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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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      You know he doesn't work for them right?

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    Keep getting text messages
    PayPal A -$500.00 AUD transaction with PayPal Australia Pty Limited on 21 September 2018 was marked suspicious. Please reply '1' if authorised or '2' if not authorised.

    But when I reply 1, nothing happens.

    • When I replied "1" I got an instant reply saying "Thanks, we will mark the transaction as authorised"

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      Try 2 and more things happen

  • I bought $500 worth but have only been emailed four cards (all with 13 digit codes). Has anyone else had this issue?

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      i had the same issue!

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        same here bought 3, got 2 so far

    • FYI, I called PayPal and they resent the cards and I’ve received all of them

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    why i received codes with only 4 digits? thought they should be 15?

  • bah……i went to sleep instead of getting my gift cards.

    Now I'm out of luck. Oh well..

  • Apparently I'm only the second person calling Paypal about the screwed up codes? C'mon people wake up and hassle them. Although all they did was add me to their ticket so not really sure what that does…

    • Do you contact ebay or paypal, live chat or phone?

      • Sent the seller a msg through ebay, called Paypal, did the ebay chat as well. Now just waiting for something to happen…

        • So who was the best to talk to, ebay chat or just leave a message with the seller?

        • @CarAddict:
          I would say call Paypal if you have the time to wait on hold. They said they have a team working on it but the more people that annoy them I reckon the more they'll prioritise it.

        • @niyiaw:

          Just sent seller a message, don't have time at the moment to call.

        • @CarAddict:

          Just got a reply to my seller message that they are working on the issue

  • All of my 8 cards (2 accounts) came with 13 digit codes, so far all good :).. yet to try using it though.

  • All my 15 cards are 13 digits. Thank you TA.

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    I contacted eBay and PayPal just then, then have advised that its a known issue. They are working on the problem, they said they will either send new electronic gift cards with the correct redemption codes, or if they can't fix the issue in a timely manner they will issue fully refunds to those effected.

    • Refunds doesn't sound good.. maybe they over-shot their target number of sales…

    • Good job. I have same issue. Really hope they fix this issue.

    • How did you contact them?

  • What's the latest on this 4 digit code fiasco? Refund would be a huge letdown.

    • You contacted ozb, next step contact eBay then Paypal

    • I used the ‘contact seller’ via eBay. They responded within the hour acknowledging it is a known issue and that they would resend with valid codes, which I received within the next hour.

  • another with 4 digits instead of 13…

    Should I contact ebay or paypal first?

  • Couldn’t get pass PayPal :(

  • I see that they put the ad back up but now sold out. Is it an ongoing issue for those that may have gotten it this morning in the relist? Could it be marked as out of stock coz of this issue again? Hoping to pick some up today.

    Also, for those that have 2 accounts. Same details and PayPal used? Or will eBay ban both your accounts if 2 with same details?

    • First thing this morning it said 2600 odd sold, then a while later it was 2300, now it's back to 2600…

  • Nearly 12 hrs later… and still no emails with codes…. received receipt only.

    • check "spam" folder?

      • i have checked all folders - and unless they send emails with a .us or .ru. or .ua address - they aren't getting thr

        all eBay type emails get thru - there are no filters on them

        5.20pm - and still nothing even after they state that they have resent.

        becoming EXTREMELY DODGY

  • Is 13 digits vs 4 digits a random thing? I received my cards late last night and are all 13 digits ones.

    • Received my cards at 10:55 last night and they're all 4 digit… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Also have the 4 digit code issue, have contacted seller. Keep piling on.

  • Hi all

    Just an update . I called the PayPal hotline 1800 073 263 (select options from menu) and finally spoke to the agent. He realised that the problem has been reported and escalated. Response / solution will be email back and my account has been recorded . No timeframe for the solution but can contacted them if no response by early next week.

    PS. I have ordered 5 vouchers yesterday 8:40 pm and received the voucher email around 00:15 with 4 digits .

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    Back in stock - just purchased

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      Link? :)

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      Just received the code, 30min later, 13 digits…
      Looks like they've fixed whatever went wrong!

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        Except they haven't fixed it for the people who have already purchased. Seems a bit unfair they can keep selling them while leaving the rest of us hanging…

        • I agree - they really should just be reissuing those who received a 4 digit code with new vouchers

  • When purchasing these eBay gift cards can you select an email to send them to or they have to be emailed to the account which purchased them?

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      You can mark as "gift" and pick an email address during checkout

  • Received code 4 hours later yesterday, codes were 13 digit and all good!

  • Still the same - "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again."

  • has anyone tried to buy a second time and get error "you already applied this code to an order"?

    • Yeah I bought 3 yester that came with 4 digit codes so I was thinking maybe to purchase 2 more to max out the 5 and then apply for a refund for the first lot that didn't work. Nope… won't let me apply the code to second order which is stupid as I'm not up to 5 yet.

      • Read this whole thread from page one. The answer to your complain was there.

        • Or just read the offer terms which states one transaction

        • Yes but their system is broken and they're sitting on my $300 that I can't use so they should make it a work around. If it wasn't for their stuff up I would have already spent the $300 and wouldn't need any more vouchers. So screw their terms if they can't provide the product they're advertising.

  • Code still works. Just bought.

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    Not sure why its marked expired, literally just worked 30 seconds ago for me
    though I did not use the referral link, I searched directly in ebay but the PGIFT10 code was accepted

    • Let the gift card fever begin!

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    Tried different ebay accounts, PayPal accounts and different machines same problem unable to pay via PayPal
    Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.
    Error codes: 70245 70521 70132

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      I'm getting the same error.

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        I think somehow it’s specific for this seller only.
        I tried to pay using PayPal to other seller and able to to select PayPal as the payment

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    Was just contacted via email by Andy from the seller.

    He sent through a new code for each of the previously-sent incorrect 4 digit codes. So for me, 5 emails, each with a new code.

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      thanks for letting us know, hopefully we all get new codes soon.

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      I got the same emails about 45 minutes ago, must be coming through progressively.

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      Same here. Got emails with new codes about 30mins ago.

      • Got the emails, spent the money…

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    For those subscribed to this thread, please note the cards are now back in stock via a new link. Enjoy :)

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    I've given up all i can think of is that certain accounts have been flagged and can't access this offer

  • No i didn't

  • Actually my gift cards received yesterday were 13 digits haha just checking them now

  • Ok, ebay/Paypal's system is glitchy as FK
    Managed to put 5 cards to Cart, it asked me to verify identity (re-enter password), ok fine, asked to enter SMS verification, done

    Added the PGIFT10 code, and it asked me to re-enter password, again!
    But managed to check out

  • This code can't be applied to your order.

    Anyone else get same message?

  • -2

    Buyer blocked due to item count limit exceeded

    the link probably good for those who haven't bought cards yet. I wanted to try and buy a few more.

  • helios .. something went wrong!

  • +1

    sigh Can't check out, either ebay or PayPal is flaky…

  • just bought 4x cards, thanks OP
    how long does it take for the vouchers to show up?? i want to spend them NOW!! hahaha

    • 5 minutes for mine…Purchased 10 minutes ago.

      • wow thats great, wish mine were that quick… 2-3hrs and im still waiting!!

        • I bought about an hour ago and still nothing. Been refreshing my email every 5 mins lol

  • Worked for one account and not the other.
    Thanks anyway got some.

  • None of my accounts work. Even my partners with a different Paypal won't work…

  • I think if you bought 5 already from yesterday it won't let you buy anymore. The PGIFT10 code is showing as redeemed on my account.

    I got this message:
    The seller only allows buyers to purchase 5 items every 10 days.

  • I believe a lot of us Andy Lee’s name now!

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    If anyone is still having issue with this 4 digit

    Just message the seller from ebay and they will resend 13-digit code to the recipient's email.

    I got mine within 30 minutes of sending a message.

  • Just bought and got codes 5 minutes later.

  • I got a 4 digit code that doesn't work instead of a 13 digit code… wtf?

    • Look 2 messages above yours ;)

  • why are some people receiving codes faster than others?

    it should be a line of processing, what a stupid random system, no wonder they are getting such big errors.

  • Can these gift cards be used in two separate purchases? does it keep the remaining amount in it??

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      yes, as many purchases as you like, the balance of the gift card just keeps reducing. The only catch is that the unused amount can only be used by the same ebay account as initial payment.

      • Thank you for replying!, i flicked through about 5 pages of comments and couldn't see any comment that answered this!

  • -1

    Still haven't received a code yet after paying 4 hours ago and people getting it 5 minutes thinking of doing a chargeback now no response after 5 messages.

    • took me about 4 hours to receive, maybe needs abit more time

  • Previously posted about experiencing Paypal issues. Lady from Paypal was nice but couldn't do anything. Happy to say I was able to figure a workaround and get the transaction processed.

    PM for help so that I can see if this was only a one-off solution. If its not, will be sharing it here afterwards.

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