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Asus 15.6" Laptop Quad i5/GTX1060/8GB/256GB SSD 120Hz Full HD $1139.05 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Great value for a GTX1060 laptop (only 3gb graphics RAM but should still be solid at 1080p, and much faster than the 1050Ti we usually see near this price point)

Intel Core i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz) Quad Core CPU
15.6" FHD 120Hz (1920x1080) Display
NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 3GB GDDR5 Dedicated Video
8GB DDR4 (1 x 8GB, 2 x slots)
Wireless-AC, Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Lan
SD Card Reader, HDMI, 3 x USB 3.0 Type A
HD Web Camera
Windows 10 Home 64Bit

$1139.05 with code, while stocks last

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  • good specs at great price , better than the usual dell offer

    120hz 1080p + gtx 1060

  • A few latest games will fill up the SSD

  • Pretty good price and specs. 3GB of vram is a little bit of a let down. Does it have an additional hard drive bay?

    • Reviews suggest there is an easily accessible 2.5" bay. Pretty cheap to add extra storage at today's bargain SSD prices.

      • For a second hard drive, may as well use a mechanical drive. You could remove a 2 or 3TB harddrive from the seagate external drive for under $100. That way you get tons of storage.

        • Are you sure you can remove them to use? I saw a few before they don't have SATA on the drive anymore.

          • @superforever: I think WD drives don’t use SATA anymore. I haven’t heard anything about the Seagate Expansion drives. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            • @FireRunner: correct. wd still uses sata standard, just no sata connectors - usb hardwired to the drive itself. Seagate has usb to sata converter in the case - drive has sata power and data connectors. wd has been doing this for yonks - i have usb 2.0 drives without sata connectors.

        • +1 vote

          IMO there's no reason to use a HDD any more, especially in a laptop - an SSD will use less power, is more reliable, and once you're used to the speed of the C drive it'll be painful if you (for example) run games off the HDD. I put a 1GB Crucial MX500 in a Lenovo Y520 laptop (similar to what is in this deal, but with more RAM but slower GPU), then you have a great gaming + software dev machine for a bargain price. If money is an issue, stick with a 500GB SSD (around AUD125 or so). Only if you are really lacking in $$$ might it make sense, but even then - save up the extra $30 and go SSD, IMO.

          • @DisabledUser112832: True, although I don’t find it bad running games of my HDD. Only other argument is that cost/GB is considerably less. I’ve filled up my secondary 1TB drive. Upgrading to a 2TB ssd is a lot more expensive than a HDD.

            • +1 vote

              @FireRunner: Yes, good points - and I am only speaking from the point of view here of a single game especially I guess, that being World of Tanks. The recent-ish update to v1.0 made it much more storage-device sensitive in terms of load times, and my brother - who had it installed on a HDD - found that he wouldn't even load into the game before it started and other people were moving. Installing a secondary SSD - his primary was 'full' with Windows and work apps - and moving the game to this SSD let him load in almost instantly. For the general case, and obviously with single players games - yep - you could well be right.

        • No one who games wants to use spinning disks.

  • What do you guys think of this one?

    For 949 $ with the 1050 4Gb.
    What I don't quite understand, is the 1050 with 4GB same as the 1050ti?
    And does this laptop has the same 120 Hz refresh rate ?

  • So tempted.. but missus reckons i should wait til Black Friday/boxing day Sales.. =/

    From memory this laptop is also lighter than the Dell laptop
    2.1kg vs 2.65kg

    Great deal IMO. No one likes lugging around a heavy laptop.

    Personally , im use to my 2kg ultrabook too especially when i jump on a plane with weight restrictions

  • Very good price for a GTX 1060 laptop, especially with the 120Hz display.

    Core-i5 lacks hyper-threading (as seems to be Intel's direction now), but don't let that take away from this being a great laptop for gaming.

  • Pretty capable laptop, almost perfect but the proccesor is a tad underpowered compared to gpu. I was getting cpu bottlenecked on some titles with i5 6500 and gtx1060 but usally going for ~144 frames.

    Everything else is great, especially the 120hz at reasonable price.

    • I just bought the G5 last week, awaiting delivery. If this had the current CPU gen, I was going to lose it.

  • Spec is quite good for that price. Got a bit bad experience with Asus local support though when issue comes up

  • How good is the battery on this one?

  • Was only 3 weeks ago that I got negged to bits when commenting on an "Aftershock" laptop with a 1050ti @ $1669 (albeit, with an i7) for being overpriced.

    This is an awesome price - great find.

    • Link? I never negg

    • 1050ti is a bit of a WTF in a 1.5k+ lappie may as well go 1060 3gb, no need for 4gb vram at 1080p. A no brainer-as the Biebs would put it.

      First brand name Ive seen around the 1k mark with decent refresh. 60hz is just wasting the great specs and unusuable for people who have experienced 144.

      Had a look at that aftershock laptop and the processor absolutely slaughters this one that's why it cost more. 8750h which is 6 cores 12 threads, would be a bitch to cool. Doesn't make sense to pair with 1050ti though.

  • I'd trade that 120hz TN display for a 60hz IPS. Otherwise good specs for the price.

    • You can't really say that anymore as the screen quality of cheaper FHD IPS gaming laptops has been crashing in the past year or two and they have atrocious colour gamut in the range of 60-70% srgb. Most 120/144hz tn laptop screens are wide gaumt between 90-100% srgb and improved Adobe rgb.
      It's a really tough call, the viewing angles are worse but the colour is so much better!

  • Do you guys think black friday will have better deals than this? From metabox maybe?

  • Pulled the trigger, there is nothing else around for this price with a 1060. Will post back let you know

  • Any experiences with this laptop now? How is the screen comparable to an IPS?
    Any idea how long this deal gonna stay like this, I might get this laptop tomorrow if the price is going to stay up.

  • I've also just pulled the trigger on this deal, thanks daffyd.

    Called the guys direct instead of ebay to get them to install a second drive for me (peace of mind)
    I'm from WA and this model is not available anywhere I can see, its all the newer models (FX503VM-E4048T) with the i7 and dual drives (m2 SSD + 1TB sata) for about $300-400 more.

    Checked staticice also, still a few hundred cheaper than anywhere else

  • Just received this laptop. Overall pretty nice but I noticed that the touchpad has a slight gap on the left side compared to the right (the right doesn't appear to have any noticeable gaps). The bottom left corner in particular. Pictures below. I am wondering does anyone else have this? Is this potentially a design flaw? I'm concerned that dust etc may get in there over time.


  • does any one have a unit on hand and can comment on the quality of the screen? I am most concerned with brightness (in terms of nits). I couldn't find a review of this unit with the 120hz screen in particular.

    A few years ago i bought a asus zenbook pro with promising specs only to be let down with a 200nit reflective panel.

    • I am pretty happy with the laptop to be honest, the Display might not be the brightest but I have no issues with it not beeing like this, I feel the 120 hz is way more important for gaming than the brightness.

  • This a TN panel?

  • Ok, first big issue with the laptop.
    Check the flex on the touchpad even though I haven't used it at all and I am pretty sure it wasn't that bad at first. https://streamable.com/v5h0g
    What do you guys think?

    • Definitely didn't have this issue with mine. Mine had a noticeable gap on the left of the touchpad.

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