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90,000 Bonus Velocity Points with The AmEx Velocity Platinum Card ($375 Fee; Partner Offer)


Amex has launched an increased sign-up offer for the Amex Velocity Platinum Card of 90,000 bonus Velocity Points. This is a "partner exclusive" offer that you can only get through Amex's network of partners, including us.

This offer isn’t available through any other channel, including if you go to Amex directly or use a referral link (the offer there remains 75k bonus points).

The 90k offer is now live and ends on 14 November 2018.

While we’ve seen 100k points offered with this card in the past, our sense is that 100k won’t be repeated any time soon. 90k points is still excellent: it’s enough to fly to Asia or the USA in economy return, for example (we give more examples in our article).

This is Amex’s top Velocity card and benefits include:

  • a complimentary Virgin Australia domestic economy return flight between selected cities each year (the list of eligible routes is on our website)
  • earn 1.5 Velocity Points per dollar spent on everyday purchases – the highest Velocity Points earn rate in Australia
  • 2 Virgin Australia and 2 American Express lounge entries each year
  • earn 100 Velocity Status Credits when you spend $50,000 in a year
  • complimentary domestic and overseas travel insurance
  • up to 4 complimentary additional cards for family members.

Minimum income: $65,000 per annum
Minimum spend: $3,000 within the first 3 months
Annual fee: $375

To be eligible for the bonus points, you must not have held a credit card issued directly by Amex Australia in the last 18 months. Note that you are eligible if you’ve held an Amex card issued by a bank, a David Jones Amex Card, or if you're an additional cardholder on someone else’s primary card account (including a corporate account).

This offer is only available through Amex partners like us (and not by going to Amex directly or using a referral link) until 14 November 2018.

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  • +4

    Although 1.5 maybe the highest earning you can get for everyday spending. The Platinum edge can achieve higher on supermarket spend, so it's conditional. However combine that program with an explorer and it's minimum 2 points everywhere and 3 otherwise. Plus you can transfer to a bunch of programs not just vff. That is for anybody wanting to set and forget. This offer is much better for card churners.

    • This card churner here agrees.

    • Plat Edge and Explorer are solid cards.
      With Velocity Platinum, though, you do get Virgin lounge passes and the ability to earn Velocity status credits, which some Virgin customers may value. The complimentary flight can also be valuable too.

    • This card would be better for the bonus pts if you're doing Velocity considering Amex is looking less likely at doing 100k promos.

    • How do you combine it with the explorer? Aren't you limited to one Amex?

      • +1

        You can hold multiple Amex cards. You're just not eligible for multiple bonus points offers.

  • If I hadn't jumped on the ANZ Rewards Travel card deal, I may have considered this. One complimentary return flight per annum is enough for me.

    • This one can be booked in someone’s name and fairly easily sold off. I have had 2 of these cards before and sold each flight for $250. Anz ones can’t be resold because they need to be booked in your name.0

  • +3

    Good deal, unless your partner has the card already, then you are better off getting the 30k referral bonus for them plus the 75k sign up =total 105k points if you are pooling your points

    • It doesn't just have to be your partner. Anyone with the card can send you a referral for you to get the extra points, and they get the points too.

      • But then you'll be better off getting this deal because you get 90k not 75k

  • Hey guys, I'm new to getting credit cards here. Just wondering with regards to application, if they would approve my application if I have a full time job starting at the start of Jan 2019. THe minimum income stipulated in my contract satisfies their min income requirement. Or would I have to wait for a payslip nevertheless?

    • Most likely have to wait until payslips - they'll usually want two.

    • You would need at least 2 payslips to be approved. Don't bother applying, you'll get declined and will be bad for your credit.

      • Ah that's good to know. Thanks!

        • +1

          Also there's a lot of cards with the annual fee waived for first year, it's a better idea to start on those ones first.

    • Based on a recent application, im pretty sure amex seem to go by household income and don't actually ask for your individual income.

  • Good deal. The AMEX application/approval process is a lot easier that some other providers.

  • I need to cancel my platinum edge and wait 18 months…damn it

    • So you are amex less during that time? I thought you could sign up and have one then get another in 18 months so you have two

      • Just get the DJ Amex card for the period so at least you still can get some points. DJ Amex can be good if you buy a lot of groceries.

        • DJ Amex set to Qantas is like the Plat Edge for red roo fans.

  • There's also the ANZ Rewards Travel card to compare against.

    • Not anymore. Expired.

  • Hi OP,

    Do you know whether the $65k minimum income is personal income or household income (like it used to be)?


    • +1

      Unfortunately Amex changed this recently and it's now $65k minimum for the primary applicant.

      • Damn. Thanks for the reply though!

        I'm assuming there's no point trying without the minimum income right?

        Thanks again!

        • +1

          Probably not worth the risk!

      • I dont earn 65k at my 9-5 job but i have investment properties and other sources of income which takes my yearly income to over 100k. Can I apply?

        • The income doesn't have to be from employment. For example, we've heard from self-funded retirees who've been successful with applying for an Amex card (they had a $65k+ income stream from their super).

  • A couple of questions:

    Can I apply for this and get the bonus points even though I'm an existing AMEX Explorer card holder? I'm assuming no.

    What is the cooling off period for a previous customer to apply again and get the bonus? My wife left earlier this year. I'm assuming 12 months?

    • Hi, as a current Amex customer you're not eligible for the bonus points. The waiting period is 18 months from previous account closure.

  • If I am sitting on 900K in savings cash in bank but no job, do you reckon they will still accept my application?

    • No they won't as the interests earned on your 900K is less than 65k so you do not meet the 65k income unless somehow you manage to get interest rate of 7.3% for your savings.

  • I have a Westpac AMEX card that I was transferred from when they stop doing the partner cards. It is a card that is run through AMEX and means I need to login to the amex website to manage etc. Does this mean I am not eligible for this card?

    • The 18-month exclusion period doesn't apply to holders of that card, so yes you are eligible for the 90k bonus points.

  • I don't get why you can have PER-MEL-PER but not MEL-PER-MEL as your annual flight. Latter would be worth it to me.

    • +1

      Because otherwise the benefit would be fairly useless for Perth residents.

  • How fast can you get the

    2 Virgin Australia and 2 American Express lounge entries each year?

    if I joined in November? can I ask for lounge pass before 30th December 2018 end?

    • The two Virgin lounge passes will be loaded onto your Velocity card within 1-2 weeks of obtaining this credit card. They are valid for one year. You get two new passes on each anniversary of your card membership.

      The Amex lounge passes are loaded onto your Amex card so you can use them as soon as you get the card. They are valid until 31 December 2018, then on 1 Jan you'll get two new passes for the calendar year 2019.

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