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225x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)


Greetings everyone, for all the Udemy Course hoarders out there, some more new courses, heaps of courses on offer. This took quite a bit of time rummaging through all of the Udemy course websites to compile all of these courses into 1 easy to read list.

All are free at posting. Get in quick for the bestselling ones because they sell out fairly quickly. Most of these should be brand new courses that are free but there might be a couple of dupes. Make sure to point out or submit a report when a course in sold out so I can strike-through it.

Thanks to cbeard:

If you are having trouble with the "exceeded maximum number of requests" throttle, try using the cart instead. I did carts of about 10 courses at a time only waiting a few seconds between clicking "add to cart" for each, got a 90%+ success rate and made the process of adding another ~100 courses much faster. After loading the cart some courses may become non-free, just remove these and do them later manually (direct "enroll now" button).


80-90% strokes are preventable. Learn how.
99 Classroom Management Strategies
Airbnb Hosting Masterclass
Applied Kinesiology for Love, Joy and Wealth!
Beating the Cube - How to solve the Rubik's Cube in a day
Beginner Guide to Becoming a Fashion Photographer
Can dementia be prevented?
Color Gels Speedlight Photography
Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets
Declutter & Organize Your Bedroom in 5 Days This Week~~
EFT Weight Loss Emotional Eating Issues - No Diet
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Hair Pulling & Skin Picking
Family Portrait Photography Masterclass with 100+ Examples
Fire Up Creativity in Your Child
Healthy living with "No Oil" Recipes - Non Vegetarian
How You Can Lose 10 pounds in 10 days: Weight Loss Program
Intro to Speedlight Photography
Instagram Stories Masterclass - How to rock Insta Stories
Intermediate Chinese Reading (First Language) Y5W011
Intermediate Chinese Reading (First Language) Y5W012
Islam: Quran Arabic Language With Grammar For Beginners
It's not that Scary: A Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking

Kickass Kindness 5 Day Challenge
Lead With Your Voice: Vocal Training for Influence
Leading Effective Meetings - You Can Lead Effective Meetings
Learn How to Develop Effective Teaching Skills
Learn the Fundamentals of Networking
Learn to be a GREAT TEACHER
Master Algebra From Scratch Part 1: Numbers
Mastering Success & Self-care: Balance your Life and succeed
Mastering Personal Goals: Reaching your Goals successfully
Mastering Personal Education: Personal Education for Success
Master Your Voice - Starter Course
Mind Power - Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life
Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator
Natural Light Portrait Photography
No Oil Cooking Recipes - Eat Healthy! Live Strong!
NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - The Ultimate NLP Guide
On Location Portrait Photography Your Best Pictures Anywhere
Personal Improvement: The best hacks to improve yourself
Personal / Business Networking Skills For Maximum Success!
Physics - Kinematics (1-D) for High School and Intro College
Productivity: The best productivity hacks

Productivity: Increase productivity through time management
Productivity ABC - A to Z guide to get more things done
Pro beauty retouching
Professional Stock Trading from Technical analysis angle
Productivity Hacks - easy, quick, effective.
Quit Cocaine Forever - How to Beat Your Addiction for Good
Relationship Recovery For Men
Set & Crush your Goals in 2018 - Goal Setting for Hustlers
Setting up your Life for Success: The Success Mindset
Skills for the DIGITAL Age Parents
Stock Trading Simplified: The Complete Guide for Beginners!
Solving Screen Addiction- A barrier in your child's Growth
Take Back Your Power from Junk Food and Sugar with EFT
The Complete Lifestyle Design & Digital Nomad Course
The Complete Personal Productivity Course - Business & Life
The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting
The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships
The ideal Christmas Gift (this course) - save lives
The journey to an emotional adventure
The Secrets of Healing: Sophrology, Magnetism, and Hypnosis
The Ultimate Chakra Healing course
Topic Oriented Classified Chinese Vocabulary HSK IB IGCSE V5
Unleash Your Creative Mind
Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Thinking Approach


30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python Potential
Adobe After Effects CC - How to add Motion to your Photos
Access 2016: Complete Microsoft Access Mastery for Beginners
Advanced Python for IoT & IoT Based Data Analysis
Algorithm Trading Robots Without Programming (17 Hrs) MT5
Amazon (AWS) QuickSight, Glue, Athena & S3 Fundamentals
Android Development Working With Databases Using Mysql & PHP
Android with Retrofit 2 :Integrating JSON RESTful APIs
Automatic Weight Measuring Machine using Arduino
AWS Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam - Sampler
Build Responsive Website Using HTML5, CSS3, JS And Bootstrap
Building Email Lists with Landing Pages
Canva Complete Course For Graphic Design | 20+ Projects
Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales (No Coding)
Compass - powerful SASS library that makes your life easier
Complete SEO Training + WordPress SEO 2018!
C++ Working with Files - fstream I/O library
Create your first online Survey with SurveyMonkey
Data Science with Python
Django Core | A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts
Drupal Masterclass - Learn Drupal From Scratch
Dynamic Intros for Youtube – 100+ Intros Included Download

Excel Formulas & Functions - Find Answers in Your Excel Data
GRUNT js: Automate web development tasks and save your time
Graphic Design 2018 | Design 20+ Practical Projects
How to Hack a Web Application- Security Practices
How to build a website using WordPress
How To Build An Amazing Pro Photography Website (NO CODING)
How to post directly to Instagram form your pc or notebook
Image Editing: Edit and Perfect your Selfies with Facetune
Introduction to Alexa: How to use Amazon Echo
IoT (Internet of Things) Automation with ESP8266
JavaFX: Graphics, Animations and Applications
Keyword Research Training: LongTail Pro Platinum Software
Learn Complete Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training
Learn Complete Oracle Apps R12 Techno Functional Training
Learn JavaScript for Web Development
Learn SEO, SMO, SEM and Web Analytics For Online Businesses
Linux Comm-Fu
Make a Katamari Damacy Style Game in Unity
Mastering Kotlin for Absolute Beginners
Master in Wi-Fi ethical Hacking
Master Java Reactive Programming with RxJava 2
MAYA MASTER CLASSES : Asset Modeling for Game & Animation
Oracle Certification: Mastering Java for Beginners & Experts
PCB Design: Make Arduino Nano using Altium Designer
Photoshop CC: 20 Common Productivity and Design Mistakes
Photoshop CC: Adjustement Layers, Blending Modes & Masks
Photoshop CC : In an Easy Simple Professional Way
Photoshop CC Actions Course - Over 100 Actions Included!
Professional Video Editing with Free Software using HitFilm
Python Programming Bible | Networking, GUI, Email, XML, CGI
Python for IoT Tutorials

Python & Introduction to Data Science
REBT - The Science Of Programming Your Mind!
Renko Chart Trading & Taj Mahal Strategy (Technical Series)
SEO Tutorial A-Z + SEO For Wordpress Website & Marketing
Solidity Smart Contracts: Build Dapps In Ethereum Blockchain
The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course - Beginner To Advanced
The Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners Course
The Complete PHP Bootcamp Course With Video Sharing Project
The Complete Final Cut Pro X Course Beginner To Intermediate
The Ultimate GIMP 2.10 Guide►Amazon 2.10 Book included soon
The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Creating a 2.5D Pokémon Game
The Perfect SEO Audit in 2018: Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Tic-Tac-Toe Clone - The Complete Cocos2d-x C++ Game Course
Tweetme | Build a Twitter-like app step by step with Django
UI/UX Design a Mobile app Prototype
Ultra-Speed 3D Animation Film-Making with Plotagon
#Unofficial# CISSP CheatSheet - Domain 1 , 2018 Edition
WordPress SEO Tips and Content Creation Guide
Wordpress SEO For Beginners : SEO Techniques : On Page SEO
U&P AI - Basics of NLP using NLTK
VIDEO EDITING: Create Great Looking Videos Using FILMORA
Youtube for Photographers: Behind the Scene Videos
WiFi Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) From Scratch
Windows 10 Foundation Level Training

Music and Video

Beatmaking - Audio Editing & Create Drum Loops From Scratch
Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats [Music Production]
Foundational Drum Loop Basics - [Create Powerful Drum Loops]
How to Use EQ Effectively in Your Songs [Audio Equalization]
Learn How to Improvise on Guitar in 30 Days
Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers
Mixing + Music Production in Logic Pro X - Best Free Plugins
Popular Music History: Pop, Rock & Dance in the 20th Century
Sylenth Synthesizer - Audio Production Synthesis Course
The Beginner's Guide to Music Theory and Reading Music


7 Easy Steps To Earn A Promotion At Work
7 Keys to Boost Your Freelancing Business
10 Product Creation Hacks That Work In 2018
11 Marketing Fundamentals to Build a Profitable Business
20 Ways To Make Money Online
2018 Complete Marketing MASTERCLASS (6 in 1) - BEST SELLER!!
Accounting: Get Hired Without Work Experience
Adsense Masterclass - 2018
Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become A Super Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: The Home-Business Course
Affiliate Marketing Supremacy. Learn Affiliate Marketing
All about moving personal effects shipments
Amazon Kindle: Publish Your 1st eBook & Make Passive Income
Amazon FBA Success Strategy - eTextbooks Included
Amazon FBA: Complete Guide To Start Your Own Home Business
Avoiding Failure in Business - Why do Companies fail?
Become Top Banker With Complete Bank Teller Training - 2018
Book More Work As A Photographer
Building an Online Business while traveling the whole World
Build Shopify Dropshipping Store | AliExpress Dropshipping
Build GDPR Compliance for Human Resources (HR)
Clickfunnels Masterclass: Sales Funnels To Make Money
Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales (No Coding)

Content is King: How to Write Killer Content for the Web
Creating A Team Culture As A New Manager Management Skills 1
Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals
Digital Nomad Masterclass: Remote Work & Travel The World
eBay Drop Shipping Innovation
Entrepreneurship 101 - From Idea to Launch (And Beyond)
Entrepreneurship - Effectuation Process for Startups & SME
Entrepreneurial Spirit - How to succeed as an entrepreneur
Facebook Ads Warrior: Facebook Marketing Sales Assault
Facebook Marketing: Advanced Targeting Strategies
First Steps in Starting a Blog
Get The Most Out Of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer
How To Build A Buzzfeed Style Blog On Wordpress
How to Create Online Courses That Sell
How to get best Instagram Results by using Know-How
How To Get Your First Programming Job No Degree Required
How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans: For Beginners
How To Launch A Product Successfully
How to Plan and Market a New Business Successfully
How To Start A T-Shirt Business Online
Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course
How to Manage by Delegating (So You Can Achieve Your Goals)!
Instagram Marketing Strategy: From Zero to Instagram Hero
Learn Budget, Expenditure Management and Business

Learn Cryptocurrency Investment From Scratch
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Basics: Gain Solid Understanding
Lego Selling with eBay: Complete Guide to profits with Lego
Logo Design Essentials
Medium Blogging Masterclass: Blogging on Medium successfully
Online Marketing 2018 - Digital Marketing Master Class
Productivity Boosting Apps for Entrepreneurs
Problems & Solutions in Accounting Basics
Real Estate Fix & Flip Masterclass
Sports Blog - How to Start a WordPress Sports Blog
Startup journey to your first successful business or startup
Success At Work - Stand Out, Succeed And Get Your Promotion
The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide
The Complete Instagram Marketing Course - 6 Courses In 1
The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course For Beginners
The Complete List Building Course: All Levels
The Power of Networking: Land your dream Job by standing out
The Ultimate 2 Hour On-Camera Media Training Course
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Book Cover Design
Vero - True Social - Learn how to market your things in 2018
Write Winning Proposals For Freelance Job : A Ultimate Guide
YouTube Piggyback Method - Unlimited Cheap Traffic
YouTube Audience Growth: Quickly Grow a YouTube Channel 2018

More Courses Here - There are a lot in here still working.

145x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
241x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
128x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
82x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
250 Free Udemy Course Coupons
100x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
66x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
7x Free Udemy Courses $0 @ Udemy Online
76x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
56x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
67x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
80x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
60x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
112x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
48 Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
22x $0 Udemy Courses (Links Inside)
92 Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)

As always, enjoy :)

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    Can dementia be prevented?

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      Master Your Voice - Starter Course

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  • Great content, but as far as I know they are a bit of a scummy company and personally don't think it's worth supporting them.
    Why Udemy is Bad

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      Actually by getting these courses while they are free and then watching them, we are using udemy's infrastructure and are a cost to them without any revenue.

      So it's not support, it's a loss for the company.

  • "7 Easy Steps To Earn A Promotion At Work" is no longer free

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    (Excel Formulas & Functions - Find Answers in Your Excel Data) sold out

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  • Hats off to you @doweyy, tremendous effort! 👏

  • Expired:

    • Declutter & Organize Your Bedroom in 5 Days This Week
    • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Hair Pulling & Skin Picking
    • The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships
    • WiFi Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) From Scratch
  • Added one that looked interesting, got "You purchased this course on Dec 19th, 2016" - coming up to its second anniversary, still have yet to do the course, and forgot I'd added it already.

  • I'm bit late coming to the party but still found heaps I didn't have…. great work as per usual doweyy for all the effort you put in to your udemy posts which are GREATLY appreciated…. many many many thanks !!!! :)

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