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Pittsburgh 1400kg Hydraulic Trolley Jack - $29.95 with $7.95 Shipping @ Tools Warehouse


Heavy duty trolley style hydraulic jack for lifting of motor vehicles, trailers or other heavy loads and equipment so maintenance or other procedures can be performed.

Folded and flanged solid steel frame construction gives rigidity and prevents twisting under load
One-piece steel lifting arm for greater strength
Heavy duty cast iron fixed front castor wheels
Rear 360-degree rotation cast iron swivel castors for efficient manoeuvrability
360-degree rotation lifting sadle
Carry handle included
1-piece jacking handle for extra stroke and manoeuvrability
Powder coated finish for durability and corrosion resistance
Owner’s manual included
Australian standards compliance
Working Load limit: 1400kg
Maximum Raised Height: 330mm
Minimum Lowered Height: 135mm
Overall length: 440mm
Front Frame width: 90mm
Front Width including castors: 130mm
T825010 Front castor width: 15mm
Wheelbase: 310mm
Australian Standard: AS/NZS 2615-2004
Weight(net): 8.5kg
Safety Note:
The jack must be used on hard level surfaces
The wheels of the vehicle being lifted to be chocked
Do NOT put a portion of your body under a vehicle supported by a jack
No person should remain in a vehicle that is being jacked
Do NOT exceed working load limit

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    The item is also available on EBAY, just in case you have any vouchers/discounts: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pittsburgh-1400KG-Steel-Hydrauli...

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      you have horrible feedback..

      • Hi there. The company was recently taken over and as new management, we are trying our very best to improve our product offerings, service and rating. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thinking of buying it, unless someone has something negative to add?

    • It would still be ok if you place the jack on the side of the car to change tyres (and then place a jack next to it of course).

      You might not be able to use it to jack the car from the middle as it might be too tall to slide under the car.

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      I dont know anything about the "Pittsburgh" brand, but all the 1400kg jacks I have seen look identical and are made in China.

      I use 2 of these jacks at different addresses, and I can jack both my cars high enough from the centre point to change tyres and oil (Note: never go under a car without putting it on jack stands, do not rely on yh3e jack to keep the car up or you may end up dead). They are cars, not SUVs or 4WDs. If you have either of the latter you may want to upgrade to one that has a higher lift distance.

      Apart from that they are relatively solid, both mine get a decent amount of use (that is about ever 6 montha for 10 years in one case) and I havent had any dramas and perfprmed no maintenance. Final note is I pain about 25 bucks for my last one from SCA, but those deals dont come arpund that often these days.

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    More like not high enough, 330mm barely clear the height for me to replace my tyres, its a sedan to boot.

    • That's what I was thinking.

  • Six and a half hours and still no price-jacking comments. What has happened to this site?