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20% off Selected Sellers @ eBay (Dell, Grays, KG, Futu, Videopro and More)


20% off Selected Sellers @ eBay (Dell, Grays, KG, Futu, Videopro and More)

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Selected Sellers

Allphones Online
Appliance CentralShop By Store
Aquaneo Pool Store
Bargain Street Australia
Camera House
Camerastore Australia
Cut Price Gadgets Australia
Dell Australia
Eastlakes Electronics
Golf Mate EBISU
GraysOnline Australia
Gruffa Sports
Hardware shop to you
KG Electronic
Life AU
My Phonez
Nice Lena
NO Frills
Shopping Express Outlet
Tech Zone
The Climbing Fig
Treasure PC
Videopro Australia

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  • +1

    "This page may have moved or is no longer available." ??

    • +30

      Have patience grasshopper

      • Blast from the past.

  • Hoping for a sub $1400 gaming laptop with GTX1060

  • -3

    Anything to buy?

    • +9


  • +1

    Cool. This is my backup if no birthday sale eventuates

  • +4

    thanks.. bought pana fz oled 55 for 2152… plus cash rewards and maybe flybuys.. not sure what flybuys promo is on?

    • when? from videoPro? They've increased the price

      how far (in metre) is your viewing distance from your seat to the TV?
      Can't decide whether to get 65" LED or 55" OLED

      • it doesnt matter how far you sit .. oled in 55 and 65 looks really good :) .. even from 50 meters im sure i'll be happy.

        • oh thanks for the info about appliancecentral..was waiting for this store to be included after long time
          yeah for 65" I was after the LED not OLED, coz the price is way too exy. no doubt OLED is great

    • That is a cracking deal for that panel.
      Very tempted to pull the trigger on it as well. 55" is the sweet spot for my games room.

    • +1

      I thought $2300 was good from Harvey Norman! Your patience has been rewarded!

    • +1

      plus 150 gift card back from betta

      so 21+150+flybuys .. total is less than 2k :)

      if we receive it within the next week.

      • Will they really give the Betta gift card made on an Appliance Central eBay purchase?

        • +1

          According to confirmation email.. They will invoice from their shop front which is betta villawood so should apply

      • Is Betta Electrical still around? I thought they went broke.

    • +1

      Just got a call.. Should be delivered this afternoon :)

  • Hope Temple Webster is in it

  • +2

    Phome? What the hell is phome

    • +10

      ET phome home

    • P ….. HOME .

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    • +1

      Phome is fine.

    • Phome is the schtuff in bubble baffs

  • Seems like they may be pushing these sales now before they run a 15-20% off discount storewide for the birthday. Normally with these sales although they look like 20% the distributor/retailer needs to pay about 10%.

  • +1

    Why ebay don't put 25% for ebay plus members I wonder?! Lets celebrate your birthday eBay!

  • Is there any rules from eBay regarding pricing in normal store vs eBay store?

    Kind of like ubereats don't allow different prices. I'm guessing there's not considering all the "pricejack" posts, but big brick and mortar stores like good guys usually have the same prices as their store.

    I'm looking at something from videopro though which is about 20% more expensive on eBay compared to their store… Come on. I thought a big chain like that would have had the same prices.

    EDIT: maybe I exaggerated. I punched the numbers and it's "only" 10% more expensive, but still.

  • Do we have Search query for these stores?

    • there should be a "search the sale" section at the bottom of the page

      • Thanks, saw it just now.

  • Ergh chasing a Sony A6300, doesn’t look like any good deals yet. Boo boo.

    • I'm after this one too. Missed the last deals from TGG.

      • Camera house has a6300 with the 18-135 for $1,439 plus cashback ($15)… not as low as I’ve seen in the past (~$1,200). Think I’ll hold off.

        • Including the 10% off eBay gift cards this will come down a litttle, though it’s unclear exactly how much.
          Ebay have their own conditions saying max 8 cards per transaction. Mixed reviews from users saying they’ve been able to us up to 16 gift cards per transaction.


        • @Rockit22: just ordered the A6300 & 18135mm from videopro. Used PHOME20 and 14 gift cards, made it $1,298 delivered.

    • How much better is it getting the A6300 rather than the A6000? Trying to decide. Thanks.

      • +1

        From what I have read & heard the improvements between a6000 & a63000 are substantial. Better AF, better sensor technology and it does 4k. TBH most of my comparisons were between a6300 and a6500, I've settled on a6300.

        • Thank you.

  • No good for me, mavic air they supposedly retail for 1559 and now is 1247..

    Hope some people find some good deals

  • Looking for an iPad - no good deals for a 32gb model :(

  • Looking for (another) BES920 coffee maker. Can't find any good deals recently.

    • Could always save a couple dollars and drink one cup at a time rather than buying a second machine

      • Hilarious. It's for someone else.

  • Any Samsung TVs? 😁

  • +1

    Any good dell 1440p 144hz monitors?

    • XB271HU is on Newegg at ~$703 a few days ago, should still be there!

  • Hanging out for 25% off eBay plus

    • +3

      Take a change of clothes and something to eat, you'll be hanging a while

  • Let's watch allphones Jacking again

  • I just purchased something. Should I wait until tomorrow to pay or pay today and get the 10% off?

  • +1

    Tried to make a search link:


    EDIT: Oh it seems there has been a search link above =.=

  • Can someone kindly point me to a graphics card on ebay that will go with Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i7-4770. Doesn't matter if its part of this sale or not. Thank you.

    • -1

      I guess you just bought the desktop recently, so you made yourself in the hard situation

      • I already have this pc. if i we get ebay b'day discounts tomorrow i want to buy a card for this pc. cheers.

    • +2

      After going down a forum rabbit hole from reading your comment I think this would fit: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-GTX1050Ti-4GB-Low-Profile-PC...
      Of course you should do more research before purchasing it. Some said this was too power consuming for the PSU and others said it was fine. Good luck.

      • thanks heaps for doing that. very helpful.

  • -1

    Wheres the NVidia 2080Ti?

    • May be mistaken but I thought the 2080 releases soon and the Ti is delayed a couple/few weeks. Also don't think these stores sell them.

  • I’m going to see if I can get a decent deal for an Arlo Pro 2 3x camera set.

  • Is allphones trustworthy? Looking for an iPhone X, but some reports from eBay suggest the phones might not be as advertised!

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Dell-Inspiron-Gaming-Desktop... Is this any good? I need a machine for video editing. Not so much games.

    • -1

      Need more ram for video editing.

      • +3

        16 GB of ram is enough for video editing…. SSD and i7 will be great as well. Very easy to add RAM later if the performance isnt exactly what they want.


        How much RAM do you need for Video Editing
        8GB of RAM: Only if you are editing smaller than 1080p projects or are ok with closing down other Programs that are using up lots of your RAM in the background.
        16GB of RAM: Good for editing 1080p – 4K 8bit Projects, with minor usage of background Programs
        32GB of RAM: Good for any type of editing with heavy use of background hogs, such as editing large images in photoshop.
        64GB or more: This is recommended if you are editing 8K footage in 10bit or more and rely heavily on having several RAM-hogging Programs open at once such as After Effects or Cinema 4D.

  • Whats people's opinion on the dell xps 13" 9370?

    • It's awesome. Only thing to watch for is some people got one with the coil whine noise.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, snagged me a new Sony 16-35 GM lens for $2,799 after $700 discount.

  • +1

    According to a current affair last night eBay will be looking at stores pricejacking during these Sales. Every single DJI product I just looked has been jacked up well over retail price. What an absolute joke.

    • i found the same…they wont price jack ebay lady on ACA said..How do these people sleep at night…

  • -3

    Ugh pity Futu price jacks hard.

  • Any good deals on NAS and/or drives for same?

  • I am getting an error applying the code "we ran into a problem. Try again later"

  • I’m trying to buy some RAM from FUTU, code won’t work.. anyone know why ?

  • Still no Google Home Max deals :(

  • No one know when a 20% site wide is coming again? These are normally the only chance we have to get in before the jacking starts

    Sick of the Canon camera jacking.

  • Hoping Digidirect has a ebay sale….. got a few things i want from them. haha

  • +1

    Thanks OP - bought new gear from Futu Online. Could only buy 2 at a time, had to use another ebay login to get the last item needed - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 for $208…