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(Official International Version) Xiaomi Mi TV Box US $52.99 (~AU $72.50) Free Delivery @GearBest


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Starts 03/09/2018 at 0700 utc 5pm local For the (Official International Version) Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Android TV box supports Bluetooth voice remote control
You can catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or switch to radio.
Mi box also supports Google Cast.

Main Features:

● It runs on the latest Android TV 6.0 which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time, it can upgrade to Android Oreo through an update.
● A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
● A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
● HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
● HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
● It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.

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  • Great product, but there’s an issue with this mibox for a long time. After a while it’s put in sleep from the remote, it won’t wake up from the remote. I can only unplug and replug the power cord, none of the methods I saw online worked (smashing the back or/and home button(s))

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      Here is the workaround which works flawlessly:

      Install the app called "Gallery and Screensaver"
      Open the app and choose "Arieal videos" as your Photo sources.
      Then go to Settings of MiBox and select Backdrop
      Change the backdrop to "Gallery and Screensaver"
      Also increase the Inactivity time to the max.

      This should resolve it (i.e. the box will never go to sleep)

      • Thanks. Mine doesn't go to sleep unless I put it in sleep from the remote, judging from the white led on the box.
        Are you saying this method will work with the remote 'sleep/off' button? If yes, I'll give it a go tonight.


          No sorry, this method is only if you would like your MiBox to stay ON 24x7. Mine used to go into sleep after a short duration of Inactivity and I couldn't cast through Chromecast without having to wake it up first. So now I use this workaround so my MiBox is always ON.

    • Yup, 2nd that. really annoying. sometimes you can wake up from the remote, but more often it doesn't work. otherwise great box.

    • I don't have that problem, or only rarely.
      But there are others.
      e.g. Netflix picture freezes sometimes while audio continues.

      Vodafone TV is better, though double the price now.

    • Try a factory reset (you'll need to reinstall your apps and reconfigure a few of them).

      • um. really? Everything is working fine though, except the sleep on my remote.
        What factory reset are you talking about - from recovery mode? What about upgrading it to Oreo after the reset?

        • You're not on Oreo already? To clarify, the recovery image is always the currently installed version, not the one the device shipped with.

          Additionally, is your box unresponsive to another remote or the Android TV app on your phone?

          If you haven't already updated to Oreo, do that and consider following up with a factory reset to purge depreciated settings data.

          If you have already updated and then run a factory reset, consider getting your hands on beta build 2179 of Oreo.

        • @jasswolf: just update it to 2179 and a reset, waiting on few hours to see the result.

  • Would this do screen casting (screen mirroring) for an iPhone ?

  • Great device I've been using mine all the time since getting it back in November last year.

  • Heard they have so many problems now since the last update and also you were forced to update the firmware :(
    was thinking to get this but i have to hold off getting one for now, but we'll see..
    P.S. I could be wrong but do your own research.

    • Yeah I have one my kodi use is ruined from the android 8 update. Iview is now choppy and movies freeze. Really ruined the device.

      • I reinstalled my kodi, it's working really fine. my only issue is power on the box from the remote.

  • i've got an nvidia shield for our main tv but can't justify another for the bedroom tv. this seems to be a slower cheaper shield - does plex run ok on it?

  • Newbie question, I have been using Google Chromecast and cast the laptop (off Chromecast extension) and phone apps to play stuff on TV. How is it compared to Google Chromecast?

    • you can sideload a lot more app in this one (referring to android tv box not mibox) and it's more convenient to use. Having said that, if all you need is chromecast then you don't need this :)

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  • Option to get AU plug would be the deal sealer. CBF messing around with adaptors.

  • Not sure if this is the place to ask and I might have to start a forum thread, but my inlaws' tvpad 4 needs urgent replacing or they might start coming by my place just to watch their c drama.

    What's the OzBargain Asian TV android box of choice?

  • does this come with AU adapter?