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Lonely Planet AUSTIN (Texas) City Guide - iOS iPhone - Was ($7.99) Now FREE!!


This is another great Lonely Planet freebie, particularly for everyone who took advantage of Lonely Planet's last free offerings (02/02/2011 & 15/02/2011) that included a total of 15 great City Guides.

The Austin City Guide wasn’t included in those offers so now is your chance to add it to your collection.

FREE from March 9th-15th 2011

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    I came on to post the deal and was SCOOPED! Ozbargainers are working hard!

    Offer lasts till 15 March.

    Details from the press release below.

    We’re releasing a brand new iPhone city guide for Austin and it will be FREE from March 9-15 for those heading to SXSW!

    Even if you spend most of your time at the festival venues, you’ll want to take advantage of everything Austin has to offer. With our location aware app, you’ll know the best place to grab a late-night meal at the end of your night and be able to find the strongest cup of coffee nearby. And after the festival is over, you’ll want to experience the great BBQ and other highlights that make Austin a true Texan charmer.

    · Offline maps (no data roaming)
    · Location aware
    · Interactive map features with quick filtering for accommodation, restaurants, sights, shopping, etc.
    · Hundreds of recommended places & things to do
    · Easy navigation to quickly find the info you need: only three clicks to the content you desire
    · Expert editorial content from our authors
    · Rich, professional Lonely Planet images
    · Integrated content, maps and points of interest
    · Retina display-optimized for iPhone 4

    Download the app here from iTunes.
    App is free from 9amEST on March 9th to 5pmPST on March 15th, 2011.

    “Sets the standard for guidebook apps. Few can match its content and organization.” –USA Today

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    another one for the collection…

    i'm going to have to upgrade my hard disk to store all these… :P

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    great find!
    just from trolling - it appears that "London Lite" is also free!


    They have Austin Texas but they don't have f%&king Hawaii…


    Birmingham, a student and graduate guide is also free


    I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but why do people get excited about an app of some city you'll probably never go to? I know it's free, but how many people honestly are planning on heading to Austin Texas? It hardly seems worth the download, unless you actually want to go there. I don't get the interest in all these free travel apps. They are usually huge and just gather dust, so to speak.


      Your hair gathers dust too, does that mean you should shave it off?

      A freebie is a freebie. You never know, one day you might just end up in Texas and you'll be like DAMN! Wish I downloaded that app… now it's going to cost me $7.99!

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        The great thing about downloading an app when it's free? It gets listed on your itunes account. Even if you delete it from your device, you can always re-download it later when you might need it.


        See, for me a freebie is only worth my time (and bandwidth) if I'll actually use it. You could say that about every free app on iTunes, and theres ALOT, I better download it just incase I MIGHT want it one day. Doing that just doesn't make sense.

        P.S. My hair doesn't gather dust. I actually wash it before than happens.

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      Well I'm actually heading to Texas in August so this is perfect!

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      People get excited because it's something for nothing. I used a bunch of the Europe ones over there last year that I had previously downloaded for free. I have no intention of visiting Austin anytime soon but if I ever do I'll be glad I took the 5 seconds to add this to my iTunes purchases :D


      I actually agree with you. But this really is some kind of psychological effect… the reason people are 'excited' about apps like this, espeicially with Lonely Planet stuff is that, these apps "originally" cost a lot and now they're free.

      You can't reach that grape so it must be sour; now you can eat it so why not!

      We can all argue either side.


    Damn it, those free Lonely Planet Europe guides were a sweet deal back then!


    Shame there is no way to sort by price (that i can see) in iTunes to more easily find the free stuff


    Shawn, given that "Lonely Planet has a history of helping stranded travelers", any chance of something with a Japanese flavour? Jammed phone networks, cancelled flights, stranded travellers, seems worthy…

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