out of stock MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR MK II 8GB OC $228 + $5 Delivery @ MSY eBay


This seems like a good deal for the 8GB RX 570, even without the 5% off - the same card is listed for $299 in PARTS.pdf.

Original PLUG 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

Don't forget Cashrewards cashback.

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    Good price!


    Goddammit. Last week I bought a new msi radeon rx 580 for $244 except it was from an ebay auction so I probably won't have warranty, so if the gpu goes bad I'm stuffed. Should've been patient and waited for deals from reliable sellers like this.


    Haha. I read the description first, and as soon as I saw the reference to parts.pdf, I knew it had to be MSY, and their dreadful website.

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    It is probably not the best time to buy new graphics card. The 20 series is due to arrive at 20/09/2018 and benchmark with official driver will be available as well. We all know Nvidia has huge 10 series stock right now so they probably will drop the price for clearance. Looking for used 1080Ti for $600 but not sure when:D


      Hopefully we'll see some good clearance sales on NVIDIA 10 series cards in the coming months, but the big price increase with the 20 series cards isn't an encouraging sign. AMD's Navi cards still appear to be some ways off, too.

      I think the price-performance ratio is still pretty good for this card.

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        AMD still has a long way to recover their marketshare. Navi 7nm will be manufactured by TSMC, which is also cooperating with Apple, NVIDIA. Not sure about the priority order of AMD in TSMC:D

        Let's finger cross that AMD can replicate the success of Ryzen in Navi.


          Indeed - NVIDIA doesn't have much incentive to drop prices for its high-end cards when there's no competition, and Navi has only been positioned as mid-range so far. Intel's planned discrete GPU might help shake things up, but not before 2020.


      Same here friend.
      1080ti for $600 = instant purchase for me!


        Given the 10 series is out for around 2 years, lack of competition is to blame for the pricey GPU as AMD is falling behind so Nvidia can charge whatever price they want to. Instant ray tracing is the future, but it is still way too expensive and performance demanding at the moment. Keep 10 series and wait for the next iteration may be a better option.


    Asking for Science

    Sainter_Boy plays Fortnite etc
    Currently has:
    i5 @ 3.2
    8 Gbyte RAM
    SSD Drive

    Is this GPU going to give a significant improvement?

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      Yes, you should see a significant improvement unless the CPU is acting as a major bottleneck (which is unlikely).

      Based on a cursory glance of some Fortnite benchmarks, the additional 4GB of VRAM doesn't seem to make much of a difference for this game, so it might be worth holding out for a 4GB RX 570 deal (which has been as cheap as $199.20 (with eBay plus)).


        Thank you - for the extra $28.00 though the 8 GByte should allow for better performance on other stuff though.

        Also referring to your previous comment, I might wait for the 20 series to come out - his birthday is not until November, and we have crocodile money to spend.


    Super tempting but I have to upgrade the old mobo, cpu and ram first.
    I have an old phenom 1090t 12GB ram running Centos 7 with KVM hypervisor in which I run a file server minecraft server and 4 cores for a Windows 10 for the kids.
    Looking at maybe a thread ripper next financial year.

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    Thank you OP! I was comparing prices for the 4GB/8GB RX 570's right before I saw this deal…. So thanks for helping make up my mind. ;)

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    MSY sent me a code for the AMD Raise the Game promotion after I asked via eBay.

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