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5% off Jetstar Gift Cards @ PayPal Digital Gifts


Just noticed PayPal Digital Gifts are offering 5% off Jetstar Gift Cards.

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  • Good since no more woolies cards

  • You can buy them on eBay, can't you? So if I got the 10% ebay gift cards and then used them to buy jetstar ones, will I be able to get 10% off jetstar instead? I'm not sure if you can buy other gift cards with gift cards

    • Read reviews for PayPal? Why? everyone knows and uses PayPal. If they wanted to mess with me they already have all my card details

  • Great to use for the Jetstar japan sale! Oh wait..

  • Lol @ go easy on me.

    Are we really that bad? =p

  • Also available via entertainment book … but limited to $1000/day

    Anyone know how many gift cards you can use in one transaction on the jetstar website?

  • How quickly does the gift card deliver to your email?

    • EB is instant.

      PayPal digital gifts is anywhere from few mins to few hours.

      • Really? Did EB upgrade their system? It always takes a while to get EB gift cards in my experience

        • Not sure about any upgrade, but I bought some jetstar gift cards a few weeks ago and they turned up immediately. Same with David Jones gift cards (a few months ago), also immediate.

          Worth noting the EB website still advises people that delivery might take 48 hours.

  • The offer is only applicable to Jetstar Gift Cards valued at $50, $100, $250. Offer is not valid for other Jetstar Gift Card denominations, including but not limited to Variable.
    Offer is valid from September 24th to September 30th, 2018 or until supplies last; limited quantity available.
    Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferrable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale.
    Full Jetstar Gift Card T&Cs here.

  • Damn! Just eagerly bought $500 worth for a flight overseas but only later realized I won't get my AMEX travel insurance if booking using gift card (even though gift card was paid with the AMEX)

  • what is the expiry date on these gift cards?

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    OP already in Penalty Box. Whoopsy.

  • I couldn't dissuade people enough from NOT buying Jetstar giftcards. I have had the greatest difficulty in trying to use my cards. Specifically, I tried to pay for a price guarantee fare with these cards, they don't register as payment. Then their customer care tell you to pay by credit card and open a reimbursement case, then you gotta sit tight and pray that they get back to you within their 10 business day turnaround. As yet, I'm still waiting ( >10 BDs) and when you try to follow it up, customer care says you just need to wait for someone to contact you. AVOID AVOID AVOID

    • I've definitely used Jetstar GCs to pay for a price guarantee fare (in fact that's the only way I would book a Jetstar flight TBH).
      When you mentioned "I tried to pay for a price guarantee fare with these cards, they don't register as payment", do you mean that there was no option to pay with these GCs or did errors pop up after entering the GC numbers and PINs?

      • The giftcard is an option as a payment, but despite acknowledging the cards value upon entering , it doesn't deduct the GC value from the balance due, and when you try to click pay now it just refreshes the payment page. Since you have already tried to pay with the GC, the GC value is preapproved/ pending and when you try to re-enter the GC details and try again it rejects the card.

        Customer care are also at a loss to help with the payment as they claim to be unable to process GCs , which are only redeemable online (?!?!)

        • Wow, that is incredibly strange. What route have you tried to book? Poor form by Jetstar if this is a widespread issue!

        • Just interstate between NSW and VIC.

          For reference, it's the physical GCs that I tried to use.

          But to reiterate, their customer care has just been pretty poor on trying to resolve the problem . The first person I spoke to actually had no idea , didn't lodge the case properly, which was only realised after I followed up after the first 10 BDs. .. so it's been more like 20 BDs since I contacted Jetstar about this issue originally.

          Wait times on their online chat can be atrocious ( >30mins) and still queued so you have to be strategic about when you want to contact them , and sometimes they just disconnect the chat after you've explained the case. D:

        • @MathNerd:

          I think the issue of taking pre-approval from the GC and not releasing it for 24-48 hours is a widespread issue. I've seen a comment to that affect on the jetstar checkout, but it says to contact customer service, who can process the payment. From what I remember it happens if you don't complete the transaction with in some window.

          I don't like @checkoutchick's chance of being reimbursed, without putting up a big fight.

        • @checkoutchick: I experienced exactly the same issue too earlier this year. Couldn’t use the gift cards on price beat, had to contact customer service multiple times (different operators would advise different stuff) before getting to the right person who knew what to do, ended up having to use my credit card to pay for it first and be reimbursed later. What was meant to be a simple half hour transaction turned out to be a nightmare!

        • I had exactly the same problem. Entered all the GCs but wouldn't let me proceed. When I checked the GC balance it looked like it was still there, but strangely I could enter the booking, select seats etc.! After contacting support, it seems they put a hold on the cards and I had to wait 24 hours to try redoing the transaction. By that time it seemed that there were no available seats on that flight anymore, so I didn't bother after that. Ended up paying for a business fare straight up, as I had some soon expiring cards.

          I have successfully used GCs for price beat a year ago though. Hope it gets resolved.

    • I've successfully use e-giftcards and jetstar credit at the checkout, with a price beat … no issues.

  • 2 questions…

    a) can you buy more than one gift voucher at a time from paypal
    b) can you use more than one gift voucher at a time on Jetstar website?


  • Hi all, I'm in need of advice on whether I should buy these GCs, as I'm planning to buy about $500 worth of Jetstar tickets for a domestic flight in December. I'm not aiming for a price beat guarantee. But after reading all the comments above, I'm a bit skeptical about the usefulness of these GCs now..

  • I'm getting the error "We're sorry, we can't complete your purchase right now." :(

  • Placed order 10:38AM today and it's now 1:40PM, still not receiving any gift card. Disappointed

  • for 5% off! i grabbed one i wonder why they yanked the japan deal though

  • I can't seem to use the voucher for one way international flights going to AU. Any ideas?