This was posted 3 years 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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5 Micro USB to USB-C Adapters - US $0.99 (~ AU $1.49) Delivered @ Zapals


First post guys.

Just saw this deal for 5 usb-micro to usb-c adapters. I've had a single one in the past and it worked flawlessly. Seems like a great pay postage Zapals deal.

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  • Nice ;)

  • does this go from micro-usb to usb-c ? or the other way?

    photos arent conclusive and the discription on the page
    "5PCs USB-C to Micro USB OTG Adapter Charging Data Sync Converter"
    Reversible Design (Plug in Both Ways)
    Allows you to connect the adapter into the USB-C devices in any orientation for maximum convenience. Plug and play, no need to install any drivers.

    got a new usb-c phone… have alot of micro usb cable/chargers around…

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      From micro-usb to usb c. Bought a few in the past. Seem to work ok but can be a little touchy to movement - occasionally disconnect when charging in the car - so I bought dedicated usb-c cables instead.

    • Yeah,that descriptions confusing and probs just wrong. From the photo though, it makes your male micro USB plug a male USB C plug.

      I don't really see what else it could do. OTG just seems completely out of place…

  • Got in and got $1.39 AU and now not letting me me login?

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    Got something similar from them before. Didn't work on my phone

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    These are rubbish, just upgrade all of your existing cables to USB-C.

    • I found this to be quite functional, really handy for work where usb-c cables seem scarce.

      I'm sure there are a million people like me who have more micro-usb cables than they'll ever need. This makes them convenient.
      At this price, good backup

      • I agree, and don't get me wrong, I own some of these adapters (like any good OzBargainer!), but no one should buy these to avoid getting proper USB type-C cables.

      • Yeah, I buy these when ever they turn up on OB and give them away to my sad sack friends who suddenly realise none of there old cables work when they get their shiny new toy

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    Maybe handy to keep in backpack or car glove box for emergencies or help out a friend in need.

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      You’re a nice uber driver

      • Hahaha, good call. Been thinking to look into some part time Ubering if I can find a suitable Uber Bargain Car here on Ozbargain.

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    Wrong title. Most of the time these cheap adapters do not work.

    • Thanks, didn't notice that when I posted it.

      • "Salmando" Don't take his or anyone's word for this product listed ( or anything else someone states for that matter ) without proof/back up or testing results. I have at least 5 different brands of these in the draw, many no name brand and cheap like these, others name brands ( but still cheap as I am an OzBargainer afetr all haha ), and will test them out and report back here soon.

    • " cheapo999" Why wrong title?? Will test out my 10 or so mixed brand adaptors now to test your claim. Stay tuned for Test Results lol.

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        Did you test them? I found these very useful and collected a few. When I lost one I was disappointed to find I think it was 2 or 3 out of 5 did not work!

        • Got a bit busy yesterday, will test today and report back soon.

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          OK,…finally did my testing using a nice quality Blitzwolf Ampcore BW-MC5 micro USB cable going into a as new HTC 10 with a total of 12 various New Micro USB to USB C Adaptors and All of them worked instantly without needing to bend or jiggle them to get a positive connection. I even reversed them to make sure both sides of the USB C were working, and all good.

          The Adaptors were various brands/qualities as followed. 3 and 2 no name brand white plastic similar to the ones listed here, 4 various aluminium semi cheap ( probably bought here on OzBargain Flash Sale between 50C to $1 each ), 1 Xiaomi in genuine looking packet and one me thinks Fake Xiaomi in generic plastic packaging.

          Some felt nicer than others to connect and more rigid/sturdy to then insert into phone, so I think some of these will last longer than others. Also I feel just like with cables, one needs to treat these with care and use them carefully inserting them correctly without jiggling too much as this would loosen and cause faulty connection.

          Keep in mind that these cheap adaptors are just a stop gap ( pun intended ) and not really designed for hundreds to thousands of insertions, only for few months use until you pick up a USB C cable or leave in backpack/glove box for emergency or ideal for that short power bank cable if not trying to charge via high wattage or power delivery for obvious reasons.

    • Now I'm especially wary if buying from Zapals due to bad experiences in the past. This is very tempting and I guess for the money even if they don't work you can't complain. However I'd rather buy one that does work than 5 that doesn't work.

      • See my comment above.

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    Bit of a hit or miss with these. In my experience, only half of the time these cheapies work. The branded ones like Tronsmart or Xiaomi are 100% good for me.

    • Ah I'm starting to think the one I've had in the past was a Xiaomi one and not one of these…

      • See my comment above.

  • These didn't work at all (data or charging) on my Pixel 2

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    I just looked at the picture and was hoping it was a futuristic fleet of micro-drones :(

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    Neg is for serious issues with retailer.

    I can't comment about the product but Zapals are horrendous when it comes to customer service. With these "just pay postage" deals they have a habit of not sending out all the orders and then rely on people not filing PayPal claims so they can pocket whatever miniscule amount of money you've sent them. A small loss for an individual, sure, but I bet it adds up once all the unfulfilled orders are combined. You'll never reach a satisfactory settlement with Zapals if you have issues with your order and pay them directly with a credit card; ALWAYS use PayPal if you really have to deal with this mob. Alternatively, direct your money towards other Chinese websites that don't treat their customers with thinly veiled contempt. Oh, and if you a lodge a support ticket with them then chances are the order history for the product you've raised the issue with will magically disappear from your account on their website. Seriously shady.

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      I think for most people it's not a high risk, and not a lot to lose. Personally I haven't had any issues with receiving orders, and it seems from comments most people are the same.

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    I ordered a torch a few months back, never received. Raised a ticket with them, never replied, raised in Paypal, never replied, now raised as dispute, yet to get response.

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    Done with Zapals. They are terrible with shipping times. I totally believe what others have to say about non-delivery.

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    I've bought USB-C leads from Zapals in the past and they've been crap. Don't work. I wouldn't touch them again with a forty-foot-pole.

    • Any good deals on 40 foot poles?

  • I got fake headphones off them. The AKG Samsung ones. The sound is so bad. I won't be against banning them.

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    grabbed 1 set. Earlier ones still working specially on the short cables comes with 10000mA MI power banks. Thanks OP.

  • Waiting for more than a month for the last delivery..

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    can always use these.

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      Yeah, for a $1.50 I'd have jumped to buy just one