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Samsung 860 EVO SSD | 500GB $120 | 1TB $228 | Delivered @ Futu eBay


More fantastic pricing on SSDs. Pay with discounted eBay gift cards (back in stock) to save a further 10%. Apply code at checkout. Enjoy :)

Original PHOME20 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Finally pull the trigger:) Thanks TA

    • Excellent drive you won’t be disappointed.

      For anyone cloning your drives, ensure you align the partitions or speed will suffer.

      • +1

        Excuse noob question but aligning partitions meaning exact sizes of the drives? What software would one use to clone?

        • +3

          Good article.

          Clonezilla is a good choice (auto aligns)
          Minipartition Wizard, doesn't auto align when cloning, can also be used to align post creation.

          You don't need to worry about alignment if it is a fresh build, as Windows automatically aligns the partitions.

      • How do I clone a 850 Evo 250GB to this 860 Evo 500GB?

  • +9

    getting closer to the 1TB <$200 :D

    • +3

      $205.20 using discounted gift cards is pretty close. I'm tempted at that price…

      • Since you put it that way.. ;)

      • +1

        don't forget cashrewards to lower it by another $2.28 :)

        • +1

          That's under the mythical $200 barrier! Damn it has happened already!

          Edit: Wait not quite. Got excited. False alarm =(

        • Cashreward might not be paid out if purchasing or purchased with gift cards.

        • @fatice: really? Can anyone chime in with their experience?

  • Just payed with my gift cards and it seems the Phome20 code did not register so I was charged the full $285???

    • +2

      Contact eBay customer care. they can fix it
      Help : Chat with us or Call

      • Thanks BA, Just got off the phone with them and was advised the PHOME20 code was applied successfully to my order. Not sure why the order total does not reflect the final amount. Their online chat is horrible by the way, try to avoid when possible.

        • +6

          You are not charged $285. It will look like so, but if you dig into the actual Paypal transaction, 20% of the amount is paid by promo codes. Better check your bank account too.

    • *paid (iPatch)

  • how long does the ebay cards usually take to be emailed? don't want to wait for them and lose this deal :(

    • +1

      those gift cards are 3 yr expiry so even if you miss this one you can still wait for another one (maybe tomorrow)

      • thats true. just been postponing buying another ssd for so long that i hope i don't have to wait for another deal

        • +1

          It can take up to 4 hours.

        • Mine took 10 minutes! Ordered at 5:19pm and received at 5:29pm, think I got lucky

        • @nismo: guys. We've just confirmed the culprit. Nismo was the one making our gift cards take so long.

    • Took 4h 4m for mine to arrive today.

      • Yep. Mine took roughly 4 hours

    • Another article on the same site predicts a possible 25% drop in prices next year, all up in the air really.

    • Or they're still price fixing =p

  • +1

    With this I can replace the final HDD in my PCs. 100% SSD :)

    • Yeah I moved all my spinning disks to a seperate PC so my gaming PC is all SSD … feels good!

      • One day I will do this but for now the ozbargainer in me cannot pass on cheap 8TB external hdd's then using them as internals.

        $30/TB cannot be beat I am sure.. maybe $25/TB with discount cards or something or second hand but brand new or low usage definitely $30/TB is the sweet spot.

        • Which 8TB drives have you been shucking, and what are you getting out of them?

        • Sticking them in a NAS solved that issue for me.

        • Seagate ones from Amazon

  • oh my I am in desperate need to upgrade my HDD to SSD and RAM but all I use my laptop for is basic browsing however even just basic browsing at the moment is slow and laggy

    • +2

      Try reinstalling windows.

    • +2

      At $30 for a small SSD there is no reason not to upgrade! An ssd is orders of magnitude better!

      Alternatively try testing a decent usb with ReadyBoost. I was amazed how much of a difference it made for a 15 second job with something I had lying around.

  • +1

    Just got a 500gb from PCMeal for $126.65, now this is even cheaper, might be a good time to go for 1Tb.

    • Same here, not yet received the parcel. what can we do? :)

      • +1

        Received mine yesterday :) very happy with the fast delievery. Hope you get yours shortly.

  • +1

    What kind of enclosure would people recommend?

    • +2

      The OzB favourite Orico Transparent Enclosure.

      Have a couple of these from past deals and they do the job!

      • Legit newb question. Why do people (like me) go around buying the portable SSDs which cost more when they can buy one of these and save cash?

        • +2

          Simplicity and portability/design would be the main factors IMO. Drives like the Samsung T5 are much smaller, have Type-C connectivity, are plug and play, and available at most of the 'big' stores like Officeworks/JB.

        • This is unlikely to support TRIM operation, otherwise they’d specify. Without, you’re at mercy of garbage collection based on best guess. You’ll need to read up to understand.

      • is $11 the cheapest it can be found even with special promos and deals?

        Seems like a lot for an enclosure I feel like these should be cheaper or am I dreaming?

        • I'm thinking of getting the same enclosure, but note on that particular listing the say the colour is 'black' and don't mention it being transparent, so I've messaged them to check (no reply yet).

          Seems you can get generic enclosures for as little as $4 or so, but $10 or $11 is ok for me, especially as there are at least reviews around for this one.

      • Ha. Funny you mentioned this drive cos I just chose to buy this based on the fact it was transparent. Glad that I’ve made a good purchase.

  • Can you use 2x Ebay gift card in one transaction?

    • +2

      Comments from the ebay gift card post says it's limited to 8 cards per transaction. The discount code counts as 1 so can use up to 7 cards.

      • Some people have reported successfully using more (15 apparently). I cannot confirm though, just from the comments on the gift card deal.

        • Yeah I'm confused about this one as well. I just got off the chat with one of eBay representatives and she also told me that there's a limit of:

          • 8 eBay gift cards max in one transaction OR
          • 1 promotion code + & eBay gift cards in one transaction

          Either one of those two. However, some people in other threads have reported of using:

          • 15 eBay gift cards in one transaction, each eGift card is worth $100 in value
          • 1 promotion code + 14 eBay fit cards in one transaction

          Just like lyle88, I haven't tested it as well, I don't want to waste my money buying gift cards just to test an unproven theory. For now, just remember that you can ONLY use up to 7 eGift cards to use in confjunction with a promotional code that you have.

        • +2

          @blue2609: Just placed an order using 10 codes + coupon


  • +1

    $228 x 90% x 99%=$203.15 is how much it has been close to $200 after 3 giftcards and cashrewards.
    Thanks OP.

  • +13

    hey before anyone actually buys this you do realize its only 5 dollars more at mwave and other stores its been discounted for months now wait for a actual sale at boxing day. https://www.mwave.com.au/hdds/solid-state-drives-ssd/samsung…

    • +2

      thanks, almost bought when I didn't need it yet. Will keep waiting till I need one and get instore instead.

    • +7

      Plus $10.95 shipping.

    • The 1tb is showing as $248 and I'm assuming there's $10+ postage on top of that.

    • +2

      1TB is $228 vs $248 at MWave. Plus shipping as TA mentioned.

      • +2

        the point is dude literally in a few weeks/months bigger sales will be here if you don't need one yet dont buy it not that big of a discount

        • +3

          It’s a very significant discount if you use the eBay gift cards for another 10% off.

        • +4

          I'd say $205 for 1tb SSD if you use the 10% off eBay gift cards is a fairly big sale.

        • @tightarse: the giftcard is valid for 3 years so no harm waiting it out. Not saying this is a bad deal, but the guys posts are valid and was enough to stop me from buying the drive.

        • @zorrt: that's true. The ebay cards have a 3 years expiry and SSDs are always gonna go down in price over time. I just don't like have $300+ of credit sitting on my ebay account. I usually buy gift cards when I know I'm about to buy something soon as I don't like having large amounts of gift cards just stored up.

        • @tightarse: Agreed … but you can wait to use the gift cards. ;)

        • @cruizerdog:

          Yeh discounted gift cards are my weakness, although I try to resist purchasing them if I haven't got a purchase in mind…

    • was about to buy until i saw this. thank you.

  • +4

    Edit: accidentally made a comment instead of a reply, so……… Hi, R U OK?

  • This is an amazing price

  • I need mSATA, but they're all out of stock :(

  • next week probably Monday the 500gb Samsung 860evo will have another price drop, I am sure it will be cheaper than this in retail shop

  • I havent bought from futu-online before - is this local product or grey import?

    Does it come will full local Samsung warranty ?

    • Au stock inclusive of GST and local Samsung Warranty

  • Ouch. Could've saved myself $30 for the 1tb! Or do I buy another 1tb? Hmm…

    • +8

      Average down your cost/terabyte, you’re losing money if you don’t buy another one haha

  • -1

    Great deal! I still have not been able to think of a justifiable use of the card :(

  • Thanks OP. $120 for a new SSD, bought.

  • Thanks, TA, bought a 500gb.

  • Thanks TA! Nearly 1/4 the price/gb of the 840 Evo it'll replace.

  • Thanks TA!

  • Just contacted E bay help. To use the GIFT CARDS first you must have a CODE which having ordered several hours ago I still am waiting for.

    I expected given email supply it would not take long but I was wrong.

    Contacted E Bay help and unless you have GIFT CARD CODE they cannot be used.

    Not sure how to use the Futu E Bay code and then the Gift CARD Codes.

    Hope the above helps.

    • It took 4 hours for my code to arrive. Looking at other comments, it also took them 4 hours

  • hanks, TA, got a 500GB :)

  • Cheers TA, grabbed a 1TB using a couple of the PayPal gift-cards - been waiting ages to get one! In my excitement I forgot to go through CW, sorry!

    For those waiting on the gift cards, I ordered mine at 2:37pm, and received them at 6:41pm, so 4 hours and 4 minutes later.

    • Hmmmm. I ordered mine at 2:25pm and got mine at 6:40pm

  • I don't know about everyone else but when I tried to order the 1tb with the discount and $300 of gift cards it kept trying to charge me the undiscounted price of $280ish. I ended up just using $200 of gift cards and paid the extra $28. Made it an extra $3 for $208 but it saved me the hassle of talking to eBay support about being overcharged.

    • Yeah I did as well at first.

      Then redid it with the 20% code first. Then my three vouchers. Seemed to work ok that way
      Just double checked by running another item through to checkout stage and have $72 on the last voucher good to go.

      • I did it with voucher first but was still showing up as $280. I just didn’t want the risk of having to deal with customer service

        • Ipatch above confirmed it's just a dodgy checkout system and that don't charge you the undiscount price.

  • E-Bay Gift Card wait time 3.50 PM to 7.53 PM so 4 hours and 3 minutes so around 4 hours seems right.

    I can only agree that saving a chat or phone call to E-Bay alleged help service is not useful or helpful.

    You will get spin about being sorry for the confusion without accepting any re4sponsibilty for some prominent notice of just how long the delay will be. The alleged "HELP" services suggest waiting at least 24-48 hours. FYI.

    Thanks to others for posting the delay times they experienced. That's helpful.

  • Awesome price but unfortunately got a 860 Evo 250GB yesterday T_T

  • Can someone please confirm if this comes with 7mm to 9.5mm spacer to fit older laptops having 9.5mm thick 2.5" slots?

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