expired Optus $40 Pre-Paid Sim Starter Kit for $15 @ Australia Post


Using Optus Prepaid Epic Data plan:
Comes with 20GB (+ Extra 10GB as over $30 Recharge = 30GB Total) of data on activation and separate 10gb extra Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids and ABC ME.

Unlimited talk & Text and standard international calls.

Nice price for a quick data fix if you're having NBN trouble…

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    Pass, as optus has terrible reception where I commute and live.

    Currently waiting for Vodafone double data deals

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    I got this on the last sale at Coles, also $15. I switched on Epic Data plan right away. After more than a week of heavy usage and no topping up, I can see I have 21GB of data left by sending an sms "Bal" to 9999.

    Doesn't add up to me. I have more GBs then I'm supposed to. Am I missing something? A couple of days ago I even received a text with a warning that 10GB for streaming was used up and then Netflix was using the usual data.


      They give you 10gb worth of streaming for Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids and ABC ME. So once the 10GB is used up, further streaming will be using your usual data.


        My "issue" is: how do I have 20.94 GB left right now, if I was supposed to get 20GB at start and I know that MyVideo - that extra 10GB you say - was already used up 4 days ago.

        Also interesting - I have never streamed directly on my phone. I only use Netflix. I've been watching it on my laptop. I thought that those free music and video streamings at Optus could only be calculated and applied when streaming directly on the phone. This is how it works on my other Optus plan phone.

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    Do note that once you buy it, you have 24 hours to activate it.


    Do we still have to activate Optus starter packs within 30 days after purchase?


    Picked one up today as am living on 4G (Telstra but needed a top up on my shared 80gb so was planning to use this as extra) after dumping adsl

    Very disappointed to get home and when activating encountering an issue with the sim not being recognized by their system and their help not being able to rectify and solution being to go into an Optus store ffs
    Also ordered one on Sunday from Optus directly and hasn’t even shipped yet.great Optus CX so far lel


    Can you use this SIM's $40 credit to use Optus Prepaid Epic Value? (10GB / 42 days)

    PS can you use the SIM immediately or only 24 hours after buying it from Auspost?


      To answer my own questions from experience.

      1. You can activate the SIM next weekday after buying from Auspost

      2. You can use the credit for any Optus prepaid option including Optus Prepaid Epic Value (10GB / 42 days)