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[eBay Plus] 15% off All eBay Plus Items ($75 Min Spend, $200 Max Discount, Plus Members Only) @ eBay


Full T&Cs here. Promo ends at eBay’s discretion. Enjoy :)

15% off the purchase price on all eBay Plus items (except exclusions listed) when you spend $75 or more in one transaction, up to a maximum discount of $200. A maximum of two transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (10 items maximum).

Listed Exclusions:

  • All items listed in the following categories: Real Estate (10542), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (184609); and

  • All items sold by the following sellers:
    (1) Officeworks;
    (2) Fantastic Furniture; and
    (3) Target.

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  • Nice!! Thanks TA!!

  • All these eBay deals are getting ridiculous

  • Thanks TA. Finally a chance to make something of my eBay plus membership :)

  • +14 votes

    Thanks TA. I can never find anything I want that is an Ebay Plus item, so I wish it would be sitewide for Ebay Plus members.

  • Sup Jack

  • "+" for eBay plus only. Non plus members (like me) can RIP.

    • make a new account and sign up for 1 month free membership?

      • $29 is nothing, my point is not to take advantage of this Plus membership, but to stop myself from getting something that I want, not the one that I need.

        With the plus membership, it is just the right bar that I need.

    • I'm a plus member ($9 after selling the Google home mini) but we'll all be better off if it dies

      I won't be resigning at a net cost over about $20 max, even over $15 is a difficult consideration

  • This is a great discount :)

  • Let the price jacking begin

  • Any deals on a kindle paperwhite? Missed the earlier good guys eBay deal for a kindle paperwhite for $127.20

  • so Ebay 19th won't have a >10% sitewide discount then.

    • I'm hoping they will have a greater than 10%, greater than $100 max discount, and sitewide, rather than just on Ebay Plus items, for their birthday on the 21st.

      • Hopefully there will be a sitewide…..
        Maybe somebody will dig the T&C Site from google cache or something….

  • +10 votes

    Shut up and take my money!

    Nvidia Shield with remote for $203 delivered:


    …and with controller for $270 delivered:


  • As an ebay seller how do I make my items ebay plus?

    • +4 votes

      Meet the following criteria and your listings will be automatically opted in:

      Sellers who are Above Standard or eBay Top Rated (eTRS)
      New and fixed priced listings
      Returns are accepted
      The item is located in Australia
      Item is non-bulky or heavy.

      More info

    • So should we wait for deals from your store?

    • EBay randomly selects sellers to have the eBay plus privillages. However they monitor your account and if you abuse the postage (charge more postage than it costs you and profiting from postage), they ban you from eBay plus , and potentially have legal consequences

  • ps4 pro or xbox one?

    • Xbox one

      • Laggy interface, unstable system apps, virtually no exclusives. Only good thing is the xbox360 backwards compatibility but a pre-owned 360 is pretty cheap these days anyway

        • Have you used the X or even the S? The menus aren't laggy at all….
          Unstable apps? Same point as I previously made.

          Other then 2-3 'exclusive' games. The Xbox One X is more powerful, is better for online gaming, has Blu-ray disc drive (PS4 doesn'y play 4K blu rays) and personally a much better controller.

          Other than that, the consoles are virtually the same thing. Oh PS4 has VR

          Also; Xbox allows and encourages cross-play of online game between different platforms. Sony, does not.

    • There's this one for the PS4… but it will probably go up.
      Gamesmen PS4 500gb

    • PS4 Pro because of excellent exclusive games including VR unless you have a lot of friends with XB1 and want to play with them.

    • Xbox One S and X both have 4k blu-ray. So that turns me off the PS4.

      If I'm honest though, I'll probably never ever buy a 4k movie.

      In which case, I'd definitely go PS4 for the awesome exclusives.

  • looking for a pocophone f1

  • Can you still get a free trial of ebay+?

  • So tomorrow sunrise at 6:19 am and price rise at 10:00am :p

    • Except this deal is site wide (even though its only for Ebay Plus listings) so the sellers are not slugged extra. They won't be raising prices.

  • Finally. I've got a list I've been building up, waiting for one of these.

  • Anything good? Ebay plus hasn't been that great for me so far. Bought a few sd cards but that's it.

  • -2 votes

    Any good deals for the Nintendo Switch?

  • ffs I just bought an ebay plus item using the 10% code the other day….

    • I bought a NAS today - 4 hours before I saw this post. Would have saved another $35.

    • Well just return it - eBay Plus allows returns, yes?

      • But $35 for the inconvenience of returning stuff and also hurting the retailer? I bought a whole bunch of stuff yesterday w/ 10% off, am I going to rtn them, nope… but I hope karma favours me.

        • Huh? 'Free returns' is one of the features you're paying for - why then would you sign up if you think returns are "inconvenient"? Items listed as 'eBay Plus' by definition are being sold by a retailer who has elected to accept returns, so it's safe to assume they've factored it in to their pricing anyway.

        • @dm01: Don't they mean returns for items that don't meet your expectations, like damaged box or missing batteries (2 recent returns of mine)? Isn't returning and buying the same item again kind of not right? Also it takes time to package and drive/walk to a return spot.

        • @raybies:

          Don't they mean returns for items that don't meet your expectations, like damaged box or missing batteries (2 recent returns of mine)?

          You need to read up on how eBay works.

          Also it takes time to package and drive/walk to a return spot.

          It takes time to brush your teeth, go to work, feed the dog.

  • cool, was just looking at the A2 last night

  • Can anyone tell me what eBay has against Officeworks?

    • It's actually the other way around, Officeworks does not want to reduce their profit margins with the amount of ebay xx% off sales, so they have instructed ebay to not include them

      (that's just my guess — it's not the official word from Officeworks)

    • I think it’s Officeworks refusing to participate, may be due to price beat policy?

    • OW may optionally opt-out with their already low competitive pricing and price-matching of Grey Imports.

  • EBay is making strict rules for sellers to use eBay plus in their listings due to the abuse of many sellers (like selling digital items or memory cards and charging maximum postage).

    I highly doubt there will be many deals around under eBay plus compared to when they first launched eBay plus

  • Now, if only there was something worthwhile on ebay plus…

  • how to see if the seller is part of ebay plus? Is thegoodguys also has ebay plus?

  • Anyone still waiting for the Google home mini?

    • Yes…still waiting.

    • I asked them 5 weeks ago, and they said it would come in 1 week. Then 2 weeks ago I asked them again, still the same answer and still waiting til now. Ebay is such a bullshit

    • No. Got mine in 15 days. I'm in WA too. I'm a top rated seller though, don't know if they prioritised me.

    • Mine came only because the postman recognised my name and delivered it me. Really means I buy way too much crap online because of ozbargain. It had been delivered to my old address from 10 years ago which I had deleted off my account 10 years ago. I rang up ebay and they could not find the old address on my account anywhere. He couldnt explain why it had happened and has alerted ebay on the issue. I would call them

    • I asked them about it, I signed up on July. They told me because I signed up a week before the promotion, I don't get the Google home mini. Thanks, eBay.

    • Mine arrived a few days ago was almost surprised when it came.

    • Mine arrived 3 days after payment going through for my subscription. I started the trial in August and paid in September.

  • So many sales which is unusual for the buildup to the birthday sale. Starting to think there won’t be a 19% sitewide coming up!