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Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable HDD $119.20 C&C (or + Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


Seems quite a good deal for a 4tb portable hard drive, it's showing $9 delivery for me…

(Update 2:00PM AEST- Temporarily out of stock: please hit the Report button if stock is available again)

Original PBINGLEE 20% off selected items @ Bing Lee eBay Deal

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  • Shuckable?

    • +2 votes

      If it weren't that would really shuck.

    • Yes it is however the 3tb and 4tb are thicker so may not fit laptops/Nucs.

      • Good to know. That being said even without that application I reckon shuckable is better - would probably make data recovery easier if the usb interface died (i realize that's just one of many possible failure methods), but being able to shuck it and mount it in another system if need be is always a comfort to me.

  • Aww nuts I just bought the 3TB from officeworks 2 weeks ago for $100 -_- This is a much better deal!

  • Woo. Glad I dragged my feet on the OW 3TB deal. Just bought 2x 4TB drives. Did not expect to use my 10% off $200 eBay gift card so soon. Paid the remainder $50 odd with the only1 visa card from Woolies which I used the discounted wish egift cards to purchase.

    Does CashRewards give cashback when purchasing with eBay gift card?

    Either way worked out to be under $230 for 2 delivered.
    Thanks OP

  • Will OW price match binglee eBay?

  • Gone. 41 sold in 1 hour

    • Just worked for me and now says 44 sold in 1 hour…so mebbe clear browser cache and try again

      • Yep just bought one too. Maybe he's trying to get one and doesn't want them to be sold out before he does :)
        Up to 46 sold when I got it.


          171 sold now and it tells me to "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less"

  • Why the postage exclusions? Says posts to Australia wide on the description other than PO Boxes…

  • Thank you OP, bought one.

  • Thanks OP! Been waiting for a good deal for a while. Was weighing up whether to get a NAS or not (Synology probably) but this is too good of a deal to pass up.

  • Harvery Norman has the smaller 4TB Seagate drive for $117 at my local store at the moment.

  • Harvey Norman is $148 for portable 4TB HDD.

  • Great price but I have this and the Seagate Backup plus portable 4tb and when I transfer large files to both the Backup plus transfiles much quicker.

    On average
    Backup Plus gets 80-115MBs
    Expansion gets 50-75MBs

    All drives connected to USB3.0 with identical files. The Backup plus costs more new though

    • Your right, I got the Backup Plus "FAST" a while ago from Amazon US and its bloooody quick, I use it for XBox One external drive for games and its fantastic…. I cannot seem to find the backup plus FAST anywhere - where can you get the backup plus from? From what I understand the FAST version uses 2x 2TB in RAID 0 in the case.

      I pulled the trigger on this deal mainly to use it as an external drive as I am going to homebrew the Wii U, and also for my Raspberry Pi

      • I also purchased the Backup Plus from Amazon US a couple years ago. Not to sure about that I know Office Works sell it but not sure if it's identical to the import one.

        One thing is for sure it's also quieter than the Expansion equivalent

        • Seems that this model Expansion STEA4000400 uses the Seagate ST4000LM024 drive as per link

          Interested in finding out what internal drive the Backup Plus STDR4000300 uses from this article seems it is the ST4000LM016 drive

          While the Backup Plus FAST STDA4000100 from this article seems to use 2x 2TB Seagate Samsung Spinpoint, similar to the 2TB backup slim and 2tb expansion (which I have both shucked for PS4 and XBox 360 respectively)

          My conclusion would be that the drives inside the case are the same and no difference with the exception of the FAST version.

          The portable version of 4TB and 5TB both expansion and plus probably use the same spec drives.
          The FAST version of 4TB is no different to the 2TB backup slim or expansion all of them have 2TB Samsung Spin Points, as I have shucked these all.

          I won't shuck the 4TB or 5TB Plus versions - unless someone here has?

    • Anyone know the cheapest way to get the 4TB backup plus?


      • Seems to be officeworks but might find it a few bucks cheaper elsewhere. Or you can hold of for a special if your not urgently needing one.


  • bought one! thanks OP. Highly overdue for a hard drive.

  • Bought had to pay shipping but as no stock in canberra :( Still a good price tho.

  • You lost me at Seagate!

  • Thanks, bought one for my sister, running out of space on her 2tb which has never missed a beat, even after being dropped by her hubby several times, beats out WD which i've had 3 die just from regular use, seagate are king, despite everyone's hatred for them, best price, best performance.

  • Anyone get a tracking number? Mine just says posted