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2,000 Flybuys (Worth $10) with $50 or $100 Ultimate Series Gift Card (JB Hi-Fi, TGGs, SCA), $100 Mastercard Gift Card @ Coles


Full T&Cs in link screenshot. Starts Oct 17. Enjoy :)

  • Valid for $50 & $100 Ultimate Kids / Teens / For Him / For Home Gift Cards.
  • Valid for $100 Coles Gift Mastercard ($5 fee applies in addition to purchase price).
  • Excludes Ultimate For Her Gift Card and $50 Coles Gift Mastercard.
  • Bonus points can only be collected once per Flybuys account.

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  • Can I use coles's gift card to get these ?

  • I still struggle to understand what i can use teens JBHIFI card on.
    Anybody here got xp?

    • new iphones?

      • I used mine to get the Pixel 3 (topped them up with the 4% off JB cards offer at NIB)

    • +2

      I suspect you can buy anything at JB HiFi, just different branding. Someone may correct me if I am wrong I am sure.

    • I always end up getting a PSN card with mine!

    • +5

      You can use it for anything, but in atore only as this is like eftpos card. The staff will use it as saving account. Cant use it for online purchase.

      • Thank you Palamedes and Arch1818.

      • +6

        You use the Coles Mastercard to pay for things that you can't pay with Coles( Myer) gift cards, such as your utility bill. You pay 5% more but get 10% worth of points so you are effectively getting 5% less.

        • That is what Im thinking.

        • Took me a minute but I get it. Can't use JB gift cards to pay your rates!

  • +1

    Nice, get the ultimate gift card for him, load up on BCF gift cards to get those cheap priced matched Weber's :)

    You can also use your flybuys points to get BCF gift cards, so that 2000 points will help with that!

  • +1

    Why did they exclude Ultimate for Her, come on.

    • +2


    • YOu gotta watch what MEGA Lobster Peterson has to says

    • Germane Greer must be salivating!

  • +9

    Was excited until the fine print says "Bonus point can only be collected ONCE per flybuy account"
    I think this should be hightlighted in the post too.

  • +9

    Good luck finding any of these cards during these promotions, they always don’t have stock or hide it.

    • +2

      Can confirm this. Last time when they had the ebay gift card promo, I couldn't find them in any Melb CBD stores and I actually had stuff to buy on ebay.

    • Would this be the same as 7 eleven free drinks of Pepsi and vanilla cokes ?

    • I could not find one at 2 stores and they have not had them since, maybe they knew another promotion was coming.

    • Agree, always have the same problem when it comes to the generic Mastercard/Visa deals. Yet, ironically, the store specific ones there's no problem.

    • The $100 Coles MC weren't on the GC rack yesterday. They aren't on the rack today. Sometimes they do become available but it's in the following week and only after the catalogue promo has ended.

    • So lucky. Yesterday early afternoon, first day of the offer, managed to get the last 6 Mastercard gift cards in the store for my 6 accounts AND got a junior operator to put them through on egiftcards from Suncorp. Last time could not find any in 2 stores.

  • +3

    Thanks TA. Last time I bought the Mastercard with discounted Coles digital gift card from Suncorp so hopefully can do it again with this.

  • +1

    Buy the mastercard, use it to buy woolies egiftcard at 5% off which eliminates the fee. And collect the FB$10 of course.

    • +2

      of course that's the plan except you can't find anywhere to insert woolies egiftcard at coles

      • Don’t have to buy groceries at coles.

  • Looks like it's gonna be Boost Juice month for me.

    • +1

      $5 any size any drink on Tuesdays.

  • So if I buy coles digital gift card from m Suncorp can I use this to buy the ultimate series gift card as if I remember that's worth 5% off and it says $50 and $100 gift cards so does this mean 1000 and 2000 points, and can you after buying your first card use your 1000 or 2000 points gained from first card to buy another and maybe like first time use a coles gift card purchased from Suncorp hope this makes sense

    • most likely Coles staff will not let you do that.

    • you can buy them at self checkout and coles giftcards have to cover the total, you can buy as many as you like but just 1 card you get the bonus points

      • +1

        many self checkout staff also won't let you pay with giftcards. Just matter of luck of you want to try.

    • It states on the egift card from Suncorp that it cannot be used for purchase of gift cards. Luckily that is on the second page. I have done this once and so has povertytrap. I got mine from a young checkout operator from a manned checkout. She was most likely a junior casual. Pretty much matter of luck.

      • +2

        I've bought about 50 this year. No issues.

  • This damn once per account t and c is a killer!

    • Register another flybuys card for better deals.

      • I have a few already. But I don't have that many!

        • You can get a new account instantaneously and print a temporary card that you can use same day.

    • +2

      Does this means I can get the bonus points 1 card per flybuys account? Was planning to get 4cards

      • I'm keen to know if I can buy 1 Mastercard and 1 jb card per account. Cheers

      • +1

        but it says "Bonus points can only be collected once per Flybuys account". Not once per card per account.

  • Hopefully it means the 2000 points for Netflix cards will be back in the next few weeks. I'm due to top up my account again.

    These promos usually run close together.

    • +2

      Do JB Hi-Fi sell Netflix cards? If so, you could buy one of the Ultimate Kids/Teens cards, then use the card to buy your Netflix Gift Card from JB Hi-Fi

      • Unfortunately that is way too much effort, and I'd have to travel further to my nearest jb hifi than would make it viable savings.

        Happy enough to wait, it'll only be weeks away I'm sure of it.

  • Does this promotion work at Coles Express stores? Just not sure.

  • Do the new self-checkouts allow for split payments when buying GC?

  • Do anyone know if this works with the $30 Ultimates Series giftcard?

    • Try it out and let us know?

      I'm going to say no as that's spending $30 and save $10 …

      • Unfortunately I can’t as I already spent mine on the Coles Mastercard giftcards.

  • +1

    How long does it take for the bonus points to be credited? I'm surprised they weren't mentioned on my docket. T&C don't say…
    As a positive surprise: no problem paying with a Coles gift card, another 5% discount :-)

    • +2

      Points get credited usually the evening after your qualifying spend e.g. if you bought the gift card yesterday, you should get the points tonight

  • +1

    I bought 100 Coles mastercard gift cards and was surprised when I attempted to use it 3 days after purchase, EFTOS declined. Went online to check the balance and saw it was used by someone else. The card didn't leave my wallet so no one should have access to it. It could be that someone peeked at it while kept at store as the packaging is very loose and used it online.
    Called Coles Gift Card customer service and they are useless! They didn't entertain the issue at all and left it with you saying you are responsible for the usage of the card. So I would not recommend anyone to buy this card.

    • I have also had a bad experience with this Mastercard. When I attempted to use it it was declined. When I checked the balance it was 0 but there had been no other transactions. I do not know how your problem occurred but in my case after checking all the numbers I realised that the numbers on the outside of the card did not match those on the inside like some other ones I have do and which did work. I surmise that the card was carefully taken out from the inside and substituted with another one. Neither I or the operator of the manned check out noticed any problem. Once I made the purchase and it was automatically activated the person who did this could use the card. After some googling I found that this is a known problem. I will go back to the store and see what they will do. I think it is a security flaw. I looked at the Perfect Gift Card eftpos and only the numbers on the actual card can be scanned during purchase thereby eliminating this possibility. If purchasing again I would check the numbers match up but that would not eliminate the problem you have had and which is very concerning. Perhaps someone took a picture of it, put it back and then used it. Can these be used online? In the articles I read it was stated that a lot of issues with these cards arise form staff fraud.

      • Yes, it can be used online as long as someone has the card number and expiry date. I bought 2 cards and both were used at bet365.
        I purchased both cards at Coles Berwick. I went back to the store and the manager told me they can't do anything, I need to raise the issue with the customer support written in the card - which wasn't helpful at all. Always referring to Ts &Cs of the card. Which store did you buy yours?

        • I purchased it at Tooronga Rd. store. I went there and yes they said I need to contact customer support. I actually think that this is reasonable. Something like this needs to be investigated and specialist knowledge and access would be required to track these cards and any use. Customer service asked me to scan the card, the cardboard cover and purchase receipt and email it to them, which I did on Monday. They acknowledged receipt and said to allow a response time of 2-3 business days. So we shall see. It seems that these cards are open to abuse, at least the Coles MasterCard and people need to be very careful. Some of them seem to make the cards more secure. I think they need to guarantee refund like when credit cards or bank accounts get breached otherwise people will not take the risk of purchasing them.

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