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[New: Never Used Condition] Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB G950F 4G LTE Unlocked $517.65 Delivered @ Green Gadgets Australia eBay


Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB G950F 4G LTE Unlocked

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    Ok so it's not brand new but they say its brand new or maybe brand new. It's like new but not.

    • it's a mystery!

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    Hi, Is this a genuine AU stock. Do I get a tax invoice for TRS.

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      let me ask the seller for you.
      later when im free

  • Damn, some good deals on the S8 recently. Almost making me reconsider my Samsung boycott

    • They really are a great phone. First phone I have owned that after 12 months I havent been tempted to upgrade.

      • Great except for the abysmal battery life.

        • Abysmal? I'm really happy with the battery life. I've only found certain apps will hog the battery, but its great at alerting you to this. Also power saving mode works really well in rare emergency situations.

        • @ShttngDckNppls: I have power saving mode on medium with screen res on the minimum setting. I have always on display turned off, cpu limiter turned on and brightness to decrease by 10% (I always have it near the lowest btw). Still, after all that it can not last me a full day of use which may sound selfish of me but I would expect more than a day from a phone this expensive. Also despite having background network usage on for some reason notifications are inconsistent and gumtree notifications don't show up at all. No I don't use any intensive apps or god forbid have any games on it.
          75% of my time on the phone is spent with only play music open and nothing else. Other 25% is spent on calling/texting and social media apps.

          I'm not saying it's a bad phone. I actually really like everything else about it but the battery is such a huge issue for me that it overlaps most of the positives (which I have a lot of, like I said, it's a great phone). The screen is fantastic but sadly I'm forced to make it shitty to save battery life, the camera is great, design is great, feel is great. Everything is just great except for the battery and the fingerprint sensor which I don't mind as the eye scan is good enough for me.

    • Why do you have a Samsung boycott? There are plenty of worse android brands if anything Samsung and among the best.

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        They wouldn't honour their warranty when the band on my Gear Fit 2 snapped (breaking the screen). It's petty, but I'm doing it anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • do i get local 2 years warranty?

    • 6 month

    • oz_deal (58780 )
      96.9% Positive feedback

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    “This device has either never been used or it has been used lightly and looked after extremely well” So it’s likely used, thus NOT new.

    These types of advertisements that mislead buyers about the condition of an item & those that have multiple listings within the ad (so you click on what you think is a cheap item but it’s actually something else that’s cheap - and the item you want costs way more) are click bait and should be banned by eBay!

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    Warning - new never used, as opposed to brand new in box, may not satisfy the terms for manufacturer's warranty. You may also have difficulty enforcing consumer guarantees against an ebay seller.

  • We are GENUINE AUSSIE SELLERS dispatching all items from our Sydney warehouse and we back up all of our products with a 6 month warranty free of charge. This device is in MINT Condition. It has not been refurbished back to ‘as new’ condition using non-genuine parts. This device has either never been used or it has been used lightly and looked after extremely well. Buy with confidence with our 30 day ‘100% satisfaction or your money back' guarantee.”

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      Using the words new and never used should never be allowed to be used when describing a used item, even if refurbished

    • Money back guarantee probably start from date of purchase, then takes more than 30 days to arrive. Um….

      • It's eBay, pay woth PayPal and they'll have 6 months…