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Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children. Convenient control of your home's thermostat is now literally at your fingertips. Xiaomi Thermostat can realize the intelligent linkage with other Mi equipment, which can automatically open and adjust the air-conditioning, fan, humidifier and other equipment. You will never worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons with this thermostat.
Main Features
● Bluetooth wireless connection enables the thermostat allows for remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer
● Via Mi app to open humidifier when indoor humidity is too low and open air-conditioner when indoors temperature is too high
● LED digital display, you can get temperature, humidity and battery power easily
● Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees, humidity accuracy: 0.1 percent RH
● Battery powered, 1 AAA battery needed and included

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    I don't doubt that products from these guys will eventually arrive, but be prepared to wait, then wait some more.

    Then after you've waited a ridiculous amount of time, do some more waiting.


    I have couple of these… good quality, 7 accurate as well.. delivery ??.. yes.. if you are lucky enough, you will get this year ,thanks OP , got 2 anyway

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    Be aware that this is bluetooth only and will need a bluetooth gateway to get to the network, like a mi bedside lamp etc. But to do this you cant have the lamp on the yeelight network, it has to be on the mi home

    I have one and its really just for looking at and not really useful in any other way


      Yeah I have one too, it seems pretty accurate (or equally inaccurate to my other thermometer) and it updates temperature readings every second or so (or if I was sceptical I would say the temperature figure after the decimal place is randomly updated every second)


      If you want to use your Yeelights with Google Home and Alexa, you can now use the Chinese server and link them with Mi Home.

      V2 bulbs don't work with Alexa, yet, but they do with Google home.


      Does the Bluetooth receiver have to be xiaomi? I'm hoping to connect to Bluetooth on my raspberry pi running home assistant.

      • +1 vote

        Can connect to HA without xiaomi gateway. goes under
        -platform: mitemp_bt

        so you will need to get the mac address by a bluetooth scan.
        HA website instruction is straight forward, i use raspbian to scan for the mac


      Furthermore you can't pull any temperature historical data via the app - you need to have the bluetooth gateway.


    Good price. I recently bought one from aliexpress for around $17AUD


    Thanks OP!


    Is the AUD price payment with PayPal? Or no foreign exchange cc?


    Thank adr8, purchased a second for use in my kitchen.

    I have purchased from Dresslily before and had my item arrive in an average amount of time for a Chinese site.


    Don't forget,Cashback for Existing Customers: 5.60 %


    Has anybody successfully paired theirs with a Xiaomi gateway? I can't get mine to

    • +2 votes

      Yes, that the way it work i suppose, it not going to make a permanent connection to it. It only send temp/humidity/battery info when a query is made but not during idle. So when you open the app it takes few second then you start to see live reading from it (even though you got the red disconnection icon). Not sure if the "bluetooth gateway" will solve it.

    • +1 vote

      This doesn't have Zigbee or Wifi so won't connect to your Gateway.

      You would need a product like the Xiaomi Bedside lamp (gold version) which has both Bluetooth and Wifi as a bridge to use it with the Gateway and other Xiaomi SMart Home products. Member Clear explains a little bit of how it works in that post.

      I think Xiaomi was supposed to introduce a range of Bluetooth Smart Home products of which this thermometer and the lamp were the first introduced but I haven't heard of any other items introduced yet.

      The Bluetooth thermometer still works with your phone and you can link it with the Mi Home app. As huu explained above you can also use it with a Home Assistant set up.

      It's also a good design, it has a base that you can stick to the wall and the thermometer attaches to that by Magnets, so you can remove it and place it somewhere else if you wanted to.


    Thank you Op purchased to ad to the rest of my Xiaomi products.

  • +1 vote

    I will not buy from this seller because they ship my item 15 days after the order date.


    Anyone received yet?

    My latest tracking shows "Australia Post out for delivery" on 13-Nov but I still haven't got it

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