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Velocity Gold Status for 3 Months with 10,000 Flybuys Points Transfer


As per the title, transfer 10,000 FlyBuys points to your Velocity account and be upgraded to Gold Status for 3 months. Not sure if this is a targetted offer, but received this in an email a few moments ago.

Expired Then use your Velocity Gold Status to be matched to Air New Zealand Airpoints Gold for 6 months. This is a Star Alliance Gold tier, so gives you free lounge access (among other benefits) on all Star Alliance flights.


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  • Did you get it in an email?

    Nvmd: I just checked my email I got it too.

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  • Didn’t get it, that’s a shame!

    • check you flybuys offers in app or by logging onto flybuys website

      I didn't receive email but was sitting there when they ran last promo

  • Maybe you need at least 10,000 points in your Flybuy account to qualify. Can anyone comment on this? (haven't received email)

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      I only got 5000 and I got the email.

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      I have like 44K but have yet to receive the e-mail

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      I have ~777,231 points and yet to get email

      • Wow big spender!

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          Lot's of dog food

        • @Turd:

          Yeah same. Dogs still going through the haul from last year.

        • @nightelves: Same. Though Ive stopped it. Might just give them away or sell it lol

        • @Turd: Out of curiosity what was the deal?

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          @knobbs: Get ~$3 free after buying a tin of dog food. $3 profit.

        • +2

          @Turd: So each tin you bought you got enough points to cover it and an extra $3 worth back in your pocket? Dam I wish I could of jumped on that deal. Nice work Sir

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          Every $1 tin gives 650 flybuys points.

        • +5

          @nightelves: Not bad for a legit way to buy points.

          @$1 = 650 FlyBuys, 2000 FlyBuys = 870 Velocity
          You are paying .35c per point. Better than you can even buy them right now with cash, PLUS you get a free can of dog food
          15% transfer bonus means .31c per point.

          Assuming Turd got his 77,231 buying dog food, he spent ~$1200 on dog food for a possible (during normal bonus 15%) 388k of velocity points.

          He can now travel around the world in business and have 100k points leftover for one final business class trip to Europe(+taxes). All for the cost of $1200 and FREE DOG FOOD

        • +5

          @knobbs: I visited about 8 different coles one night and bought them all.
          I heard others pre-ordered with staff, 1000s at one time, though not sure if they got them or not.
          I dont fly, so each $1 is worth $3.25 to me. Also used gift cards, so pretty much $3 free.

          Just have a lot of FB points now, free groceries for life.

          And yes I have a dog.

        • @nightelves: The bandaid and the light bulb offer was good too. Though cost 25cents and 50cents, still lifetime sypply of bandaids and led bulbs

        • +1

          @Turd: True Ozb style haha

          I bet your could sell your flybuys accounts for well over $4k in cash if you wanted though and get more money, from he who shall not be named.

        • @Turd:

          What was the bandaid offer. I didn’t receive that.

        • +1

          @nightelves: Basically spend 50cents, and get one box of bandaids. I think I spend $50 and got heaps of bandaids lol

        • @knobbs:

          You give that dog food to charity and you can claim some of that money back through tax.

        • @nightelves: Charities dont give a receipt. How does that work

        • +1


          The receipt from Coles and a receipt from charity that they have received the dog food.

        • @nightelves: and u keep that in case ATO audit u?

        • @Turd:


        • @knobbs: who's gonna feed the dog while hes doing all this?

      • Sounds almost as good as the American Express 10,000 bonus points per transaction deal:


      • I am impressed !!!

    • +1

      I’ve got 27k and no email😡

    • 14,000 points and no email :(

    • i only have 1200 fb points and got it.

    • check your flybuys offers in app or by logging onto flybuys website

      I didn't receive email but was sitting there when they ran last promo

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    Thanks Virgin, what a great way to devalue Gold status for those that earnt them via status credits. Watch how smashed the lounges get in the next couple of months…

    • +1

      Although I will be taking advantage of this offer myself, I do agree with you. The lounges are going to be drunk dry!

    • +5

      …and the 'nouveau golds' pushing their way to the front of every queue while loudly announcing their status.

    • Qantas lounge (international and domestic lounge where no Qantas Club lounge is available) is catching up - jam packed with people and no seats (wasn't that specious to start with.

    • I don't think so - not in the really long term anyway.

      Having watched this for a while, both QAN and VA go through cycles of attempting to attract people vs making it harder to qualify.

      You're right though in that neither are particularly interested in 'increasing' the offer for FF by way of injecting more value into it..

      I'm guessing that the whole point is to attract enough people who may then continue to fly with VA to maintain status.. and of course that generates sufficient revenue to put back into expanding lounges etc..

      The Brisbane lounge became a lot bigger from when it was originally launched..

  • Any link in your email?? Didn’t get an email.

  • I think it is targeted. I haven't got anything yet.

  • I had just over 10,000 points and got the email. Good timing!

  • no email :(

  • Yeap got that email but not enough points
    9only 1000pt in account) :(

    can you buy the flybuys points?

    • Um, yes I believe that’s how you get flybuy points.

      • I think they mean more the way you can buy Velocity and QFF points, whether through the program or off people selling their points

    • How long do you have to do the transfer? You might be able to smash a few of their "Spend $XX get X000 bonus points" offers in time

  • Damn, I dont get the email. Hic

  • +5

    The Air New Zealand status match will give you Qantas lounge access after October.

  • Thanks, I deleted the email and saw this on here and luckily I did lol

  • wtb 10k flybuys points.

    do want gold status for upgrade to BNE-> LAX option

    • Yeah. mate posted on FB that he would pay $200 for 10,000 FB points and he got it done this afternoon.

      • I like to know more about this HOW?

      • As far as I know there is no way to sell/transfer Flybuys points. Im a Flybuys freak, approaching 2 million points and been a member since day 1. Can you please ask your mate how he /she managed this?

        • I’m guessing you call up to change your flybuys details and transfer it that way

    • I wonder if someone can just update fly-buys velocity number and then transfer the 10k points?

      • Name and DOB are required. The website indicates it verifies the details with Velocity — but whether that's a "This is an account" = Y or "This appears to be the same person = Y test is a separate issue. Not sure. If you can transfer points easily, I'd be happy to. I've 10k points and no email.

    • If you’re looking at doing this make sure you’re informed. It’s a hugely popular route and rarely has availability. You need to plan ahead and jump on tickets/upgrades as soon as they’re available.

  • +1

    Got the email and transferred 10k points. Will look to take up their status challenge by getting 80 status credits within the 3 months to extend gold for a year. Then use that to status match with star alliance, possibly qantas if they allow it. Then enjoy air travel for the next year haha :)

    • +1

      Didn't notice that part, thanks. Already have a couple of flights coming up for work, just need to make sure they happen on virgin

      • No worries, and exactly what Im planning on doing too :)

        • historically, qantas is pretty tight with status matches. Always worth trying your luck but I wouldn't bank on it.

          I think there might be a couple of Star Alliance status matches on at the moment - United and Air NZ spring to mind.

          I think Air NZ is very much at their discretion though and it sounds like you'd want a flight activity statement to help your chances of getting it matched.

          A couple of links just in case they're helpful.


          UPDATE just saw that Air NZ promo has ended

        • @hayne: Cheers mate, yea I figured qantas would be very hard to try get matched. AirNZ must have known this promotion was coming!

  • +1

    I got the offer but I'm assuming this would only be of benefit if you had some travels planned in the next 3 months.

    Can anyone explain the way to get it extended to 6 months or am I misunderstanding what the OP meant?

    • Same question too!

    • +1

      you are correct, with this promotion Velocity are giving you free 3 months gold status with the transfer of 10k fly buys points. But there are 2 options you can consider to extend your gold status:
      1. take up their promotion's status challenge - you can extend your Velocity gold status for another year by getting 80 status credits and flying 1 sector (From terms and conditions): To retain a full Gold membership at the completion of the Explore Gold three month period the member must complete the reduced requirements of earning 80 Status Credits and fly at least one eligible sector. Usually to keep gold status you need 400 credits in a year, so 80 in 3 months is not too bad!
      2. you can "status match" your velocity gold status with another airline alliance (such as Air NZ/Star Alliance), which may give you an extra 6 months gold status with AirNZ and its partner airlines eg Singapore Airlines. Just like Velocity, you could see if there is a status challenge to extend that gold status for a year or more.

      • Thanks for that. I see United have a similar status match as well but it's a 3 month one. So as long as u apply for the status match while u are still currently velocity gold your status match would only start at that point?

        • yep thats right, its usually up to the airline to decide when your gold status will start once you status match.
          I would try matching when you are reaching the end of your original gold status (eg with Velocity), so you get a bit more time to enjoy gold with the new one (eg AirNZ)
          I guess the key thing to take away from this is once you get gold status with an airline/alliance, try to status match it with any other alliance while you can :)

  • According to the Touch of Gold promotion page, the status match may have ended? https://www.airnewzealand.com.au/touch-of-gold-benefits

    • Looks like it ended punctually in anticipation of this campaign :-/

  • Can you buy flybuys points? Or is it even possible to transfer points to others? Don’t have an account but willing to sign up for this.

  • Anyone know if they'll give a soft landing back to silver after the 3 months?

    • +2

      Probably not, think you are better off trying to extend gold for a year by getting 80 status credits and flying 1 sector

  • What's the most cost effective way to get 10,000 flybuys points?

    • +3

      The most cost effective way is usually going to be through the flybuys bonus points promotions. Login to flybuys or check your app to see what are avaliable to you at the moment (and keep an eye on ozbargain).

      I got 10,000 points by buying $1k in Visa gift cards during a recent promotion - I think that's ended though.

      If you're really desperate, you could take advantage of the "Bring your bag" promotion that's running at the moment. You get 30 points for each transaction you put through without scanning a bag, so in theory if you found something low-cost to buy you could put through 334 purchases to get 10,000 flybuys.

      • My experience with Flybuys has been great with their shopping offers. I recently finished a Spend $50 a week for 4 weeks, get 10,000 points, which is essentially 25% off as I cash in my points for Coles gift cards. They regularly send these offers, sometimes the min spend is higher e.g. $90.

        The offers are targeted and I think their value is based on your location, among other things. My unproven theory is that you get better offers if there is more supermarket competition in your area, and they need to try harder to get you to spend at Coles. If you don't already live in a suburb with multiple supermarkets, my suggestion is to change the residential address on your account to a suburb which does. You can still use your real address for your postal address.

        I'd be interested in other people's thoughts on Coles' big data methods.

      • How did you get 10000 bonus points for $1000 of Visa? The promotion was a onve per househould 2000 bonus points for the purchase of the $100 Visa. Also your bag suggestion wont work either. It is limited to 30 Bonus points per day, no matter how many transaction you put through.

        • +1

          It was a target promo during Fathers Day. Each giftcard gave you 1000 flybuys points with a limit of 10 per account.

    • sometimes coles have a deal where u need to spend $x fours weeks in row and get 10k fb points. but with expiry date on this, that is probably out of the question for this promo.

    • +1

      I just got a x10 points offer for First Choice Liquor, so if you got that offer, you can spend $1,000 on booze and get your 10K points.

      • +1

        The problem with this is that the bonus points are awarded 4 weeks after the END of the promotion date. So bonus points may not hit your account in time to use them for this offer

  • +1

    I have transferred 10000 already but my account is still basic . How long will take to change ?

    Next month I flying with Singapore airline will it be eligible sector ?

    • +1

      From the T&C

      Eligible Sector means a Flight Sector:
      (a) that has been flown;
      (b) that has not been booked as a Reward Seat;
      (c) where Virgin Australia is the Marketing Carrier.

      We've just been to Europe and earned 10,000 odd points and about 300 status credits by registering our VFF numbers in the booking, but are not eligible for status upgrade because we booked with Etihad so, apparently, we've flown 0 "eligible sectors". We booked about 9 months ago but, from memory, it would have cost about $100 more to book with Virgin Australia as the carrier and flown exactly the same flights, so lesson learned.

      • an eligible sector is a flight on VA metal, not EY. Book the cheapest domestic returns from your home port, and voila, youve covered the eligible flights.

    • Also curious how long it will take - my mum got email. Transferred 10,000 points Wednesday
      Hoping gets upgraded to gold this week as she flys on Sunday on VA

  • +3

    I got the email and I've already transferred my 10,000 points. Perfect timing as my lounge membership was coming to an end and I didn't feel like spending the $400-something dollars renewing it. So I'm better off spending that $400 on getting the 80 status credits so I can get 12 more months of Gold.

  • -1

    Can thisbe continuing when I drop to Silver in March

    I ahve 100k flybuys and I'm quite happy to transfer 10k per 3 months.

  • +1

    No email for me, sad panda :(

  • 75% Points bonus applicable with Virgin Australia Domestic flights on all fare types except Getaway fares, Virgin Australia international Trans Tasman, Short Haul and Long Haul flights, Cover-More Travel Insurance, Airport Parking, Brunel Limousines, Virgin Australia Holidays and Cruisepilot.

    So international flights don't get 75% bonus points?

    • short haul and long haul is international I believe

      • So what's the point though? Just the fast track to gold?

        • You get all the same benefits of gold status like lounge access and priority boarding etc

        • @harthagan: thanks. I'm travelling with my family - does lounge access extend to them?

        • @bluedufflecoat:

          As a gold velocity member you can generally bring in one guest.

          Gate staff have some degree of flexibility but the 'rule' is one guest and kids count as a guest as I understand it (perhaps this has been modified now..)

          Which can lead to some scenarios where people are annoyed they can't bring their kids in with them..

          When I had pilot gold I was able to bring in a work colleague with me as a guest..

  • How hard is it to get 80 status credits. I always get the bargain flight deals which reap the bare minimum in points. However I noticed something strange, on our last US trip we paid $169 each at the airport or something like that for economyX seats and it doubled the status credis and velocity points that we got (as opposed to the return leg). Could be an interesting option?

    • Economy X should not have doubled the SC, You probably jumped up a fare class.

      80SC cheapest would be about $500 in Domestic (MEL-BNE-CNS return on elevate)

      • I was very surprised too. We booked the return flight through skyscanner on the cheapest most basic fare both ways. So maybe something happened when we paid for econmoyX that they changed our fare class by accident?

        Oh well so my theory isn't correct lol. Still puzzling though!

        • Very lucky.

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