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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machines from $25 with $9.99 Delivery & Other Box Damage @ DeLonghi Official



We have a selection of of Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines from $25 each and $40 each which are on clearance, all new, unopened, might have slight mark on box.

Limited stock at these prices…

Other Deals:

Perfect for the summer / a gift:

Electric Barbeque Grill BG 500C - $67.60 Was $169.00 | Save 60%


Amazing offer on a never used dishwasher:

Factory Second: 60cm Freestanding White Dishwasher DEDW645W - $199.99 Was $949.00 | Save 79%


Factory Second: PrimaDonna Elite ECAM 650.75.MS - $999.00 Was $3,599.00 | Save 72%


Box Damaged Heating up to 55% off:


I will be working on other offers this week, and as always will post them on OZ bargain first.


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    Are these good deals?


    I personally think Dishwasher is not a bad deal.


      Won't be saying that when it packs up in 12 months. Delonghi are stupidly expensive for parts and cheaply made parts too.


    How about the factory second PrimaDonna? Listed as $999, everywhere I've looked it's $3K+ retail. Not exactly what I was looking for but my coffee machine died today, I am quite tempted to pull the trigger and live fancy for a change.


      It sure is tempting, or is the savings making it look more tempting?
      Keep in mind the 1 year warranty that applies to factory second coffee machines


          To be fair, that is a 650.55.MS. I am not 100% sure what the difference is but they are different models.

          Edit: Differences are: Larger screen size, hot chocolate function, long coffee function and water filter, and energy saving mode. Might or might not be worth 1.5K difference in price but this is half the price of the earlier model.

          Also while it is pre-discounts, it's $35 for shipping (to me) with TGG and free with Delonghi, so I suspect it would end up costing more than $2K rather than less, since the biggest discount code I have for ebay is $20 off.


          @trotsky: If you're not urgently in need of one, I'm sure there will be future Ebay sales i.e. 15-20% off that includes TGG. Even now there's the PENNY5 code which would make it $1935 delivered.

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          Sure, what I was trying to work out was whether $999 for the unit which normally retails at $3K was a good deal, obviously this then goes down the rabbit hole of other models and other potential future discounts and whatnot. From my research it seemed like a 66% discount in practice which is not bad.


        Keep in mind the 1 year warranty that applies to factory second coffee machines

        This is a good point.


    The Eclipse coffee maker. Great product. Now just ordered the electric bbq. I hope I'll be happy with this quality wise just as with the Eclipse.

    Any deals on coffee pods OP?


    Were these the same model as the ones that were available on Amazon a few months back?


    anyone recommend a good frother?
    tried the aldi frother which is anything but non stick
    the Aerocino and lavazza frothers at work are both better (and pricier)


    Waiting for the Dedica coffee machine to come back on sale. Any chance of this OP?