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Xiaomi Smart Toilet Water Filter US $19.97 (~AU $27.94) Delivered (Was US $29.66 / ~AU $41.67) @ DD4


Ok so here's something that I tee'd up for all the OzBargainer's that are currently doing their business as nature calls in style, and have been doing so for the last 6 - 12 months. However, it seems that everyone is oblivious to the fact that the supplied water filter should be changed at about the 6 month mark (I'd be pushing it to 12 months like a true OzBargainer).

For all those that frequent the forums, you may have seen a thread I created in recent days, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Toilet Seat Waterproof Electric Bidet - Where to Buy The Filters?.

I was tossing up on whether to pull the trigger on the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Toilet Seat Waterproof Electric Bidet (AU Plug) $249.95 Delivered @ Shopro (Melbourne Stock) because I had difficulty in getting some answers on how to replace the water filter. Although I bit the bullet as I too want to have the luxury to do what everyone needs to do, in style. Buy now, think later type of thing.

I was fixated in getting my hands on spare water filters, and couldn't find any locally or anywhere online as a matter of fact! I did score an extra one from Shopro for $24.00 AUD ($29.95 AUD shipped), but that was pretty much a once off as they only had a handful.

So I managed to scout out a Rep of DD4 to see if they could get their hands on them. Fortunately yes, and they were more than happy to tee up a special for me to share with my fellow OzBargainers!

They've just added this item onto their website today. Free shipping included.

The normal price is $29.66 USD / ~ $41.67 AUD, to which they gave a special discount of 26% off - $21.95 USD / ~ $30.84 AUD until 30/09/2018.

I tried to stretch them some more and they obliged. They gave another 9% off coupon (TLFLERD4) to be entered at checkout which then brings it down to $19.97 USD / ~ $28.05 AUD.

Make sure you pay using one of your many foreign exchange fee free cards to obviously not cop the fee!

Here's the description of the water filter from their site:

this product is a water filter which can effectively filter out sediment and other impurities from going into the toilet. It is designed with high-quality PP cotton filter and from reports.

The Xiaomi Smartmi smart toilet seat is equipped with a filter but this filter has a six-month lifespan. Extended use will affect the filter’s performance resulting in reduced water flow, low filtered water quality, and other issues. Users of this toilet seat can now purchase the Smartmi Smart Toilet Water Filter which can be fixed with a simple installation procedure.

This filter is quite useful because if the running water is directly connected to the smart toilet seat, it will not only cause danger to the health of the user, it will also cause impurities to be deposited in the body of the toilet and subsequently block the waterway.

All parts of the product adopt safety and environmental protection materials, and the product has passed RoHS certification. Zhimi smart toilet filter can withstand water pressure up to 0.75MPa.

Hopefully this will help out others that are keen to replace their water filters too. I reckon if you spent >$249.95 on one of these bidets, then you should look after it and replace the filter as it should be.

Happy crapping!

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  • Any expiry best use date?
    Cause this isn't gonna get used till a yr later etc.

    Also + 10%GST which cancels out the 9% coupon but better than nothing.

  • Filtered toilet water, Baldrick with a straw for bubbles to make trench coke.

  • Pretty sure my toilet inlet water uses the same water line as the bathroom vanity. I dont understand why we need to filter it again since our waters already clean enough to drink straight of the tap n brush our teeth with..
    Maybe it was designed for oversea countries or bore water toilets with newly built house. But not mine…

    • You gotta understand that although main tap water is more than safe to drink in Aus (well most parts of Aus), it contains minerals and other foreign materials that will end up getting built up and deposited within the intricate parts of the bidet system (read, old rusty water tap pipes). That's my concern, particularly with the way the bidet has the water lines that go through the temperature heating system. If that stuffs up because I wanted to skimp out on a filter, I'd be pretty pissed and shitty!

      Edit: Even bidets sold locally here all come with water filters from what I've seen (many hours of researching).

      • It doesn't. Not in Sydney at least.
        If you live in Europe and have hard water, this might make sense, but in the majority of Australia, it didn't.
        I don't use distilled water in my iron and I've never had an issue, nor have I had to de-scale my kettle by putting vinegar in it.

        • Your point would have some validity if an iron had a water filter, same as a kettle. They don’t so a water filter is irrelevant.

          Obviously the bidet has been supplied with a water filter for a reason (again, even ones sold locally in Aus), if it didn’t then I wouldn’t bother looking for a replacement filter. The fact that it does, I wouldn’t want to be running the supplied filter indefinitely.

          Each to their own. I’d be replacing mine for peace of mind.

          What would be funny though is someone posting a thread in >12 months that didn’t replace their water filter on their bidet, and their +100 voted raged about bidet water system failed.

        • @AnDyStYLe:

          I'm also running my fridge without a filter (it came with one) and work in the water industry.

        • @spludgey: So your point and recommendation would then be to run the bidet without a filter at all, rather than not replace the supplied filter indefinitely?

          They are two totally different points of discussion then.

          When I thought there wouldn't be a replacement Xiaomi filter availabe in Aus, I was thinking I'd settle and bypass the filter completely with the bidet (discussed in the forum thread), although I would need to get a custom line made with the correct fittings.

          Do you know if the double oring type fitting to circlip is available in Aus?

        • @AnDyStYLe:
          Yes, get rid of it in my opinion. I wouldn't leave an old filter in there, could foul.

          No idea about the fittings. In my fridge, I just got a pipe that was the same diameter, put that on instead and put a hose clamp on the other end. Has been working fine for years now.

        • @spludgey:

          I wouldn't leave an old filter in there, could foul.

          This, my point exactly.

        • @AnDyStYLe:

          Obviously the bidet has been supplied with a water filter for a reason

          There is a reason for everything, doesn't mean its logical or in your interests to follow it.
          In this case its to cater to the chinese market (which I would imagine has poorer water standards) and for profit.

          Still, if you are going to buy the filter anyway, your deal is a good one. Good job

        • @AnDyStYLe:
          Your initial argument was against minerals that are supposedly in the water, so it had nothing to do with whether you leave the filter in or just get rid of it all together.

        • @spludgey: Not quite, I didn't have an argument I was just stating my point of opinion, and wasn't just limited to that initial point (or argument as you have interpreted it as). Maybe I should have said "This, one of my points exactly".

          Just as an example, my previous property I used to live in, the first 5 or so seconds of turning on the tap would product brownish coloured water, and after that clears the water would be good to go. Is that not a mineral in the water due to rusty pipes? But yeah, I wouldn't want this first 5 or so seconds of water going into an indefinitely unchanged filter, or directly through into the bidet system for that matter.

          The other point I was trying to articulate was the fact that most people on here that purchased the bidet may have been ignorant/oblivious to the fact that the supplied water filter isn't a fit and forget. That's the whole point of this deal I posted.

          I guess if you took the time to read through the forum threads or other comments I've made you may not have been so adamant to target the "initial argument" (as you put it). Going of your comment I'm replying to, I take it that you picked out specifically the "minerals in water" and won't let that go.

          Edit: Given you work in the water industry and seem very invested in this discussion, would you know why bidets (regardless of brand) being sold in our local market also are supplied with a water filter?

        • @AnDyStYLe:

          Fair enough. My definition of argument is more of a discussion with differing points of view, not some sort of yelling match.
          What you’re describing is most likely just rust (as you identified), or to be more specific iron (III) oxide. Ugly to look at, but completely harmless, as it’s not even bioavailable.

          As for why bidets (and fridges) in Australia have filters, I would have to guess that there are two reasons:
          1) Making it seem like the product is higher quality as it eliminates “nasties” in the water. (Something crazy like 30% of people buy bottled water or boil their water before drinking it, when drinking water guidelines are actually more stringent than those for bottled water)
          2) An ongoing revenue stream. Companies would be silly if gave this up. By your own numbers, you are willing to pay over 10% of the cost of the product per annum. And this isn’t only a stream of income for the manufacturers. Every year when you change the filter, you’ll have to remember that it’s a Xiaomi, improving its brand recognition for the customer.

          I should note that the above are my opinions only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the company that I work for.

        • @spludgey:

          Thanks mate, appreciate your professional input on the subject.

        • @spludgey: my place was built within the last 5 years and hence uses rain water and mains water. Do you think I can use one of these bidets without issue?

      • Yes understand what u mean.. but i still wouldnt need a filter to spray my bottom.. lol
        Whats the difference if i use that water to spray my bum or shower using same water with no filter?

        • Actually I don’t think you quite understand, it’s not about unfiltered water spraying your ass, it’s about unfiltered water going through the bidet system.

          Again each to their own, I wouldn’t care if one replaced a filter or not as it’s a call they need to make. I personal will be since I paid $249.95 on a “toilet seat”. ~$30 every 12 months for peace of mind, no brainer.

  • Thanks for this, am getting a "System is busy" error at checkout though.

    • Hmmm… I'm not sure as I only went up to checkout to test the coupon… Didn't actually purchase as I didn't need another spare just yet.

      Hopefully one of the DDR Reps can suss it out for you!

  • You legend, I've been looking around a little half assed since you posted your query. Good work

  • On a side note. Anyone know where to buy a longer hose? My water outlet is on the right side(not left). So hose from seat to filter is too short. Tried bunnings but no luck.
    Have just left the filter on the left for now but its not a clean install

    • Depending on your rotation/angle of your tap outlet to the filter, you could potentially use a backflow prevention valve (if you haven't already) to get an extra couple of mm in length.

      I'll be using a backflow prevention valve on my install either way, but the rotation of my tap outlet points towards in the direction of where the water filter line needs to go to the bidet which will give me some additional length to reach!

    • i got my hose extender from bunnings. i think it was 2 for $10. mine was like yours, water outlet on the right side.

      separate note - when i installed my bidet, i accidentally stripped the filter screw. i was able to get an adapter from bunnings too.
      i dont wanna go through installing it again but looking at this post, i may have to.

      • When you say 'stripped the filter screw' do you mean the plastic on the filter itself? How did you work around that?

  • +1 vote

    Too fancy, me been a redneck I will stick the garden hose from Aldi it doesn’t have clogging problem

    • Oh that’s awesome thanks for posting that up!!!

      When I spoke to them they said they only had a handful. They must have just posted this up today, as I couldn’t find on their site previously.

      Looks like they’ve heard my cries for replacement filters!

      • Cool, I spoke to them that day too and they said the same thing…when I pushed them further they said they could sell me one only and linked me to the new webpage!

        BTW does anyone know if it's ok to fit the filter horizontally? My toilet tap fixture is orientated horizontally, not vertically like in xiaomi's pictures. Thanks!

        • I’ve got mine mounted almost horizontally and I’ve had no issues with it. The filter still does the same job and hold the expected pressure, I would think regardless of its position.

  • Just wondering if anyone purchased one do the clamps come with it or anywhere to buy clamps for it ?

  • Has this expired? Link no longer works

  • Does anyone know how to remove the clamps for the top hose?

  • This thing is so hard to install. The threads on the filter are very fragile. I have a leak and it won't go away.

  • FYI. Just thought i'd add that this deal is still on using the same code. Says its valid until 31/10.