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Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 3 PC 2 Years Email Key $14.50 @ SaveOnIT


Its back!

Kaspersky Internet Security for 3 PCs with 2 years update. For Microsoft Windows Only. Latest version, product key email with no shipping cost.

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  • Can these subs be stacked?

    • Doubt it same password just purchased one a month ago any volunteers just hit me up.

    • I'm wondering as well. Or how long till they expire once purchased…

    • If you load the next license before the current one expires, it doesn't activate until the current one expires.

    • If it's like the one i used previously, once one of the keys are used, the 2 years subscription for all 3 commence from that date.

  • perfect timing.

  • "Kaspersky Lab is a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider headquartered in Moscow, Russia" ……..not paranoid or anything but should we really be downloading Russkies software on to your PC , at the moment.

    • Any different then America,s software ?

      • Exactly the American just blame everyone to be a spy but they spy as well so doesn't netter Chinese Russian or American…

    • lols, I trust them more than the yanks and their software. Also the ruskies are less likely to comply with the latest draconian demands of the 'strayan government. :)

    • +12 votes

      Rather than worrying about imaginary Russian government monitoring wouldn't you be better off being concerned about the actual real monitoring that the Australian Government is carrying out on you?

      Maybe the news has you believing that Russians are attempting to control our elections while our country's elections are actually controlled by corporate interests who are removing your money.

    • I would be more worried about USA, GB or Israeli software to be honest

    • Have you seen what Ed Snowden leaked? The CIA can get their fingers in anyone's PC anywhere in the world. They can turn on your web cam without you even knowing it, so if you're having sexy times make sure to close the lid first.

  • can I install between OS? i.e. dual booting into linux and windows?

  • Is this av and net security?

      • lol the insanity of Mr McAfee and the poor performance of the software bearing his name are somewhat unrelated as he sold the company many years ago. Thankfully there are other options.

        Incidentally, it is funny that a deal on a product (antivirus) most people prefer to get for free has so many upvotes in 30 mins (15), relative to the poor number of clicks (60).

  • American Gov said don't buy this brand as it will launch a missile up your arse.

  • buy now but make sure you use up the free 1 month trial before using the key

  • Does anyone know how long can i hold on to it before installing… my existing doesnt expire until next year

    • Bought 2-3 years back. Just activated this year. (I bought 3 keys)

    • Q. I still have weeks/months left in my current subscription. Can I purchase in advance at the special price?

      A. Yes you can purchase now and activate your license key at a later date. The subscription period only beings when you activate the software.

    • I am sure similar deal will pop up again within the next 12 months.

  • In Soviet Russia virus deletes you.

  • Only for Australia or can be activated in other countries?

  • +4 votes

    I find windows defender mixed with adblocking extensions and a dash of common sense to be the most secure protection

    • My wife has four uni degrees & no common sense. Purchased cheers OP

    • Second that. Defender has come a long way and smashing every independent av tests.

      Kaspersky's not bad too. I'd vote them above mcafee symantec Norton and few other "nextgen, AI, ML, buzzword of the day" software.

    • Yeahhhh…. that seems pretty suss.

      • Really. It’s the same offering as Saveonit’s eBay store. If you’re more comfortable with Saveonit, buy through them:


        It’s still cheaper than their website, particularly after discounts (cash reward and discounted gift card (if you bought one))

  • Can you use the license keys on the same PC, after each one expires?

  • What is the difference between this one and VPN?

  • Спасибо Владимиру Путину

  • I hate to sound like a Kaspersky fan (employee) boy. But I have been buying eBay Kaspersky virus protection for over 5 years and it works perfectly.
    Multiple eBay sellers sell various Kaspersky products for ridiculously cheap prices. After paying for the product you get an email with an activation code, you go to Kasperskys download page, install the software, enter activation code then you've finished, at the bottom of the page it shows you how many days until your license is finished. So even though the price seems to good to be true, it is in fact the exact same product you'll pay 5X the amount for at Officeworks. "Internet" Security only works with Windows devices, the more expensive "Total" Security works with all devices including Apple and Android. I have used the Kaspersky online chat/help and they were moderately helpful, no real complaints except it took so many replies and answering their security questions before they answered my simple question. One of the great features of Kaspersky Internet and Total Security is they both come with "Secure Connection" which is a Kaspersky VPN, the only issue is that you only get 200MB per day, but if you're like me and download torrents (only the legal ones) then this is perfect. As you can access Piratebay, Extratorrents and all the others. The Australian government only blocks these websites they don't actually block the downloads, so once you have accessed your favourite torrent site and start downloading, turn off Kaspersky Secure Connection and your download will continue on uTorrent BitTorrent etc unhindered. The features that comes with this program is huge, which is great but sometimes when an issues pops up like sometimes it will block a website and it's difficult to find the option to fix or whitelist the issue. Anyhow 10/10 from me. Thanks for reading my essay!!!

  • Insert NPC Meme - if("Mention of Russia") then execute RUSSIA_DELUSION.EXE

  • purchased, cheers and ty

  • Cheers OP :)

  • I have purchased this. Not received key yet. No response via web chat. If nothing by tomorrow, I'll be doing a charge back.

  • I bought this on the Saturday and it came through on Monday. They operate Mon - Fri only. This deal is now back. So will start a new thread.