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20% Off Hisense TV's (e.g 75P7 $2396, 75P8 $3196, 65P8 $1996, 65P7 $1516) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just got this in the email pretty good deals!

Direct links:

75p7 $2396

75p8 $3196

65p8 $1996

65p7 $1516

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  • Was about to post this.

    I got a 55" P7 three weeks ago for $1360, now they've got it for $1038 so a little disappointed I didn't wait for that one.

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      This happened to me a while back. I was nearly 4 weeks in on a purchase. I rang them. They happily refunded the difference.

      • From JB? Wow. That's pretty good. Did you call the store you purchased from or just general number? Also, was it a price drop or a sale price, as they may give the $70 price drop but not the 20% discount…

        • +3

          I went in with my receipt.

          They refunded the difference.

          Otherwise by another one and return it on the old receipt :)

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            @31mop: They did the same thing for me and my 50P7 today. Bought it two weeks ago

        • Gave it a go but they wouldn't come to the party. Said that Hisense give them the rebate/discount apparently. Couldn't be bothered spending too much more time on it.

    • +2

      55P7 is also now $963.30 ($918 C&C) Delivered @ Videopro eBay with POTPLANT when I got it for dad for $1098 like 3 weeks ago, pretty sad lol.

  • The Good guys and harveynorman has same prices as well. If someone interested to go there and harveynorman has foxtel bonus offer as well

    • Hisense 75P8 is $2876.40 at The Good Guys.

      Great price but I'm not sure if this model is worth the extra over the P7?

      • Code doesn't work on the hisense deal on good guys

        • It didn't for me at first but I typed it in again and it worked.

          • @gasman70: What code was that?

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              @RobVH: It was the one in the next post down but it looks like the moderator has binned the post as it was a one time code.

    • I can't figure out what the Foxtel offer is from the link?

  • Thinking whether to buy the P7 or wait for P8 to go a little cheaper

    • I'm not even sure of the differences….or if it's worth the considerable extra?

      • +2

        P8 has quantum dot vs P7 no quantum dot… unsure if there is anything else (e.g. is the local dimming the same? Haven’t seen spec’s that details number of zones)

        Quantum dot is meant to give better colours.

        • Both are 10bit panels with 1b colours though - i'm not sure what Quantum Dot does? Is it the same tech as the Samsung QLEDs?

          • @chriise: It is similar tech I believe, I think it just makes the dots smaller so local dimming is better?

            • @serpserpserp: I was holding out for the Sony x90e/f which has local dimming. But this is tempting

    • I'm wondering if the P8 is worth the $400 difference over the P7. I've been waiting far too long for a new tv, not sure i can wait any longer!

  • +1

    Without going through and checking the product features line by line, their 39" and 49" Series 4 LED TVs are the same price.

    39": https://www.jbhifi.com.au/hisense/hisense-p4-39-series-4-ful...
    49": https://www.jbhifi.com.au/hisense/hisense-p4-49-series-4-ful...

    • Yeh seems to be the same at the good guys too.

  • The 65P7 or the sumsung 65 NU7100W? Both the samish price.

    • I think the hisense has a better display but I prefer the Samsung UI

  • I just bought an X Box One X and am looking at either the 65P7 or the Samsung 65 NU8000 (and waiting for a 20% off the current $2,299 price). Which one should I go for?

    • +1

      Samsung has freesync so great for gaming. But I think it was sub $2k couple weeks ago, might still be if you search the eBay 20% link.

      • Yeah I want that sub $1,850 though haha. Also Hisense says it comes with Game Mode, so it seems to be ok for gaming too?

        • Game mode won't be freesync. The Samsung model is specifically good for gaming, but not much good for anything else which is why I gave it a pass (read alot of reviews). Given the Hisense is a few hundred $ cheaper still and has local dimming I'd probably go with that.

          • @chriise: I'm trying to decide whether I want to pay extra 500 for QD in the P8 though….

          • @chriise: Could you give me a link to a good comprehensive review both of these TVs?

            • @serpserpserp: The only review site I really trust is rtings dot com, but they don't have any Hisense models.

  • 65p7 is $1471 delivered at Videopro ebay if you don't mind waiting for delivery.

    • Got a link? My search didn't return anything.

      • +1

        Might be that they don't deliver to your post code, in which case it won't show up in your search

      • On mobile, but hopefully this works

  • I see people were raving about the older 'N' models but not these ones. What's the difference?

    • N = 2017, P = 2018.

      • I mean in terms of quality.

        • +1

          I'm guessing the majority of people bought the N7 on special so no need to upgrade again. The P7 is an improvement over the N7, it's just not massive.

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    How does this compare to name brands like Sony etc?

    • -1

      No quite as bright as Samsung QLED panels which is same backlit LED tech that’s positively ancient these days. Eclipsed by Sony and not in the same ballpark as OLED from LG. It’s a cheap panel and if price is important for you go for it, I’m waiting for prices of the OLED panels to come down personally.

  • Any comparison to the Sony X90f?

  • The good guys has dropped some of the hisense tv’s on there ebay store good for people who have %10 off ebay vouchers from previous deals

    • Or p5off for %5 more

  • Considering The Good Guys, JB and Harvey Norman are all selling at the same price, consider the following.

    Do you have any access to discounted gift cards?
    The Good Guys also has 6% cashback through ShopBack and Cashrewards.

    • On Cashrewards only 2.5% for TVs

  • I paid $1256 for 65p7 delivered a month ago via eBay 20% off :)

    • Do you like it? Would you recommend it as a purchase?

      • I do, however I am an amateur and besides the size I don’t notice too much difference between the hisense and my 2 years old Viano 55” (which I paid less than $400). I don’t regret buying the Hisense though as I needed a new tv (I am lucky enough to have to lounge rooms, one downstairs and one upstairs) and it’s a good buy at $1200.

  • Geez nearly a grand difference between the 65P8 and 65P9.

  • I remember with the N7 series, the 55" was superior to the 50", is that the same case for the P7 series?

    • 50 inch has 100 smooth motion rate while 55 inch and above has 200 smooth motion rate

      • Is that a big deal? I own the 55n7 for the den and want something for my living room, I notice an annoying smear/ghosting on the n7.

        Is the higher refresh rate worth the $200 price difference?

        • I returned my 50 p7 due to how laggy the os was and at times the picture would stutter, but the picture definitely looked good. I recon 5 inches more and a better refresh rate panel is worth it.

  • I'm going to pull the trigger on a 55". Do people recommend the P6 or P7? Some reviews say the difference isn't noticeable so not sure. It's only for TV, Netflix etc., so no gaming.

  • Picked up the P8 65” from VideoPro for an insane deal last month and am loving it. Amazing TV. Very happy :)

  • Anyone know if you can use multiple $500 JB HiFi gifts cards when purchasing online? I can buy them at a 4% discount.

  • TCL 75C4US or Hisense 75P7?

  • +2

    Still suffering sour grapes from missing the 75" Sony X90F for under $4000… don't suppose the Hisense 75p8 @ $3196 will be as good. Off to the store to have a look I guess!

  • Maybe a silly question but do any of the his ensemble tvs come in non-smart versions?
    Can't seem to find them on jb website

  • Does anyone know if there is much difference in picture quality between the P6 and P7?

  • Bing Lee has some Hisense TVs on special with a 10% gift card. The 55P6 I'm about to buy comes with the gift card and is the same price as JB. Delivery is $40 whereas JB Hifi is $23

  • Been waiting for this deal! Pulled the trigger on a 55P7. Yay!

  • In the market for a 55P7, might wait for a sale closer to xmas hoping snag one under $900.

  • Anyone here own or have any opinions on the Hisense 43"(108cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV?

  • +1

    Ended up getting 65p7 for 1440 from JB hi-fi so im pretty stoked

  • I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a screenshot or photo of the hisense 50inch p7 at $798.

    I sent in a request for price protection on my credit card and they are asking for proof (I saved the page offline but it doesn't load properly.)

  • Just walked into JB Hifi and picked up a 65P7 for $1270 with very little effort. Enjoy :)

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