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Triple Flybuys Points on Purchases @ eBay


Was browsing on eBay after 12am see anything interesting after the PARTY19 deals, found the banner of this offer but the T&C page is not up, however when I clicked thru the "Activate Now" button it worked and show "You've activated our offer! Collect triple flybuys points on your ebay purchases" on my ebay flybuys homepage, so pretty sure it has already started today.

Pity that Flybuys points will not be earned on gift card purchases or this will make the 10% gift card off deal even better.

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    I must have the worst luck. I just bought some stuff from eBay at 11.30pm.

    • I bought a laptop yesterday grr

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    Can confirm you do receive flybuys points when using a gift card to purchase. I even got points for the full price even though I used a 10% off voucher.

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      They mean purchasing the gift cards not using..

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    I just dropped 2400, on a new camera lens :(

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      I feel your pain - I just dropped $89 on one too!

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      I just dropped a camera lens and it shattered :(

      • They'll do that, sadly.

      • oh so sad.

  • At first I’m like bah, then I see not on gift cards after I got $500 of eBay digital cards yesterday.

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    the 10x flybuys point on August still not credited yet.

    • I used my 10x promo in July and only received the bonus points at the end of August. I got the regular points the next day for comparison.

      It might help to call them and chase them up on it.

    • Got my 10x flybuys point yesterday!

      • Yes i got it too. Yay

        • Same!

  • Bear in mind, unfortunately you also do NOT earn any single Flybuys point for purchases that are related to Woolworth Group's seller.


    2.2 Exclusions
    Vouchers cannot be used for the following:

    Excluded Categories: Services (316); Tobacciana (593) (except “Tobacciana > Lighters” (951)); Cars, Bikes, Boats (9,800); Tickets, Travel (11,730); Formula (20,403); Bullion (178,078); Gift Cards (184,609)

    Excluded Sellers: woolworthssupermarkets; danmurphys_au; big-w-online; cellarmaster-wines; winemarket

    In addition, eBay reserves the right to exclude other items, categories or sellers as may be necessary to comply with the law or its contractual obligations.

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    Does flybuys stack with cash rewards?

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  • Can someone tell me if you purchaed ebay gift cards not from recent ebay gift card deal and use them to buy your item on ebay do you get flybuy points on that purchase as they are giving extra point was curious and if they do how long does it take to show up on your account on flybuys.thanks

  • Perfect timing just spend some cash

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