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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card - 80,000 Bonus Velocity Points ($225 Annual Fee)


Usual criteria applies (not held same card within last 12 months, minimum spend) - read T&C for details.

Original source is an email from Virgin/Velocity I just received.

I don't think I've seen a sign up bonus this high on this card - I signed up a while back at 60,000.

Been happy enough with this card (and been travelling so much) that this is one of the very few cards I have kept longer than 12 months.

EDIT given some comments/suggestions.
Some key features and why I've kept the card past the first year - no forex fees, domestic return flight with Virgin (selected routes - options are shown on ANZ website), Virgin lounge passes x2. You can use BPay and still earn points, which is something many cards seem to be lacking nowadays.

You earn 1.5 ANZ Rewards points per dollar spent up to $2K/month. This converts to 0.75 Velocity points but can be transferred to other airlines too. What I personally do is sit on the points until there's a bonus offer from Velocity to transfer points over - 15% bonuses are very often, which ANZ normally matches bringing it to 30%. But once a year there seems to be a 15% bonus by Velocity, which ANZ increases by 35%, meaning a total of 50% more points. This can push the card past 1 point per dollar (0.75 x 150% = 1.125)

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  • Amazing signon bonus. Lucky I held off signing up for this card.

  • Nice that's a big bump, i only got 40,000 when i signed up for this card a couple of months back.

  • Good value card, was the same sign up bonus we got about a year ago. You also get a return domestic flight every year as well as 2 x lounge passes - so off sets the $225 annual fee, especially for east - west coast travel.

  • Wow, that's Huge! Definitely would be getting on this one,great bonus.

  • I'll have to do a closer comparison, but this card might be worth switching from the AMEX Platinum Velocity card

  • +3 votes

    Free Domestic flights only applies if you book 60 days in advance

  • What is 80k Velocity worth in marketplace?

    And how is ANZ with waiving annual fee if you threaten to cancel prior to the next annual fee?

    • +2 votes

      I only tried it with the ANZ black card, they will only half the annual fee.

    • 1.2c to 1.3c per point

      Some people willing to buy up to 1.5c per point

    • A return SYD-BNE in business is around 20k points each way (or around 10k for just an upgrade).

      The same fare to buy is approx $750 each way ($1500 total).

      So while the floor value is around 1-2-1.3c/point, you can get a lot more value (upto 7.5c) if you use it judiciously.

      This would get you 2 return trips SYD-BNE in business (plus some taxes etc) or 3 and a bit trips in normal economy.

      • Using your example then the max value is 3.75c per point.

        I think u just used the each way points against the return price.

      • You have to keep an eye out for partner airline deals too. Like this, to Europe in Business for 78k one way:


      • Better value to transfer to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer i think and use the points for overseas travel if you are someone that holidays overseas.

      • The flaw with this logic is this - who in their right mind would actually spend $750 to fly business for a 1.5 hour return flight? The value therefore is completely subjective.

        Myself, if I had to choose between a BNE-SYD flight in economy for $200 or in business for $400, I'd probably stick with economy. So in that example those 20k points are worth somewhere between 1c and 2c to me, but not more than that.

  • I just applied and got approved yesterday. I wonder if I'm still eligible for this deal as I haven't received my card

    • forget it - i signed up in june and had no points whatsoever for joining. a few weeks later they had their 40k or 50k points, wouldnt give it to me as i signed up at the time when no deal was present. it records when you signed up. they just say tough luck.

      I got 0 points, so not even one of the lower entry points :(

  • I saw this card advertised in a branch a couple weeks ago and asked the teller about it and she said you can withdraw money using this card without a cash advance fee? I didn't ask but I assume by putting your account in credit?

    • yep, that's right, it has to be in advance for free cash advance. I remember looking this up and using it when I had the card. Useful feature, especially when travelling.

    • I've used this feature overseas. Just put the card in credit, go to an ATM and select Credit account, then withdrawn. No fees and a good FX rate.

  • You should include the complimentary return domestic flight in the description. This seems to be the best Velocity offer at the moment - excited as it is my first velocity points card after retiring my QFF card run after 1.6million points…

    • 1.6million? how?

      • lots of cards, lots of sign up bonuses. i've done the same and nearing 1 million.

        • must have cost alot of $$$ aswell

          And the credit rating must've taken a huge hit too.

        • @Homr: credit rating is pretty damm good. I only take out a few cards every year, pay the balance in full every month before the due date. usually cancel within a year unless its a card that has many perks. If you cant manage your money, you shouldnt be in the frequent flyer game! ;)

        • -6 votes

          @smurfstah: Your credit rating drops everytime you apply for a new credit card. So it has nothing to do if you pay your credit card on time or not.

          I pay off my credit card off every month like its a monthly invoice. Isn't that how you are supposed to use a credit card??

        • @Homr:

          the new credit rating system finally show favourable ratings for those that pay off their balances by their due date.

          I usually have around 5 credit cards for these bonuses and as soon as the new credit rating system started my rating jumped by 50%, because I ways pay off my balances before the due date.

      • ~5 years of averaging ~4 cards averageing 60k bonus points, and various other stuff like referral bonsues. Credit rating is good, getting amazing rates on 3 year fixed mortgage. I've always known Velocity redemptions generally offer much much better value than QFF, but I've always specifically been accumulating points for the RTW business and first class redemptions. Now that I've done that any incremental dollar I spend on card fees will be directed to Velocity. I guess everyone's definition of 3 dollar signs differs lol, the average fee for each of those cards (net of flight credit which I used) is probably $50, SO ~$1,000 over the period. Note quite $$$

        • Nice one mate, im in the same boat. Been about 4 years now averaging around 3-4 cards a year. A RTW trip in business with my wife was always my ultimate goal, so happy to know I can do it now, twice! its always up to the individual to determine if they value the time, effort and money to accumulate the points but I totally believe all the bonuses are worth it in the end.

        • @smurfstah: Congrats. Everything is better when its free :)

          How much points for RTW trip for 2 in business class?

          Do you guys have a mortgage? Won't applying for 4-5 cards every year have a huge impact in your credit rating which will impact your borrowing capacity??

        • @Homr: over 1 million QFF points. I dont have a mortgage and Im not a financial advisor, so maybe check with one if you are really worried about your borrowing capacity :)

        • KrisFlyer has better redemption that Velocity from what I've found over the year.

        • @Homr: Yes, but i got my mortgage about 3 years ago, plus the average life of a card for me is about 4 months (cancelling as soon as I get the points) - apart from ur credit rating, your current outstanding credit limits are taken into account - which is why I usually choose the minimum credit limit possible. Each RTW business is 280K, but depending on the airlines and countries you fly taxes might be from $300-1,000.

        • @nickyd84: yep and better airline too :)

        • @nickyd84: 100% agree, there are just less opportunities to get points. I know there are some ways to efficiently convert amex, velociy or other bank programme points to Krisflyer and others, but haven't dug into that yet

        • @nietzsche bargain: I haven’t heard of anything other than the standard methods to covert to KrisFlyer. If you find “a more efficient way” then it would be great to hear about it. :)

        • @Homr:

          You just cancel all your cards if you want to get a mortgage. If you are debt free going for a mortgage and have good serviceability then there is no problem.

        • The best way I've found for Aussies to earn Krisflyer is amex membership rewards program.

          Though I also ended up signing up to a lot of Velocity earning CC signups and converting to krisflyer as KF award availability was much better (86k business to europe one way with ~$50USD taxes).

        • @brettd: That 86k was before their reward shuffle up (increase point price and decrease taxes) I too did this for our honey moon. 2x Amex explorer signups and had more than enough to get into Germany on business with Singapore. Was a GREAT flight, 1st time in business.

        • @Peck: For me, one year ago, I took my wife and two teenage kids to Europe for 6 weeks on 400k Velocity points, all from our 3 AmEx Velocity card signup rewards. When I tried to organise the flights on Velocity, the availability was poor and the taxes were about AU$4000! So I converted our points to Krisflyer, and flew with Singapore Airlines.. availability was great, and most importantly, all taxes were less than AU$500 all up for 4 ppl. So in essence, other than the initial AmEx signup fees, the four of us flew return on a superb airline from Brisvegas to Europe for less than $500. We could never afford it otherwise.

        • We're new to the FF game. Can i ask how much points one needs for a QFF RTW ticket? Is it 275k ? We jus twanted to get to Europe for northern lights for circa feb 2020 (late honeymoon) and wondered how far in advance or likely it was to get business class tickets using points, or how best to do it. Mrs reckons this RTW ticket is the shizz.??

          • @SaberX: It is the shizz! 280K points, you want to do it 8-12 months in advance. Since some flights are only released closer to the date, if you can lock in a 90% complete itinerary 12 months out you should do it, with there being a ~5,000 point change fee to close out ur remaining flights as they become available. We did a RTW to Africa Maldives and Europe (Aurora in Iceland) and it was amazing! One last tip, find a friend who is Platinum status (or gold), as they will have access to a greater pool of seats and can book for you (you just transfer them the points)

  • This is a different 12 month cycle to ANZ QFF cards right? Seems to be the case judging by the T&C's.

    • I'm interested in this one too

    • It is

      • thanks! so if i signed up for the anz qff card last week that shouldn't impact applying for this one? apart from the usual ways?

        • no it won't

          Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card within the previous 12 months.

        • @nightelves:

          sorry, maybe my question was poorly phrased. yes it won't impact anything?

        • @191919: Yes, it won't impact anything

          QFF and VFF are different and have different conditions. You will still get points for both QFF and VFF if you meet both of their conditions. E.g their minimum spend.

    • Yes it is - I signed up for this with the 40,000 bonus points a few months back while I still hold an ANZ Rewards Platinum card.

      Travel Adventures is different to Rewards is different to QFF :)

  • Good deal, and ANZ give you the 80k points quickly after meeting minimum spend.

  • Ive had this card for over 2 years now, this is a great sign up bonus! The free flight fully offsets the annual fee and as someone has mentioned above, if you use it for east-west coast flights which are well over $400, they are essentially paying you to take the card!

  • $0 overseas transaction fee.

    Is nice

  • FYI anyone wanting to travel overseas, this card was the worst I've ever used. Got blocked multiple times. So make sure to have a backup.

    For 80,000 points, an included flight, lounge passes + $225 annual fee it's very good though

    • Maybe it got block to prevent fraud transactions?

      • A travel card that blocks overseas transactions constantly is not useful. 28degrees had less issues in an entire year overseas than 2 weeks with this trash card

    • Did you call ANZ about your travel before heading overseas? Most of the bank will block cards if they are not aware of your overseas travel.