20GB from 17GB up from initial 16GB plan.

    Anyone know if this is permanent?

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    I got a free upgrade today from 7 to 10 GB. However, I just received a message from Kogan which says "It's Kogan Mobile's 3rd Birthday! To celebrate we've added 3GB of FREE bonus data to your account. Bonus data expires when your current 30-day cycle ends. Enjoy".

    This means the upgrade is temporary.

  • After the birthday special last month, my medium plan went from 7gb to 8gb. I hope this is permanent.

    • Mine didn't :(

      Maybe you're on your last month? Usually it's slightly more

    • It seems like the medium plan is 13gb now. Hopefully it filters through for existing customers. Mine is still 7GB though.

      Edit: Found answer

  • The top of the tier plan now appears to include 40GB.. well that's almost getting ridiculous now!

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