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Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones $418.22 + 2000 QFF Points (Presale, Dispatching 26/9) @ Qantas Store


Considering getting these and this seems to be cheapest price I could find for local stock. Pre - Sale, Dispatching 26/9

Product information
This premium headphone features Sony's industry leading Noise-Cancelling technology (3rd generation), ambient sound modes and a suite of custom settings via the Sony Headphones Connect App.

WH1000XM3 also offers the latest in Bluetooth technologies, including NFC pairing and unmatched wireless audio quality, with both LDAC and aptX HD support.


30 Hour Battery Life
Industry-leading Noise Cancelling (3rd generation)
Premium 32bit DAC + Analogue
Amplifier (QN1), for better sound
Sony Headphones Connect App control
Adaptive Sound Control, automatically adjusts NC and ambient sound modes to suit your activity and environment
10min charge = 5hr playback (USB-C charging)
Integrated Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa
Clearer voice-calls (4 mics + beam-forming)
Custom power-off settings, via App.

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  • $499.95 is RRP if anyone was wondering

  • I was looking at buying these today as well. I checked the price on the US Sony Store and it was $350 so around $499 AUD, I think its not a bad deal with the Points and Payment. I am still not sure, if I should wait or pre-order now…

    • Depends how much you're willing to pay. xm2 was $350 before Christmas last year, so I assume you'd be that price in the next couple of months if you're willing to wait.

    • It’s already on the Aus Sony store. $499 is the RRP.

  • Do these fix the design flaws of the XM2?

  • Can anyone who has bought a Qantas + QFF points offer before, confirm a tax invoice is supplied and if the listed GST would be for $418.22 in this case?

    Claiming TRS to make this $376 is very tempting.

    • I got the recent similar RM Williams boots from Qantas Store and tax invoice (via email) states

      "Total PTS 2,000 + AUD $315.35
      inc. $28.67 GST"

      • Thanks mate, great info!

        So 10% GST would make these ~$380 after TRS. Worth a punt, doubt they will get below this price for several months and they could easily be resold on eBay for most, if not all of that price.

  • how do i get 2000 points as i have 0 now?

  • Dammit I have a flight on 26 Sep, what are the chances of getting 1 before then?

    • Pretty unlikely unless they release them early. But delivery is good, I just got the RM Williams offer similar to this from Qantas Store and it was delivered within 2 days (to a non major town in QLD) - even though when I ordered it said expected delivery 19 sept.

    • Similar story here, leaving 27th! On Qantas no less! Doubt these are available with the airline somewhere at Melbourne airport though

      • I know right! Its grand final weekend and plenty of folks are leaving for a holiday.

        • I just bought the Bose ones last night because I knew they'd be delivered before I flew out…and now this. I'm convinced there's a way we can both pick them up at the airport somehow!

          From my research though it seems its online only, our best hope is that some other distributor releases them a week earlier at a decent price (which is somewhat unlikely)

    • Similar story, though I have a flight with Qantas on 1st October. Estimated delivery is by 4 October according to their website. Any chance that it could arrive by 28 Sep so that I can claim the TRS?

    • It really depends, I had my PXC550 sent by JBHIFI via express Toll and it was a week ahead of ETA.

      edit: while other times it was like a few day after ETA, I think it depends what item and where they source it from.

  • Sony Store says their pre-order stock should arrive 30 Sept. How does Qantas start shipping theirs before Sony?

    • Because they're different stores? Sounds like it's not an embargo on releasing stock, just a different logistics company or backend store configuration.


    So cheap man give me a dozen

  • Is this usb c charging or micro usb? Specs says usb c but comes with a micro usb cable?

  • My view is these are great for Android users but not for Apple users. I own the QC35’s which are looking a bit tired after a couple of years daily use. Purchased the mk2 version of these… had problems. I use my headphones on an iPad & an iPhone, the QC35’s are perfect, seemly jumping from one to the next, not the Sony’s. You need to manually disconnect then manually reconnect everytime you swap devices, first world problem (I get that) but very irritating. This is only an issue for Apple users, flawless on Android :)

  • wroth it to spending 74070 points get it for free ? or $418.22 + 2000 QFF Points is better deal?


    • +4 votes

      Going rate is 1c/pt so 74070 = 740 bucks not worth it.
      Considering RRP is $499.95.
      Hence better with the above deal mechanics of $418.22 + 2000pts (~$428.22).

      • thanks so much

      • Where can you get the rate of 1c/pt if not redeeming it for flights?

        19000 points gets you a $100 Woolworths gift card, which equates to $0.52 per point. For 74070 I can get $389.8 of Woolworths cards, or this instead.

        I would rather go for this.

        EDIT: If you're downvoting please leave a comment. Very happy to be proven wrong.

        • Did not downvote, but apparently by selling on Gumtree; 1c/point seems to be a common price point.

          Note that it's also against Qantas T&Cs, but that's probably no going to be a problem for you as a seller.

        • Usually everyone quotes/values pts as 1c/pt.

          There's one seller on OZB that is quite well known for buying 1c/pt which will not get your account closed.
          I've never dealt with him but if you search OZB there's been lots of positive experiences.

        • @KBZ: I see. Thanks guys. Will do that instead of Woolworths cards then :)

        • $0.052 per point not $0.52 hey?

        • @Shibbyyy: $0.0052 per point even!

        • @Shibbyyy: Should be 0.52c or $0.0052

        • Not going to downvote you but the way i value points is…best value DJs egift card is $250 for 39700 = 0.0063 per point…so i value 74070 at around $466
          $418.22 + 2000pts is better value…2000 points for me is worth $12.59

          but seriously, its all too close to rrp for my liking…

  • Thanks OP, bought one!

  • Would like this but dont have any points for another few weeks.. Ah well.

  • I've dodged a bullet with my MDR-1000X. They have been absolutely perfect. No cracking in the band, nothing.

    Would 100% recommend these over the Bose equivalent purely based on my experience with the 1000X and XM2.

  • I'm sure they sound amazing but $420 is just too much cash for me to spend

  • Anyone know the easiest and fastest way to get 2000 points?

  • Still a bit bummed no multi-pairing mode like the Bose.

  • Will be able to get these for cost from JB but not sure if they'll be above or below this haha, anyone got an idea on the markup on this sort of thing?

  • anyone know how long these usually take to arrive? Melbourne if that matters.

    • I picked up the Bowers & Wilkins PX from the last deal, came within 2 days. Ordered on a Sunday and had it Tuesday morning, it was shipped express with toll from a JB Hi-fi from somewhere in melb. I think it was their corporate/wholesaler side of the business.

      This is also veeeery tempting…

  • just ordered a pair, estimated delivery is 5th of October and I'm flying to Europe on the 10th…. Fingers crossed!

  • Ordered a pair as well! Will come in handy for all those interstate flights.

  • Thanks for this, just used my points to buy these for cheap… Now to sell those QC35 2s.

  • Thanks OP.
    Used all my remaining points to get a pair for $350ish.
    Purely getting these because they're USB-C and my XM2s were the only MicroUSB thing I had to charge when I travel. I'll give the XM2s to my wife :D

  • Are these going to be a huge step up from the Bose QC35?

    Contemplating it, but I use iOS and worried about the reports of connectivity.

    • There aren't connectivity issues, it's just spoilt people complaining you can't connect more than one device at a time e.g. I want to connect it to to my laptop while I'm on the train and also for it to be connected to my phone so it picks up calls…

  • Just ordered two pairs for me and my spouse. We were gunning for the Bose QC2 and waiting for the record low deal over black friday, but thought we'd treat ourselves to the new Sony's. The XM2s' ear holes were just too small and the headband didn't fit well, so the XM3 improvements were a sigh for sore eyes.

  • These have started shipping from the other deal @ Addicted to Audio, and Sony shop themselves.

    Has anyone had theirs from this deal ship yet?

  • Got mine this morning, charging up now :)