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Asia Cup Cricket Subscription HD AU $19.47 GST Inclusive @ Yupp TV


Was looking to watch Asia cup Cricket , fed up of buffering apps and stumbled on this offer,$19.47 inclusive GST. Looks like good price for cricket lovers. 6 matches left, hope helps someone. Lag free and no buffering screen.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan left in the tournament.

India vs Bangladesh tonight.

Subscribe to the Asia Cup Package to watch all the matches Live in HD on YuppTV. You can also watch the matches on Smart Televisions, Smartphones, Tablets and Gaming Consoles using YuppTV App.

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  • hey snake - this is solid !!

  • +9 votes

    Shame on Fox Sports for launching a 24/7 channel the other day, but can't be arsed to show this tournament… They're usually pretty good with foreign cricket too, hardly miss much - even splashed on the IPL for once. Poor effort from them.

  • I use free android app -MOBDRO to watch any live sports

  • Thanks a lot mate, I know a lot of friends who have been looking for a reliable service to stream legally. Thanks :)

    • No worries mate, I exactly know what it feel like.Was lucky to find this and good to know it helps others too.

  • Used this for IPL.
    How is this a deal ?

  • Where's Australia?

  • Any good website for highlights?

  • Can confirm the streaming quality is excellent.

  • No Hong Kong. No deal

  • I believe it's only available with yearly subscription

  • Nice deal OP. Nice to see a lot of cricket fans here.
    On a side note, this tournament has been poorly planned. Lots of redundant matches and no rest to the teams. But glad to see new teams like Afghanistan emerge. Hope the game goes global and is played in the Olympics some time soon.

  • 99% of the channels are 4:3 aspect ratio stretched by yupp tv to 16:9, and regarding HD channels, most of the channels broadcast in India are not in HD, then how can they claim it to HD? Very few channels are native HD in India.
    I had very bad experience with yuKK tv, always buffering and ads between changing channels by YUKK TV.
    The customer service is pathetic, they blamed my internet service, when I am on a really fast connection with my ping/latency is around 6ms and download speeds around the 85 Mbps and upload around 37 Mbps. https://imgur.com/Ui3eJKd , but the YUKK TV, customer service kept on telling me that its my internet, I tried to explain to them but in vain, I told them their servers are poor in my country and they have to pay more to get a decent server.
    I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM THIS MESS, and get a good IPTV provider, if you have a half decent new tv, you would have the app built into your TV. cheers!´╗┐

    • About my experience

      Customer service was excellent. Called up to activate app in tv. Was done in less than 3 minutes and no waiting time.

      India has lot of HD channels if you are not aware of it including Sports channels for example star sports and more please find the list.


      I am definitely getting HD in my Hisense.

      It did buffer for less than 10 seconds 4 times yesterday but apart from that I got pretty impressive broadcast.

      If you have better alternative to watch cricket matches abroad please let me know.

      My experience with yupp tv .

      • Yes there are HD channels in India but not APAC. Yupptv only offers 2 actual HD channels namely BBO (there own channel) and ZeeTV HD. Rest are Sd

      • I am with AusIPTV, they provide a tons of sports channels, especially with cricket, there a plenty, and most of them are in FHD (Full High definition) especially Sky sports Cricket from UK and Willow Cricket.
        Most of the world sports are available, and it costs less than YUKK TV for sure.
        As far as HD channels from India, I know there are good HD channels in India, but when it comes to YUKK TV, they are not broadcasting in HD, when I had the subscription and as I mentioned earlier, they changed the native aspect ratio of sd channel 4:3 and stretch it to look like 16:9.
        That was my experience last year.

      • I've tried Yupp Tv and I do not think they broadcast videos in HD. I find video quality to be really bad. For sports, I subscribe to Hotstar and SonyLiv, but you have to have an Indian CC to do so. Quality in Hotstar is pretty good and is in HD. But if you do not have anyone who can help you out with Indian CC, you can't subscribe to them.

        I also use Sling TV with getflix, and subscribe to Hindi channel pack, as it comes with Willow HD subscription, which streams all Cricket matches. There may be a subscription to Willow HD without Hindi pack.

        • Get IPTV bro, I watched the match in FHD (Full High Definition).


          I get Hotstar and Sling TV with VPN USA, through my bro's account in USA, but if I want to watch on my big screen, I have to hardwire HDMI to my TV, specially sling, does not allow chromecast.

          ^Asia Cup, is not broadcasting on sling tv this time around.

        • @kochimurali1: I've a Fire Stick, Xbox One, and Roku as well, and Sling has app for all those. No need to chromecast.

        • @iamafreak:
          I can only get sling through VPN on computer.
          I tried the sling tv app built into my tv, and it says not available in your country. you are lucky that your equipment is able to override the country bar.

          • @kochi murali: I bought the Asia Cup subscription from YuppTV to stream on my PC. The stream is very jittery and laggy at times and the quality doesn't even look 1080HD! It is such a bloody awful service IMO personally.

            Can I ask if you know of an online IPTV that can allow me to watch channels in HD from my browser?
            Really can't be arsed watching anymore on YuppTV, their customer service is clueless, they keep blaming my device although I have a beast of a setup.

            Edit: Trying AUSIPTV.

          • @kochi murali: I dont use VPN but a DNS service such as getflix. I've DNS set up at my router level, and getflix redirects requests based ob which app is being used, for example Sling to US, Hotstar to India etc.

  • Had to come and neg this. I renewed my YuppTV annual subscription and happened to get the Asia cup as a freebie. Watched about 30 minutes of the Ind vs Pak match and the stream was horrible. Not smooth and audio lost sync several times. There was also significant ghosting which made it difficult to track the white ball on occasion. Would not pay for this bad quality streaming but since its a freebie I cant really complain.

    EDIT: As an aside, my connection is 16Mbps and all the other channels work without issue. Can also stream F1 at 720p60fps without issues as well so I highly doubt it is my connection.

    • I can confirm bit of buffering issue at end of innings for 10 minutes, I restarted the app in tv and it fixed itself, rest went well without any buffering.

      My connection running on 43mbps on current speed test. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    • IPTV, is you are in Aus, then AusIPTV is what I get and its crystal clear and not buffering.


      • Is it actually legal?

        • legality part, I am not sure, but because we pay the provider, we are safe, its their duty to provide us legal channels and our payment is invoiced, not cash.
          All good for me, since last couple of years

        • @kochimurali1: Lol actually no it's not their duty to provide legal channels. They state on their channels page "Disclaimer: IPTV content changes over time with demand and not all the channels listed can be guaranteed at all times." which leads me to assume that these are illegal streams which can be taken down at any time.

        • @Piranha2004:I just sayin common sense, you are right on the disclaimer part, I got to be careful not to get into trouble. Lol!
          So, when I think about your question, yes it is illegal, and I don't recommend this to anyone. '


          *its almost like working cash-in-hand, I have done that, when I arrived in Aus in 1980's.

      • Does it need set top box?

        • Nah. If you have a smart TV, you can get the Smart IPTV app from the app store. They give you a 7 day trial first I believe, then you have to pay about $5 EURO for lifetime subscription which is pretty cheap.

  • My tv, has the IPTV app built in, most newish TV's has these apps including Jadoo Tv included. Otherwise you might need a Roku box or similar, which supports IPTV.

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