This was posted 2 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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60% off Selected Canon Ink Cartridges (e.g PG510 Twin Pack $21.63) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) via Amazon AU


Genuine canon ink cartridges for 60% off on Amazon.

Ink cartridges are super expensive however this may bear a little on the load if you want to restock your printer.

e.g. $11.17 651 Black XL

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  • This is even cheaper than Rihac refill cart or other recycled ink cartridge. Purchased one thanks.

  • Good price if your model is available.

  • Half the price you will pay at officeworks

  • Thanks. Bought 15x 680series XXL cartridges

    • Bought but no upvote?

      • Be careful, mods now count that as against the rules for requesting upvotes and are likely to remove your comment.

        Silly rule imo and I agree with your comment, but users don't get a say in it sadly.

        • Fair enough, I didn’t realise it’s against the rules and happy for mods to remove it if necessary. But I mean, surely if the person really did buy 15x, such a quantity must’ve meant it’s a good deal and deserves an upvote

      • Have one from me instead.

  • They must have every cartridge available except the one I

  • Oh they have CLI 42 for less than $10 a tank. Might have to buy 20 of them.

    Only five of he eight colors though. Still though, always need more yellow and grey.

    • You could always try precisioncolors

      Do you find yellow and grey drop out the fastest?

      • Light grey runs out the fastest, but the other greys go fast as well. And I could always use more yellow chips. Aye, I'm already using precision colors. But I don't feel comfortable selling prints using the PC inks when it's likely they will want to keep the print for years. The colours look great, but I'm worried about premature fade.

        • Thanks for the heads up I only just got mine recently.

          I just use it for liaison and presentations so fade doesn't matter.

          Good luck with your prints.

          • @mutardo: Word of warning, it can take a long time to empty OEM tanks just to fill them with the PC inks. And you'll need to print on something too, so there's paper costs in just emptying the OEM ink. I keep three active sets, one set with OEM ink, one set with PC inks ready to be swapped in, and another set of PC inks. So when one tank of PC ink gets low, I just take them all out and swap in the full set of PC inks and then refill and flash them later all at once. It's a lot of effort, but even at $10 a tank these are expensive. These retail for $26 here normally, or as low as $20 per tank if you buy a set of eight through inkstation (though the greys run out twice as fast as the others, do you don't always want another full set of all eight colours). Cheapest I've seen the OEM CLI 42 is $16 a tank.

            Canon ink doesn't expire, unlike PC ink, so you can safely stock up.

  • Huge thanks. Was floored at how expensive refilling my little canon printer was when I went to Officeworks. Just spent the same amount on Amazon but got double the amount.

  • Excellent deal - thanks 'THX'!

    Strangely, the CLI651XLY (yellow) is still the normal price but the Magenta and Cyan siblings are great value at discounted price.

  • Awesome deal - bought 18 cartridges! Already had quite a few spare from previous Ebay specials, so I should be good for ink for a long while - except for 651XL Yellow which wasn't listed for some reason! :-(

    Thanks for posting the deal!

    Edit: Didn't even have to pay postage - even without Prime!

  • do these cartridges have an expiry date or do they go bad after a while?

    • All inks have an expiry or "use by" date, however, some Canon ink cartridges just have the manufacturing series number at the bottom, without the actual date. I would guess inks which in this deal close to their expiry; having said that, most of the ink cartridges will work fine long after the "use by" date if stored properly.

  • Thanks! Grabbed some spares at a great price.

  • Order a couple of 521s combo pack. Saved heaps!

    Thanks very much OP.

  • great timing, ordered a full set and back ups of the 3 colours.