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15 % OFF all Mobile Phone Recharges @ Woolies


Hey Guys,

It's pretty straight forward 15% off ALL prepaid mobile recharges. Brands such as 3, Virgin, Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Everyday mobile, Amaysim, Boost mobile, Dodo mobile, GRL mobile, Just, GT mobile, Lyca mobile, Lebara and Go Talk mobile are all discounted at 15% off

limit of 5 and not available online

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  • I think Coles is doing the same also with 15% discount on recharge. I saw it at Coles checkout today, and if I am not mistaken, Coles 15% Off recharge deal will be expired on March 2nd, 2011.

    • Yep, just got one. 15% off.

      All the 4 usual carriers it seems.

  • Then Woolies must be copying Coles …(of course) Price wars

    • +1

      I have no idea who started first. But anyway, it is good for us ;-)

      • Not good for anyone that buys fuel. The price at the bowser is going up and up and up to cover this 'price war'.

  • Does that mean that Staff Discount = 10%+5%+5%=20%?

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      staff discount doesnt work for coles (not sure about woolies) - also, it doesnt work out to be 20% because it's 5% of the 85% if that makes any sense.

    • +1

      Not exactly 20%. It would be 5% off of the 15% off price so for a $100 recharge its $100-15%=$85-5%=$80.75.

      So pretty much close enough.

  • -3

    Woolworth = Boring copy cat from Coles

  • +3

    Yeh staff get an extra 5% off on top

    • yay for being an employee of a copy cat I guess :)

  • Is this deal permanent or today only? Has anyone found out yet?

    • I'd say it's copying Coles so for the week. It wouldn't be permanent.

      • +1

        Loving the competition :)

    • +1

      I've been into Woolies tonight here in Lismore NSW its the real deal, there are flyers posted up everwhere around the shop.

      Major Carriers -
      Everyday Mobile

      I didn't have a close look at fine print but this is confirmed. 15% off Recharges.

      But yeah no confirmation on the duration.

  • +1

    and the recharge voucher is valid for 2 years (Feb 2013 mine says, for telstra)

  • Quick heads up.
    Just got a Vodafone one and the expiry is on January 2013 so stock up while you can.

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