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Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Tracker US $17.05 (~AU $25.86) + Halloween SPL @ Dresslily

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    Some pretty weird shit you sellin there

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      What? You're telling me you don't want a climbing stand for your finger animal?

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        exactly! i feel so uncomfortable when my finger animal does not have a climbing stand it can climb on. it feels like i m missing something in life.

        • Your search is over at last.

    • How many Movement Support Climbing Stand for Finger Animals did you order? Oh, I see I'm a bit late.

  • Damn I read Dresssilly. Time to sleep.

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    I just threw my one of these in the bin the other day. I took it swimming and it stopped working.

    The 'smart' functions are not very good anyway. It can vibrate when you get a call, and when you get a text, or if you get a message on any number of about 15 social media apps that I've never used - but it couldn't vibrate when you got an email.

    It would randomly vibrate 10 times while I was wearing it. I never figured why.

    It only seemed to vibrate half the time anyway, and every time I opened the app it wasn't synced (still paired, just hadn't synced). The step counter was WILDLY inaccurate; I could roll out of bed, pull some clothes on and ride my motorcycle to work - and it thought I'd done 2000 steps.

    You can only set the time using the app, there's no way to set it on the watch itself. When it was disconnected from the phone it would lose minutes of time each day.

    The lume wasn't very good either.

    If you want a smart watch then you're probably better off with the xiaomi band. If you want a cheap watch, you're better off with one of the $12 quartz ones that come up here.

    • Is the Lenovo even designed from swimming? Probably not. I know the Mi Band 3 isn't and people have already broken theirs.

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        5ATM is OK for the shower and even a bath but for genuine swimming you are pushing your luck.

      • I wore my MiBand2 24/⅞ for 18 months including swimming and shower, still ticking.

      • Probably not. The point is, it wasn't very good at the things it was designed for, so, when it stopped working, I had no problem just throwing it out.

        FWIW, I used to wear a $12 casio which was only rated for 5ATM and wore it everywhere for years.

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      That's a lot of vibration, may be it wasn't designed for hand

      • Use the other hand, problem solved

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      Not rated for swimming, stoopid.

      It vibrates 10 times as a function to say "get off your arse and do something" which you can turn off in the settings.

      Didn't lose minutes for me, but the time setting thing is pretty bogus, "set what time it SHOWS, not what time you WANT IT to show."

      However, it sounds like you really didn't know what the Lenovo was meant to do and you broke it by misusing it - not really the watch's fault.

      • The sedentary remind was turned off, and it always vibrated while I was active.

        Basically, all the things it was supposed to do it either didn't do, or did badly. I'll take the blame for it getting water in it, although I still think it's on the fragile side for a 5ATM rated watch.

        I know what it was supposed to do, keep good time, give reminders, count steps. It didn't do any of those well.

    • Yeah the app is pretty crap, which kills the deal.

      But the watch itself looks nice, and for the price you're paying it's hard to complain.

      I wouldn't buy it for any of the smart functions or fitness tracking though.

  • As noted in other threads, performance of the Lenovo is mediocre and random as it has issues with the app.

  • Anyone used the mesee box? Not finding many reviews on it

  • The marked price and the discount code :)


  • If you don't like the bluetooth features can't you just use it as a normal watch?

    • I think so yes - however I just notice that it still uses a watch battery and the quoted lifespan isnt exactly great: 240 days.

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        Nope. No way to set time unless syncing to Bluetooth source.

        • can you just set it once then disconnect after that?

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          @voter1: You can.

          I've sold these and they are terrible.

          Out of the 2 I kept for myself, one loses around 1min a day, the other around 3m a day. If you don't sync to bluetooth, it adds up pretty quickly.

          I'm not sure why it struggles to keep time to be honest, one of the basic features of the watch.

          I'm looking at the watch I wore earlier in the week and the time is now 5:11pm, it says 4:55pm.

        • @MorriJ: If it worked properly - even solely as a watch - this would be a great price.

  • Had mine for about 3 months and found it practical and looked nice and sleek. Unfortunately the part that connects the band to watch face is flimsy and has broken off on me, and the side button has fallen on. Quality is sub-par. Maybe mine was a unlucky case, but I loved everything else about the watch, if only it was better quality!

  • How to get free delivery for this deal? Code works but there is a delivery fee.

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    I think I used mine for less than a week. I liked the style, but found the app kept crashing and it was not tracking anything. You don't know it crashes until you open the app to check your steps, and find it recorded 0 the whole time. Ended up going back to my Gear S2.

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