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Telstra BYO $59/Month: 60GB Data + Unlimited National & International Calls to 15 Countries


$59 per month for 12 Month, Originally $69 per month with $10 credit applied . For new and existing customers.

Included in plan

  • 30Gb base data & 30Gb bonus data
  • Unlimited National Calls & International calls to 15 countries
  • Peace of mind data included
    List of International Countries included
    Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Link to CIS. https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/mobile-...

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  • worth seeing if JB HiFi have same offer with a $200 store credit

  • How does this line up against the JB HIFI deal? That is a better deal right?

    • for international calls and peace of mind data included, extra data too (by 10GB). if you make international calls then definitely better with this :)

      • It's less data than the $65 plan (80gb on that one) and it's more money than the $45 plan (50gb). Int'l calls and POM are good additions though.

  • wow the $89 plan now includes SMS,Call and data for roaming 0_0 Shame it dosnt have the $10 off as well that's huge value (for the traveler who does a lot of call and SMS's when OS)

    • only 2GB data when roaming overseas,thatsbitofdraw back. if it is the same like vodafone with all inlcuded data in plan, then i will be all over this.

      • The 199 plan comes with 10GB >_< hahaha and unlimited full speed AU data :)

        Makes it worth while for a link trip OS vs the $5 to $10 per day rates

  • Wow this is almost as cheap as nbn plan

    • Brb cancelling my home internet

    • Telstra/voda/optus are legit trying to grab market share from NBN

      • Definitely a great idea for most people. If you work from home or game I'd say separate Internet. If you just browse not worth paying again. Multiples of streaming dont do that well with the extra bandwidth anyway.

    • I'm in a HFC area waiting goodness knows how long for NBN using who knows what technology. How complicated would it be to connect a plan like this up to an existing adsl modem/router?

      • Depends whether your existing router has a USB port and takes a LTE modem on it. A few of the newer ones do, but not the ISP-supplied ones.

      • iinet modems have had this feature for many years (at least 5)

        Most half decent modems/routers also have it. Not a particularly unique feature.

        It is quite easy to set up. Just a plug it in and a few setup changes on the router menus.

  • Something for existing users, hooray!

  • Can you do data sharing with other numbers on this?

    • No we can’t use with other data share sim..

      • They’ve also changed their business plan. From what I know they kept the data sharing there. Maybe that’s an option? I’m gonna try that route tomorrow.

        • How'd you go? Just read the T&Cs about the new business plans and it's not clear to me: "Data Share
          SIMs can’t be used in a mobile handset." - but it also talks about shareable data.

          • @dracothraxus: i honestly dont get the $5/mo data share…. is it just them trying to catch out people who dont know how to hotspot? or do they actively block hotspotting on these plans? (i know this happens in the US and UK)

    • Just on chat now with Telstra and had missed the fact they've removed data sharing across their entire range of new plans… what a major change for the negative.

      • Yes the sharing is great for our family. I wish the new plans removed piece of mind data and reinstated data pooling.

      • Damn, that really sucks! I have a SIM only in my tablet and it was pooled to my main account. I removed it from the tablet and stuck it in Telstra 4G dongle, now ALL my tablets (well kids) can use the data and I've even been USB tethering my PC to game when the kids are smashing the link.

        60GB pooled would have been amazing :D

  • The $45 50GB $200 gift voucher is a better deal. Add $10 a month for unlimited overseas ( certain countries). So $55 per month - $16.60 ( taking into account the $200 voucher), is $38.40 per month

    • Can you share more info on the $10 a month unlimited roaming?

      • I got this added when I signed up. $10 unlimited international pack, at JB in Brisbane CBD store

    • Confirmed that JB HiFi deal will not get $10 International Call Pack. I have called Telstra 3 times and 2 different chat personnel. Just signed up to the JB HiFi deal on Friday.

      Another OzBargainer reported JB HiFi couldn't sign them up on the spot either.

    • Is this at JBHIFI now ? and what if im with telstra sim only plan already ?

      • Yes :) I was on a telstra $39/15Gb BYO sim-only plan, 10 months into my 12 month contract - walked into JB today and upgraded to their $45/50Gb plan and had the 12-month contract reset. I didn't get the $200 credit voucher though (existing Telstra customers don't get that one - you need to port in from another provider)

        (can't comment on the overseas call pack stuff because I don't use that)

    • Need to port out of Telstra for 30 days to get that gift card though.

      • Heard this from the JB dude. I wonder how they know this or if they enforce it as I've previously ported out and in straight away.

  • No indonesia?

    • Unfortunately not.

      Monthly Calls
      Your Monthly Calls are set out in the table above. Your Monthly Calls can be used in Australia for calls to standard Australian numbers, as well as most 11xx, 12xx, 13xx and 1800 numbers.
      International Monthly Calls and SMS from Australia
      If you have a $69 or $89 plan, it includes unlimited International calls and SMS from Australia to standard fixed and mobile numbers in Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam

    • IMHO, Indos now majority using Line/WA for calling, don't think we need int calls nowadays

  • +5 votes

    Extra data is $10/GB, looks like this is the plan Stuart Roberts was on.

    • It has peace of mind data option included by default. That means no excess data charges but speed will reduce to 1.5 Mbps till next billing cycle.

      $10 per gb data is if you want full speed data

    • Except his "peace of mind" was that the taxpayer was paying…

  • Great. Now to figure out how to run home internet on it?

  • I'm on an existing 2 year post paid plan with Pixel 2 XL with Telstra, it's also $59/month, is it possible to seamlessly upgrade to this new one?

    • If you're still within the 2 year contract then you will need to pay out the remaining cost of your Pixel if you want to upgrade to this plan.

      • Thanks

        • And the remaining contract termination cost. That why I don't like being contracted to Telstra on a 24 months phone plan.


            @ChickenAdobo: I also got this deal with 15GB a year ago. A few months in when their plans improved to 25GB, I contacted them and got mine upped to 25GB but it was on my 2nd attempt (call failed but livechat worked). Tried it today on livechat but they wouldn't budge this time :(

            Voda was really easy to jump around SIM only plans but Telstra are more strict unfortunately.

  • Fabulous, finally a decent deal that includes exisiting accounts…… Great timing for me, one of our mobile contracts ends tomorrow and we were looking at BYO plans, we were going to go for the $69 30GB plan, now we will get double for $10 less! Bonus! Just double-checked on Telstra Chat that it does indeed apply to existing users and they confirmed it.

  • Upgraded to this plan with additional $10 credit on top via livechat. Paying $49 in total.

  • Hi, I think you can get further discount on this plan. Just try more web chat reps.
    haitim01 was able to make it $49
    And I've got a friend just got it on $39

  • I switched from Virgin on the JB deal. I must say, thoroughly disappointed in the service.

    Virgin (Optus) speeds 3x better in my area (Brisbane)

  • Is this online only or can I go instore? Cheers.

    • This offer as listed is available in store and also online.
      Unless the offer states "online only" (via Telstra website) will it then only be available through website.

  • Can you sign up to the jbhifi deal with $200gc, then upgrade to this plan?

    • No, because you would be signing up to an entirely different plan wouldn't you… Common sense.

      • It’s not a completely silly question. A lot of the time Telstra will recontract you to higher plans without any break fees (for BYO Plans)

    • Everything is possible if you chat/call the right person. Just keep trying, i'm sure one of the rep will allow you to do that.

  • I want to use Telstra in Australia and Vodafone for international roaming, does anyone know any solutions for this?

    I am using Vodafone and the only reason I am still with them because of the $5 roaming. On the other hands, Telstra has the best network in the country but the int roaming is expensive..

    • Dual sim?

    • how much data do you use while overseas?paying for 2 sims seems like a waste of $. Starhub sim might be worthwhile for you.

      • I use data a lot and I have to keep my Aussie number on while travelling so the business partners can contact me.

        • If it's a separate business number, maybe consider getting a VoIP number that you can use from any data network?

          • @elusive: Thanks, I’ll think about that. My only issue here is that the Voda network is not so good, and I sometimes got dropouts, I want to change to Telstra but I travel a lot for business, so…I’ll talk to Telstra if they can customise the plan that suits my travel needs.

    • Look at getting a Dual Sim phone which are generally not available to purchase in Australia.
      Rarely do you find them and if you do they are really old model phones.

      Places like Kogan sell Dual sim mobiles.
      Note that there are different radio bands (for 3G/4G) and that these overseas models generally will not have all the relevant Australian (3G/4G) bands so your internet speeds could suffer even if you are in a 3G/4G area.

      The benefit of a dual sim mobile is you can maintain two different services simultaneously without having to swap out sim card.

      Alternatively, you could always get a cheap 2nd mobile phone from Coles/Woolsworth and use that for international roaming.

      • As googoogaga has pointed out, paying for 2 sims seems like a waste money, I don’t want to use 2 separate sims and one Vodafone sim is perfect for me, just having some issue with their reception in Australia, not as good as Telstra.

  • Damm 10 months to go on a contract. Maybe something better then.

  • Finally Vietnam is on the unlimited call list

  • $14 extra a month and no $200 gift card for 10 extra gb and unlimited international calling, seems like a bad deal to me unless you absolutely need calls to those countries (and don’t use apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger etc).

  • is the data shareable with other members on the same telstra account?

  • Went onto chat and asked for another $10 off the $59 plan and when he said it wasn't possible I said I would just go to JB then. I was very friendly and polite. He then asked me to wait and after 5 minutes he came back and said he would give me the extra $10 off. I'm wrapt, saved me a 2 hour return trip to the nearest JBHiFI!

  • FYI - I signed up for the previous version of this plan. BYO $69 40GB, about 6 weeks ago on August 31st.

    Just jumped on Telstra chat and they were happy to move me to this new plan (same plan, new deal). My 12mth contract is renewed, while I save $10 month and get 60Gb instead of 40Gb data. Bargain.

  • I don't need the data, so I went on chat to ask about the "S" $49 plan. I asked for the $10 discount and this was granted.
    So now I'm on the "S" 30GB plan for $39/month for 12 months.

    Again, I tried to be polite today, so perhaps that made the difference.

    • I'm thinking I possibly should've done this too and saved another $10, I can't imagine a situation where I'd be using the 60GB I now have :/
      Being polite definitely helps. And I also always give great reviews at the end in case that ever counts for anything, lol!

    • I did the same and have the $39 small plan offer available ongoing as a loyalty bonus should I choose to take it.

    • I tried and failed to get the 60GB plan a few times, then I saw your comment.

      Got me thinking that I've never been at risk of running over my 25GB even though I'm hardly ever on Wifi.

      Switched to the S plan so now I'm paying less and getting a bit more data!

  • Will the sim work on any 4G Sim router/modem?
    Instead of using it for a mobile phone?

  • I've done two live chats and a phone call and none will give an extra $10 credit, even though I already have a credit applied to my account.

    • I ran into the same problem, but was offered the $49 plan for $39.

    • I did 1x voice call and 2x text chats and no additional discounts (including a $10 loyalty credit) would be applied. However, they were willing to do a -$10 loyalty credit on the "S" plan which is $49 bring this to $39.

      After an hour on text chat, I was able to get a minor bonus since I was asking for a competitive offer and the best they could do was give me an extra +5GB per month bring this to 65GB.

      I was paying $50 a month previously for (12GB, unlimited text/call local & 10 international countries).
      This deal was too good to pass off and for an additional +$9.00 ($59) I now get 5x the data amount and an additional +5 countries to make international calls too.

    • 1 hour 23 minutes later and I have secured this plan for $49pm. Rejected initially but got there in the end; just had to be polite and persistent!

  • Tried to change to this plan from my $59/month 15G with the Pixel phone few months ago. They needed me to payout the handset but would waive the termination fee. Still not worth it. Damn would be good to have 60G over 15G. Only just enough on 15G these days. Pity.


      Keep trying with different people, they boosted me to 25GB with no consequences. Just depends on how the person on the phone/livechat is feeling lol…

  • With a deal like this in October I can't wait to see the Telstra Family and Friends deals at xmas time.

  • Took me 2 days and more than 120 mins to bring $59 tp $49, both on talking and chatting. It is better to chat to Billing Department, it seems each departure can apply different discount. Billing department applied for me straight away, no question asked when I mentioned my friend got it for $49

    • got your transcript for us to follow on how you did it? no one s budging =[

      • I don’t keep transcripts. But my last try was to open online chat, chose Billing department. I told them my friend just signed up $69 plan for $49 (don’t say $59 as each department has different discounts and limited knowledge about others, all their ref is CIS). The guy chatted with me agreeing on spot and applied $10 manual credit onto my account and gave me ref number as well. Forgot to mention that I signed up on last Friday and chatted with them on Friday and Monday to finally got my bill down to $49