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[SA] Gerni 1590psi Classic 105.5 High Pressure Cleaner $25 on Clearance @ Bunnings (Modbury)


Found these pressure washers at Bunnings for $25 each, spoke to the guy and he says it is clearance nationwide as they are not restocking them anymore!

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This product is out of stock at Modbury but it may still be available at a reduced price at other locations. Prices may not be the same.

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  • tempted…… but not sure where has stock. haha
    I would say limited to almost zero stock.
    This is a further reduction from the previous Ozb post:

    So most of it would have been already cleared.

    • That is the 105.5 not 110.5 ?

      • Ahhh….. i see. Looks like the OP changed the title… It did say 105.5 before.

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    I'm more interested in the cock with a 20mm ass.

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      Your comment is a little confusing now that the context of the original comment you replied to is gone.

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        Hilarious, got some context once I saw OP's receipt.

        • Ah right! Hose cock 20mm hand top ass!

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      anything that involves ass, cocks and two gernis, count me out.

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        sooooo, one gerni is OK?


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          2 ozbargainer 1 gerni pressure cleaner.


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      Username checks out.

  • Well done, OP! Can confirm Underwood (QLD) store pricing at $99. Stock level seems good at 30 units as at 3:28pm.

    • Did they price match for you?

      • @ArabMoneeey sadly not. I have been told at a number of Queensland stores that they have a policy not to price match other Bunnings stores as some stores have more stock of some items than others which is why they may have a sale. Whether this is completely true I can't be sure so other comments from the OzB community would be welcome

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          Thanks, im in WA so might give it a go.

    • 105 or 110 model?

      • @fruxo & @ArabMoneeey - Apologies - I checked Bunnings using the information from the previous post above @lplau and @plavos using the I/N number from

        Would be worth calling to check if they have stock of the smaller 105.5 instead of 110 I mistakenly used. Would be curious to know if you can find stock - fingers and toes crossed!

  • Folks, can this be used for cleaning outdoor concrete surfaces, like driveway or hard surfaces in the backyard?

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      Use the circular type head will do but it needs to be very close to the concrete to be cleaned as this model isn't the most powerful one.

  • so is it 105.5 or 110.5??

  • I just checked Bunning Sunshine and they advised it's $99. Must be a Modbury only deal

  • what's the normal price for these?

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    OP did the Modbury store have many more in stock??

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    Superb price but I doubt I'll find one in NSW.

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    $24 in WA . Heaps of stock!!!!

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      What store?

    • Receipt if possible please, thanks heaps!

    • Where in WA?

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    Oops, the lady gave me the wrong price over the phone.

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    I rang multiple store in WA and none has this deal..they all have a promotional offer of $99 for the same unit.

    • I checked in WA as well and the 105 unit is clearance for $49 deleted stock item and they had no stock. Price wasn’t $25 in system for clearance either.

  • Just in time, I am needing a pressure washer. How many are at modbury you reckon?

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    Bunnings Modbury are out of stock

  • if you are in victoria, caroline springs has about 180 in stock. according to their online system.
    The 105.5 retail for 39.95 and not 99$ like the 110.

  • Title says Classic 105.5 and the product page in the description has the Classic 110.5, so which one is it?

    • use the product code mate 128470959 ( as per his receipt)

  • Are these pressure cleaners really that much better than a decent hose? They seem pretty cheapily made and look like they wont last long.

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    just purchased 5 of these in cranbourne vic, no hesitations on price matching.

    • Hi can you please post the receipt? Also how was stock levels there? Thanks

      • None left at Cranbourne.

        Also Mornington and Hastings have been brodened as someone came in and purchased all 18 at Mornington and 8 at Hastings.

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      Well done! Superb Christmas presents.

  • Hi guys any Luck on NSW ?? product code: 128470959

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    $39 at Bayswater, WA

    • did you ask for a price match?

      • Na just noticed it as I was walking in to Bunnings. Didn't actually buy one

  • Lidcome have 26 of them @ $49 though and will not match the price

    • The op got 2 units for $50 so 26 units for $49 is a better deal.

    • have you tried scan it on check out?

    • have you tried scan it on check out?

  • Knoxfield VIC had the price at $50.
    Refused to price match any lower.
    Only a handful left in stock.

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    Just purchased 2 from Bunnings Capalaba for $25 each.

    • -1


    • Well done @Bart81! How did you get them to match for $25 each?

  • Bought one about an hour after OP from Bunnings Munno Para West for $99. Made a special trip to get it and Modbury is my usual store! Feel like such a sucker!!!

    • Isn't that the normal price for the 10.5?

  • Great price for an okayish product.

    If you want a decent pressure washer to clean outside of house, patios, driveway etc get one that has a high l/min at a high pressure (min 2500psi).

    These small cheap ones will take you all day to do any of the tasks above. If you will be using it semi regularly and value your free time, the more expensive one will pay itself back easily in the long run and do a much better job .

    Not bagging the deal.

    • Is there a particular one you’d recommend? I’m looking for one but don’t want a cheap/useless one.

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    Caroline springs has 160 units $49 ticketed but showed reciept and paid $25 each for 8

    • Caroline Springs has it for $49 and refused to match even with the receipt. The manager said it is one-off.

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        Seems require to haggle with the story manager to match it.
        Just curious if anyone else was able to get it for $25?

        • My mate whent to port Melbourne and got a few no hassle

      • Is deleated item in system so they can and did discount to $25

    • You own 8 cars I'm guessing.

      • eBay acc

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      Your place must be really dirty to use 8 pressure washers.

  • I tried getting it for $25 @ Lidcombe but manager refused to price match interstate Bunnings. Maybe another store manager would of. Paid $49