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EB Games Manager's Special: Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360 - $47!


Our current “Manager’s Special” is Red Dead Redemption for PS3 or 360 for ONLY $47! This deal is available at all our stores around Australia and on our website until the 15th of March, but only while stocks last. You can also trade your old games toward this deal to make it even cheaper. If you want to find out trade values for your games please call 133 930 from Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm or email [email protected]

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      that's the UK version… no different, (aside from packaging), but some might want the Aussie version, or might want it today, as opposed to waiting for delivery.

      • I've bought a couple games from ozgameshop. They were aussie versions. Maybe sometimes they are UK versions, sometimes they are Aussie versions.

        • I bought this game from ozgameshop and it's the uk version

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    $34 today at big w online, free delivery.

  • BigW are cheaper by far.

    Edit/ actually it's back to $88 at BigW online…

  • Guys umm why are you talking about BigW they ARE NOT CHEAPER

    LOL the guy posted a link for Mafia 2 and it seems no one checks it they simply follow sheep and say BigW is cheaper lol

    • Umm
      I did check? That's why I edited my post before you posted?

  • It's very easy to find this game for less than $50. This does not look like a bargain.

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    $48 in game, better trade in values there as well.

  • Clearly not a bargain at all. Another EBfail.

    • We have ascertained that it can be bought cheaper overseas….. however, for those that want to buy the Aussie version and take it home with them today, I have yet to see anyone providing a cheaper alternative…..

      • I agree - where is it available cheaper in Australia?
        $68 at Game - zombie version for $44

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    Nice try EB.

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    We've seen $44-$48 regularly.

    Sorry to shoot the messenger Pheobe, but you work for EB, so you if anyone can make it clear to management that this isn't a good price. Really, it needs to be included in your current $38 games list.

    Otherwise it's not worth bothering with. We can all smell the impending permanent price drop by the number of stores discounting this item lately.

  • they think they can sell this game at this price on ozbargain ? !! i think EBGAINS needs to do more research before doing "managers special"

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    can any of the neggers of this post point me to a store where I can walk in today and buy this cheaper?

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      The thing is with games that nobody ever has a dire, burning need to buy a game THAT day - as it is not a necessity, like razors or bread etc. Waiting 10 days for a game you can save yourself money, petrol/bus fare and time (in the sense that you don't need to leave your chair). In answer to your question, probably not. If you don't care about wasting your money because you're impatient then go to EB.

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        Agreed, also I don't know about the stores where other people live, but near me both JB and GAME will usually at least match if not beat the EB price (and vice versa to be fair, they're usually pretty competitive).
        I'm not saying this isn't an ok price, but it's not exactly a bargain considering you can get it for $49 delivered (see manbearpig comment below).

      • That's bull, I'm going to big w and getting a copy of mafia 2 if they have it, and im playing mass effect on my 360 at the moment. The whole point is, that you should cast your vote with consideration to everyone, not your preference. You might be willing to wait, but you don't know other peoples situation.

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        There are situations where andy's point is valid. eg, a last minute birthday gift, people who don't want to order games online for security reasons or who don't have a reliable postal service in their area. It's unfair to neg this post just because you can get it cheaper online, but it would be fair to neg it if it is readily available at a physical shop for less. Point it out by all means, but a neg is harsh on that point alone.

  • I am starting to think andy19363 is sockpuppeting
    Your argument is exactly like bookdepository vs Borders.
    Just think about it

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      Cool….have been accused of that before, (with cotd, and another place that skips my memory) ….. nice to have another one under my belt.

      Does that mean you can't point me to a cheaper store?

      Incidentally, could you also let me know the locations of bookdepository stores in Australia, as I'd like to buy a book today……

      • I think a bit of devil's advocate is a good thing here. There's nothing wrong with debate. I think andy19363 makes a valid point, but so do most of the other comments here.

        • so do most of the other comments here.

          indeed they do…. but when they attach negatives to those comments, it removes the post from the front page, meaning it will be invisible to most, meaning the information will be likely unread.

          As yet, despite the negs, no one has provided a cheaper Australian alternative…. (although manbearpig has got close)

          a bit of devil’s advocate is a good thing here.

          sometimes running with the herd is not all it's cracked up to be :)

          as an aside, I don't think this is a particularly good deal (bought mine from ozgame shop for $38)….however, I also don't think it's a particularly bad deal either….hence my neutral vote

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    Postage is $4.95 which makes it $51.95. $47 in store but I consider games at EB stores to be second hand since people play and return them.

    I'd rather buy a guaranteed new copy (sealed) from JB for $49 delivered

    • This is a very good point. EB are happy to sell you "new" (recently returned) games.

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    I love EB GAMES

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    This would've been a good price about 6 months ago.

    • I agree…
      Not sure what it is about certain Rockstar games, but GTA IV was full price for over a year after it was released, then about a week after I bought it at full price it dropped to the $50-60 mark that games normally do within 6 months of release.

      The same thing is happening with Read Dead Redemption, so I suppose I should do everyone a favour and go buy it at full price, then a week later everyone can pick it up for $50 from any store.

      • I suppose I should do everyone a favour and go buy it at full price, then a week later everyone can pick it up for $50 from any store.

        full price today seems to be $47….. go buy one, then maybe next week it will be $20 ;)

    • Asian version… but a good price

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    Saw it at DSE at Epping for $44 today.

    • good price….it's $70 on their website…
      Unless they've mixed it up with the nightmare version, which is $40

      • Yeah, my assumption was they screwed up and mis-labelled it, but there was a few copies there.

        • or perhaps this game has had a substantial drop in price (making this deal even more of a 'meh'), although I would have thought that would have been reflected in the online price.

          Either way…. good find :)

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