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Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets (Dissolvable Wrapper) 100 Pack $14.99 @ ALDI


Aldi Logix Platinum tablets - rated very highly by Choice magazine…

The previous times this 100 bulk pack has been on sale it has not been dissolvable wrappers, but this time it has dissolvable wrappers!

Normally 20c per tablet, this deal brings each tablet down to 15c each.

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    Great price however the Coles tablets are rated higher than Aldi's, although do cost $0.20c each:…

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      I agree they're rated higher but at 33 percent more expensive per unit than the Aldi ones, are they 33 percent better?

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      Coles might be better, but I've rarely had anything come out dirty using these ones…

      …and usually when something has come out dirty it's due to how it's been stacked (ie another item has blocked the dirty item from getting hit by the water) so user error.

    • Cheers for the link to the Choice comparison! Will now give the Coles and Aldi tablets a try.

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    Stopped using these because of the damn wrappers. Otherwise they are good value and work well.
    Will go back to them now with the dis-solvable wrapper

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      They're highly rated dishwashing tablets.

      Where's the landfill? Is it the wrappers? They're dissolvable.
      Is it the box? It can be recycled.

      Your comment makes no sense.

      • megawatt101 is referring to the old bulk tablet packages supplied with non-dissolvable wrappers. I have still got another 160 of them to go! :) No complaint from me when each and every time all dishes come spot-free out of my mid-range Bosch dishwasher.

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    Am I the only one who likes wrappers?

    I'm curious, what are dissolvable wrappers made from?

    • Disolvable plastic.

      • Doesn't that mean the dishes are washed with liquid plastic?

  • Logix non platinum had a higher rating last year and then this year its rated less than itself on platinum. Choice's rating I found unbelievable with Coles being better, and their results are inconsistent. All of a sudden Fairy platinum became better than Logix of both plat or non plat when it was worse than both last year. Huge gap.

    WTF is this? Who really trust Choice any more?

    Perhaps they got paid by Fairy to get better score.

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      I am a bit skeptical of the Choice results myself, they don't correlate with my experience. I tried the Aldi tabs on their recommendation and they are decent but I don't think much better than the cheapest Finish brand tabs. For 15c though they are probably the best value. Mostly the difference I notice in the more expensive tabs is how shiny things are at the end.

      A couple of times I have discovered that the tab flap has been held shut by a badly stacked dishwasher so the whole wash has been done with no detergent at all and things still got 90% clean.

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        I just throw my tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher and never use the detergent flap area. I only use that area if I was to use powder.

        • How does the dishwasher actually use the tablet if it's at the bottom? Wouldn't it just dissolve on it's own because of the water coming down on it, meaning it would go to waste?

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            @Trishool: If you open a dishwasher mid cycle you will see the bottom of the washer is filled with some water. This water is then sucked and sprayed through the spinning arms, then water falls back to the bottom.

            The premise behind the soap dispenser is the soap is not added until a set point in the cycle - so perhaps there's a pre-rinse which rinses the dishes, then drains that water, then refills - and at this point the soap dispenser is activated to open. The spraying arms of water then spray water around the dishwasher - and as the spray arm turns, some of the water is directed into the now open soap dispenser, rinsing out the powder which falls to the bottom and mixes with the water, creating soapy water.

            The idea behind throwing the tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher is that it takes a little while for the wrapper to dissolve, so once it is submerged in water at the bottom, it starts to dissolve and mix with the water - then we have soapy water.

            The soap dispenser in the door does not direct powder/tablet elsewhere - it merely opens and lets the contents 'fall out' at a set time and is rinsed out to the bottom of the dishwasher so it combines with the water to make soapy water.

            Make sense?

            • @placard: Thanks for that detailed response, I feel like an expert now!

            • @placard: Great response - but isn't the danger that the tablet is already dissolved when the pre-rinse flush occurs, causing the reduction/elimination off detergent for the main wash cycle.

              Problem I have with Aldi dissolvable wrappers is they are not shrink wrapped - in my machine this sometimes leads to the wrapper stopping the auto-dispenser door from opening. I have not had that problem with shrink wrapped tablets.

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        That's why washing with water alone always rates so high.

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      The problem with dishwashing tests is that everyone has a huge difference in what they put in their dishwasher.

      If you couple that with the fact that its difficult to replicate the same scenario for each dishwasher cycle, I can see how results are not very accurate.

    • Actually, the current results make sense for me.

      Ever since Aldi changed the formula of their tablets to be phosphate free, it didn't work as well for me. The only tablets that were able to clean my cookware were Fairy Platinum. Give it a go when they are on sale (around 35c/tablet).

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      Choice would never take kick backs, it would undermine their entire reason for existing and they'd be found out soon enough.
      Maybe their testing method or score weighting changed this time compared to last, or the products just changed

      • I thought Aussie cricketers would never cheat too. I say trust no one.

        If Choice aren't corrupt, they're certainly incompetent. I used to be a subscriber until I saw some reviews of products I was familiar with and realised that these reviewers have little knowledge of most of the products they test.

        However, corruption could also explain the results that clearly are not correct…. not that I suspect this, I'm sticking with incompetence.

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      Are you seriously suggesting that Choice is corrupt ? With no evidence of any kind other than just you saying this in a public forum ? That doesn't seem fair or reasonable at all.

      About the same as me suggesting that perhaps you work for Logix and are a plant here to use social media to talk their competitors down. How about it ?

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        I'm just saying the reviews are not consistent. We never know what these reviewers are doing….I want to trust them but all of a sudden everything changes else last year's review. I just feel its suspicious with their results. regular home user here I dont get any benefit of talking things down. I'm just a regular ozbarginer commenting stuff as I see fit. Whoever negged me think twice before you neg someone. I did not suggest they are corrupted.

        Last year I went with Logix regular and this year not so sure, maybe fairy platinum when they are on special?? But it costs more per wash obviously…but I doubt Fairy changed their formula. How about Choice changed their way of testing? No idea

        Sites like Productreview also not really reliable as most people do so to complain rather than genuine reviews.

        I think its very hard to find proper reviews these days.

      • Choice magazine use their own methods of testing and rating that is different to say a lab that certifies your product for water and energy rating that is a standard test for product certification.

        Hence their tests can change from year to year.

        Choice buy their own products independently as a casual buyer and test their products.

        • I reckon this sums up Choice pretty nicely. It's like a random person asked to review random products every day. Occasionally they'll snag a product they have a clue about, but usually it will be an uneducated opinion.

          Would that random person's opinion be influenced if a certain gift came their way? I hope not. But it's hard to have faith in people these days. We trust them until they get caught out and disappoint us.

    • -1

      I have stopped trusting Choice from the day they allowed products to use their name to promote sale

      • +1

        This is a good thing, it encourages companies to make good products…

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        What… Why? If someone scores well on a rating by Choice why wouldn't they be allowed to tell people?! The whole point is they are awarding people who do well and Choice would be happy for people to know, because it makes people aware of the existence of Choice ratings (and hopefully subscribe which allows them to exist).

        Just because they allow people to use their name to promote sale doesn't mean corruption on the assessment process - theoretically everyone who wins would/should be proud and mentioning they were awarded - regardless of who it is. Hell, if I invented a product and Choice said it was the best in its class I'd shout it from the rooftops!

        Car manufacturers state when they got ANCAP 5 star ratings, ANCAP allows that, doesn't mean ANCAP are biased in assessing cars for safety.
        They also state if they win Car of the year awards.
        Hotels now put stickers up when they have good review scores on Tripadvisor promoting their rating, but they are still independent reviews.

        • well there was a time they did not allow that so not to have a conflict of interest or give the impression that absolute giants like unilever could “finance” their tests. What’s different now?

          • @Laziofogna: Most likely people realised that there is no point winning / being awarded for doing well in your category if hardly anyone knows about the results.

            Also you can't really stop another company mentioning they won a category from Choice if they did - it's true and they have no contractual relations with Choice, so Choice can't really stop them, so may as well embrace it to make sure its done correctly.

            However sure, I take your point, it is open for abuse I guess.

  • How does Logix compare to Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets?

    • +2

      Earth Choice are the best IMO but for the cost difference the Aldi one's are the better buy overall.

    • I prefer earth’s choice , we get a much better clean compared to the Aldi ones. We only use Aldi when earth’s choice aren’t on sale

      • Thanks for the replies, I'm going to stick with Earth's Choice even though it costs more. Worth it for the extra quality. Hoping it goes on sale again soon.

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    Might just be my dishwasher but these stick inside the soap compartment regularly and then don't fully dissolve. The degradable wrapper becomes very sticky when wet, a gummy texture (like wet rice paper, if you've ever made rice paper rolls). Wont be using them again.

    • +1

      The dishwasher should drop the tablet onto its floor when turned on. If this isn't happening for whatever reason, you could drop the tablet onto the dishwasher's floor instead of placing it in the compartment.

      • Not necessarily.
        My normal cycle has a pre-wash rinse. The detergent door opens after that. If I put the tablet in the bottom it will dissolve in the pre-wash and be wasted.
        The quick cycle doesn't have a pre-rinse.

    • Just your dishwasher or user error.

      The detergent compartment must be fully dry before you stick it in there.

    • Agree - the problem I have with Aldi dissolvable wrappers is they are not shrink wrapped - in my machine this sometimes leads to the wrapper stopping the auto-dispenser door from opening. I have not had that problem with shrink wrapped tablets.

      I have started to use kitchen paper to dry the dispenser too - it's a good tip

  • Found out the hard way that the wrappers don't dissolve!!

  • I've been using Aldi tablets for years. My wife bought a bag of Fairy ones on special recently. I found Fairy do a better job of cleaning and smell nicer, however the chemicals it uses is more harsh on some rubber/plastics, eg rubbery/plasticy handles on scissors etc and started turning them white.

    • Agree with this, but don't have the issues with plastics. But my pots and pans come out clean compared to other tablets.

  • +3

    I cut these in half for the short wash cycles - works fine

    • +16

      And the OZB Tightarse of the year award goes to!

      • +1

        Proudly …

        The actual reason i cut it in half for short cycles is because it found the dishes to still have soap residue, even with rinse aid.

        Your millage may vary depending on what machine you use or they cycle you run.

    • surprised you haven't thought to recycle and recirculate the wash water

      • How do you do that?

  • I've upvoted the deal for the effort, but I find the cheaper, non-platinum tablets to do the job quite well. I wouldn't therefore be buying these.

    • +1

      These are same price

      • OK, I'm trying it then. Thank you. :-)

  • Reminder set

  • they smaller box used to be 15c each, with $6 for 40 tablets

  • +2

    I was speaking to an appliance repairman just yesterday. He wasn't fixing my dishwasher, but he did mention these dissolvable wrappers are not as dissolvable as the manufacturers would like us to believe. He said he has had to repair severable dishwashers where the partially dissolved wrapper becomes gooey and has been caught up in the pump or drains.

    He also suggested sticking to a teaspoon of the powder as the tablets are too strong and the excess starts to react with the hoses, pipes, sensors and other component inside the dishwasher and plumbing or cut the tablets in half.

  • Is the only reason for tablets for the convenience? Does powder wash equally as well?

    • 1 table spoon of powder max for a full load and rinse aid is the best thing that you can do for your dishwasher. Most people use more and this leads to sludge build up as well create a white dull coating on the glasses washed. Rinse aid dial set on 2 is ideal.

      Another reason of white residue in glasses is when tablets with ball are also used alongside with rinse aid.

      Oversuds is one of the major issues that will reduce life of the machine and lead to flossing and overflow.

      Most 5 star water rated Dishwashers use around 12 litres of water and as such will never rinse well excessive powder off.

      Use less powder and get better results.

    • I heard that these 3-in-1 tablets can't do the job as effectively as separate powder, that blue liquid, and I think salt is the 3rd?? But either I couldn't find any powder, or it was more expensive than the 3-in-1s. (Can't remember which??)

  • I just bought some and the wrapper is not dissolvable.

    • I'd take it back if you don't like that….seems like false advertising!!

  • I'm using these at the moment and they are a pain.

    The dissolvable wrappers stick together in the box, and sometimes stick in the detergent drawer (admittedly only if I don't dry it).

    I prefer the other aldi ones.

  • I have been using them for a while. Was a big fan. But the new ones doesn't dissolve the wrapper hence quite bad

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